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Moses and Biblical Wisdom Learnt from His Life

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Moses was the son of Amram and Yochebed from the tribe of Levi. He was born when the Pharoah had ordered all the newborn male Hebrew children to be thrown into the river to die. His parents placed him in a basket and placed him in the river in hopes that he would find a safe home. The Pharaoh’s daughter found him, brought him in and adopted him. Another person that is related to Moses is God. He has an incredibly close relationship with the Lord and the Lord gave him lots of responsibility.

What led Moses to led the Isralites out of Egypt?

Moses originally ran away from Egypt because he murdered an Egyptian master who was beating a Hebrew slave. He saw a bush burning that hadn’t turned to ash and heard a voice telling him to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. Moses then returned to Egypt to convince the Hebrews to leave Egypt and escape the slave drivers. He gave the proposal to the Pharaoh and he refused sending the 10 plagues on Egypt. God was the reason Moses led the Isralites of Egypt.

What led Moses to accept the 10 Commandments?

God first revealed himself to Moses on Mt. Sinai. He brought the Hebrews here because the mountain was sacred, and it reiterated the power they sensed in Moses. God summoned Moses to the top of the mountain where he received the 10 Commandments. He inspired the Hebrews to agree to the conditions of the Covenant.

Some important places in the life of Moses are Mt. Sinai, Egypt, Midian and the wilderness of Sinai. Mt. Sinai was the location where God first exposed himself to Moses. This is where he received the 10 Commandments, and inspired an agreement to the Covenant. Egypt was where Moses was raised in Egypt. He liberated the Isralities from Egypt, and unleashed the plauges upon Egypt to help liberate the Isralities from Egypt. Midian is where Moses fled to when he murdered an Egyptian master who was beating a Hebrew slave. He fled to Midian because he was in fear of the Pharaoh’s punishment. This is where he he heard the voice from the bush which told him to lead the children of Israel out of Egypt. He was also to tell them there was only one God, and to stop worshipping many gods. Moses and the Isralities wondered throughout the wilderness of Sinai for forty years.

God uses the humble, not the proud.

Moses was a very modest man. When Moses was born, the Pharoah had demanded that every newborn male child be thrown into the river. Moses mother put him in a basket, and sent him drifting in the river hoping to find him a home. God spared Moses, and he was taken in by the Pharoah’s daughter. He was then raised as a prince of Egypt. Moses adored the life and advantages of being apart of the regal family. He had everything a gentleman could want; riches, looks, and popularity. God decided to humbe him. He had Moses bolt from the land, and take a job as a shepherd. His confidence began to diminish and he became humble, caring, and loving. Instead of discovering confidence in himself, Moses began to find confidence in God.

God will fight our battles for us.

One of the best examples of God fighting a battle is when he parted the Red Sea for Moses and the Israelites. The Israelites were so happy to be saved but it turned to complaints rapid because they believed Moses just brought them to the wilderness to die. They didn’t trust in God. We must always remember that we are involved in a spiritual battle. We must be strong, have bravery and we must not be frightened. God is always with us, wherever we go. He has vowed to fight our battles for us. As long as we are standing next to God, doing what is true, following the commandments, and surrendering everything to him. With him on our side, we will always win.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Moses was human and bound to make mistakes. One time in particular when Moses made an error was in his insubordinate act against God in Kadesh. Moses and the Israelites had been wandering in the wilderness for fourty years. They complained to Moses because they had no more water. God gave Moses instructions to speak to the rock so his followers can see. Instead of following the instructions God gave him, he struck the rock, essentially stricking the Lord. Because of this defiance it cost Moses his entrance to the Promise Land. God is very particular with the instructions and warnings he gives to us. We must remember that that those who are in leadership are held to a higher accountability. God can test us at any time, at any age. We are never perfect, and we always have something to learn. No one is exempt from obeying God’s commandments.

Select the treasures of heaven rather than the treasures of the Earthly planet.

Moses was born a slave, but was found by Pharoah’s daughter. He was adopted, and he grew up in the noble palace. He was one of the strongest men in the land, and had all the possessions an individual could ever dream of. Moses knew that there was more to life than possessions. The genuine treasures are not to be found on Earth, but they are truly found in Heaven. One day we all will be in front of God for judgement. He will not bother with our earthly belongings. He will judge us how much we made God our top priority. Moses had the chance to live a well-to-do life, instead he chose to endure for the glory of God.

Fostering a personal connection with God.

Moses had an extremely close relationship with God. If we don’t have a close relationship with God, then it is not possible to be faithful to God. Exodus 33:11 and Deuteronomy 34:10 show how close Moses was to God, and the relationship between them. Moses was always able to be humble and being humble made him closer to God. God began the relationship with Moses, and he responded by embracing him. He embraced God with his entire heart, soul and mind. To have a really strong relationship between us and God, we have to be like Moses and completely surrender our entire life to Him. We need to follow God’s will.

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