My View of The Future of Cars

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Published: Dec 3, 2020

Words: 1596|Pages: 4|8 min read

Published: Dec 3, 2020

The topic I picked is future cars, like air and flying cars this car doesn’t run off oil like the cars we have now and plus the oil is getting in the air it’s unhealthy to breathe in you don’t have to spend money on gas no more people now complain about the prices this car would help out millions of people in the world.

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The first air cars will have air compressors built into them you would be able to take them home and plug them up they said if you plug them up at home they might take up to 2 hours to fill up and if you take them to the store to fill it would take 3 minutes.

Air cars are made to be lighter than the cars we have now they weight will be under 2,000 pounds that will make the air cars faster. They suppose to make these vehicles cheap like 17,800 so Americans can afford them and so they can get a lot of money for making them. Back then in the 1900s, they had some flying cars one of the flying cars were called the Curtiss auto plane the man that made the flying car his name was Glenn Curtis he made the flying car in 1917.

His aluminum Autoplane sported three wings that spanned 40 feet and 12.2 meters. The car’s motor drove a four-bladed propeller at the rear of the car. The Autoplane never truly flew but it did manage a few short hops. Another flying car was made by a man named Robert Fulton the name of the flying car was called Airphibian it was made in 1946. Instead of making a car for flying, Fulton made a plane for the road. The wings and tail section of the plane could be removed for road travel, and the propeller could be stored inside the plane’s main body of the plane.

The future of transportation will be here within the next 10 to 15 years and urban aviation is closer to reality than you might expect undoubtedly costly plans. The flying vehicles will use airspace to alleviate transportation congestion and traffic on the ground for quicker daily commutes, and cleaner air around the world. These vehicles are more like a helicopter but quieter and they are going to be running off electricity and are environmentally friendly.

They were basically saying that they are going to try to make air uber to get people around the city faster. If they do make flying cars its gone costs a lot of money and its gone take a lot of time to make the cars, they also will need places to land and takeoff. They already have a landing Skyport under construction in Miami Florida.

The manufacturing industry is working hard to take advantage of the digital transformation know as the industry to complete this new era, manufacturers must be able to quickly create and update products in response to market conditions and consumer demands.84 percent of manufacturing workers are doing everything they can to prepare their workforces for the challenges and opportunities ahead.

Product development professionals are being forced away from their desks more than ever, to visit customers, have to present to management, work with suppliers, and capture ideas whenever inspiration strikes. Designers and engineers need to use the mobile devices that enable them to create digitized sketches and concept models on the fly, while the 3D graphics performance that rivals the desktop workstation.

Designers and engineers can perform advanced product tasks at fast speeds virtually whenever or whenever inspiration strikes. They can easily create digital sketches on tablets, then convert them into visually correct, 3D concept models. Later in the design process, they can take advantage of photorealistic rendering using physically based materials and real-time effects such as ambient occlusion and that’s like shading the object. They can even use the head-mounted virtual reality so every designer and engineer can visualize or interact with models in the workstations.

On the design process, they have to all work together in order to be successful in making flying cars and designing the flying cars. Beyond giving the product developer teams time to move around more, GPU virtualization also ensures that everyone is working on the design files has to be saved and you have to store it in the data center or cloud so it won’t be lost because if you lose it you lost your whole design process. As a product moves from the conceptual basically the research process into the engineering stage

People don’t understand how fast flying cars are going to be in the real world soon. In the next twenty years, the world will have solved the major problems of transportation today. Global warming news will no longer be splashed over news screens nationwide. Traffic jams will be a thing of the past as some can take to the air. In fact, traffic jams will be documented at the Smithsonian to ensure future generations have a sense of what traffic jams were. It’s a lot of places where it is traffic jams the biggest one is new york that is a busy place to be people are working non-stop its taxi cars all over the place.

The next twenty years will see huge improvements in the area of transportation making. In numerous cities across the country, the personal automobile is the single greatest polluter. Emissions from millions of vehicles on the road add up and cause the global warming problem talked of earlier.

The solution is to have much more efficient vehicles that produce fewer emissions with every mile. This is why in twenty years the electric vehicle, or EV as most scientists refer to it, will see its way on TV and introduction to roads everywhere. We have electric cars now till this day old cars and new cars.

The prices of electric cars are normal like regular cars. When the flying car comes out the prices are going to drop down to make any normal middle-class family would be able to afford at least two of these electrically powered vehicles. While the families will be benefiting from not having to buy gas every week, the environment will benefit by not taking in as many emissions as in the past.

Electric vehicles or EVs, are vehicles that are powered by an electric motor instead of an internal combustion engine. EVs use electricity as the fuel instead of gasoline or some other combustible fuel. The power for the vehicle is stored in many large batteries in the bottom of the car, from there the power goes to a power regulator where it is changed from DC power to AC power.

For my research method, I just looked all over the internet I feel like looking up flying cars would be interesting and that it would be different writing an essay about it because really nobody in this school is writing about future technology. It was a lot of sources to help me out with my essay and I saw a lot of flying cars that we will be having in the future these cars look way different then the cars we have now and the cars fly. Google helped me with the pictures on how the flying cars will look like and I saw a lot of people talking about flying cars in articles to complete my 7-page essay.

Everyone needs to buy these cars because it will be cool to have a flying car you don’t have to worry about paying for gas every other week and you would experience something different you would be in the air. Whoever decides to come out with the future cars should get paid a lot because these cars are really helping out the world. If these flying cars were made it would be less construction on the roads which would be less tax money so the mayor will save a lot of money not having to worry about the roads. Another reason we should have flying cars is that they are faster than regular cars you would get to places faster it would barely be people going somewhere late. It’s a lot of good things about the flying car and one of them is that it will have autopilot technology so it would be easy for the user to fly, the car will feel like a plane and a car at the same time and it will have vertical takeoff and hybrid landing. These flying cars are basically saving people lives it’s stopping traffic jams and people deaths, the flying cars can just fly over the cars that are in the jam helping them get to their destination fast.

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These flying cars are not slow either their speeds can go up to 110 miles per hour. The cars will have a flexible wingspan helping the plane for taking off and landing the plane. The materials on the car will have newer steel like carbon fiber and flexible steel for a safe flight. It will have low maintenance so engineers won’t have to work so hard on making it and it would help the users get used to flying them they won’t have so many controls. These cars will allow us to travel to out of town places without driving and you will be able to get to places faster. I made this to persuade people to like flying cars and when they come out they should be the ones to have the flying car. These cars will be the best cars we have ever had in history even better than Lamborghinis and etc.

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