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My Desire To Be A Teacher

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Everyone has their own reasons for choosing a specific profession. My reasons my sound similar to others you have read today, but they aren’t. I chose teaching as my profession not for the common reasons; I like children, I want summers off, or any else like that. I choose teaching, because I had teacher who believed in me and made me believe in myself. Who in all reality changed my life and saved me. I want to be able to be that support for that child. So they know they do have a purpose. I was shown when this teacher changed my life. Ms. Watson was her name. She was my resource teacher in 6th grade. In fifth grade I was diagnosed with a learning disability and dyslexia. After, I was able to perform to scale. I was in fifth grade reading at a third grade level. So when I started 6th grade I was being pulled out for help once or twice a day. Ms. Watson and my mother even talked about me sending extra time after school for even more help. She would spend hours sometime after school helping. Ms. Watson sat down with me and helped me mainly with my reading and English. She was so quiet with me when I got frustrated or wanted to give up. I had such a hard time, but Ms. Watson would tell me over and over, “I could overcome anything if I put my mind to it.” Over the next two years, I was able to pull my reading level up to an 8th grade level. As well as, get my dyslexia under control. Slowly, I was able to spend less time in her classroom. I was then able to enter High School under an IEP plan and placed on the technical track for graduation. But, because of her words I never used it. I graduated with a college diploma and with honors. Ms. Watson was even there to watch me walk when I graduated. She told me, “that hard work and believing in myself, I could get me anywhere I wanted to go.” I didn’t truly realize how right she was until college. Even through in college I didn’t go under a disability plan, because I wanted to know that I could do it on my own. All of it on my own! As of right now I have. Yes, I may have had to talk English 1101 over, but I did it by myself. I also may not have had the best grades in some classes. Either way, that was the best feeling that I could have ever had. To know now I’m getting closer and closer to goal makes me realize how right she was. I do wonder what I would be doing right now if Ms. Watson hadn’t played such important role in my young life. Would I have even made it to college or graduate high school? She truly changed my life for the better. Now, that you know a little bit about my story here is the reasons why I want to teach.

I want to teach for many reasons here is the first one. I can connect to a student’s life and the education experience. Not only have I been involved in all ranges of sports all during my schooling career. So I can relate to students who may be involved in a lot of activities. I had to learn how to juggle school, work and homework. As well as, situations going on at home. I can help students figure out the balance between everything. I also, know what it’s like to be the outsider. My mother always told me, “That being different was okay.” But begin, different and understanding that fact are very different. I was made fun of for my disabilities, so I can relate to those students as well as the others. I have experience in both areas. I know how to teach that being different whether physically, emotional, or special needs because I was there in that child’s shoes. So I feel that I can connect to students and their lives. Gainesville state has given me many opportunities to be in contact with individuals from all over. I have never seen and met so many different people, who all come from different walks of life. This allows me a new experience every day at school.

Another area that would make me a good teacher is that, I am caring and reflective in everything I do. Whether, that is at work or in my social life. I feel that the only way to grow is to be able to reflect about the situations that you are handed. You also, must allow other people to reflect on what you do as well. Their opinion will help you grow into the individual that you are supposed to be. Once, you do that you can grow and mature to be better prepared in the future. A person should care about everything that they do, but some people don’t. I always care. If you don’t care about what you are doing then, you no longer need to be doing that specific thing. I care about the things I do. I feel that if you can’t give it your all then don’t waste other people’s time and money. I want people to be able to say she really does care about our future children and what they do. I care about what happens to the people I’m in contact with right then and in the future. Gainesville state has given me that feed back when I asked for it as well as, for the caring environment. The teachers and staff knowing my name is very welcoming when you enter a classroom.

Another quality that would make me a great teacher is I am committed to all students learning. I am very committed in whatever I do. I have been working since I was fifteen, but only have had 3 jobs. Every job that I have had I have worked for more than six years and some even more. I give my all to everything even in the classroom. There is a way to reach to every student. I just may have to dig really deep to figure out how to reach the students. I would spend the extra time figure out the best way to reach all my students. If that meant redoing all of the lesson plans so be it. But, if I put in the time and effort there is a way to reach every student in every classroom. It just might take me a little longer to figure out the best way. Gainesville State is the perfect place for this. I was struggling in Spanish and my teacher wet out of his way to make sure that I understood the material for the test. I have seen this with other students in other classes as well.

One of the best ways to do this is a balance of content of education. In my opinion is fun. I feel that students learn more when they enjoy the material. Whether, that is relating it to their lives, or learning while having fun. I always am trying to balance act between; work, school, family, friends, and life. I would be able to balance the curriculum information that students are supposed to learn every year with the fun that students need as well. As a teacher, I think that you should be able to make anything fun. For example, math can turn into a fun learning experience not matter what you are trying to teach. When students are learning how to add it doesn’t always have to be on paper with numbers on a page. I discovered that buttons, keys, or beads are an amazing tool in teaching counting or measuring. Students enjoy the hands on that they get. They just don’t always realize that they are learning while they are doing it. It’s the same thing if the students are enjoying a certain activity in one subject I can add onto it by adding information from another subject. So the learning process is ongoing no matter what area is being taught to the students. I have to say I have learned more this past few semesters in school than other semesters. Not because the teachers were better or I liked the subject matter better. The teachers pulled real life situation and had us talk about them. Instead of the teachers reading off power points, or makings students taking notes from the board. They made their students think about how it is going to affect them in the years to come, as well as, think about why we think that way. I was pushed to justify why I thought that why.

Professionalism is one of the biggest parts of being a teacher. You must be able to up hold the teaching code of ethics with not only your parents, coworkers, but students as well. I want to be able to live up its statement. To proved a learning environment that is nurturing to fulfill the potential of all students. I want all my students to feel safe in my classroom. I want them to be able to feel that they can trust everyone in my class. So they can learn as much as possible while, in my class. This way they aren’t desecrated by other things going on. I also want my students to understand that they are responsible for their own actions and consequences. I will up hold this professionalism with my coworkers as well. By respecting the other teachers own opinions, beliefs, and choices. I will care for their thoughts and feelings when I interact with my parents. I will give parents all the information they need to see their child succeed in my class and in future classes. Most importantly respect the diversity of not only my parents but students as well. I will respect and understand the diversity that I will see in my parents, students and coworkers. I have seen this first hand at Gainesville State. The faculty respects and understands the diversity of its students. I have never seen anyone be treated badly for their beliefs or opinion. At Gainesville State we encourage the diversity of our campus, I really like that.

The last thing that would make me a good teacher is that I can collaborate with other individuals. I think the best way to learn and teach is to collaborate. You must build on your ideas and experience to reach all students. If I have a good idea I can bounce it off another teacher than add to that idea. My good idea would slowly become a great idea. It works in when constructing a lesson plan. One thing might not work for you, but an idea that another teacher has might work. I think this can use in disciplining students as well. If one thing doesn’t work for one student I could ask other teachers what they have done in similar situations. I would even encourage my students to collaborate with each other. Great ideas come from the collaboration of others.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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