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Myths and Conspiracy Theories of The Bermuda Triangle

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The Bermuda Triangle is known to be one of the strangest places on the earth. A place full of secrets and wonders. The Bermuda Triangle, commonly known as the ‘ Devil’s Triangle’, gets its name from being located in the center of the Atlantic Ocean near the contents of Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda that make a triangle shape. Over the years many people believed that the Bermuda triangle is considered an unnatural evil. The Bermuda triangle is known to be one of the greatest mysteries in the history of our time. There have been many unusual events taking place in the Bermuda Triangle. People all over the world seem to make different theories about the strange disappearance of airplanes and ships. Yet nobody knows whether the actual conspiracy is real, or just fabricated tales passed through generations of rumors. People have argued that aliens have abducted, lost ships and airplanes, or maybe they have been struck by a sea creature or captured by sea pirates or it could be the bad luck of some people.

The first urban myth of the Bermuda triangle was reported in Fake magazine, the magazine article covered the loss of many planes and ships, however, the author of the article has not used the term of Bermuda triangle. Vincent H. Gaddis was the first person ever to give the Bermuda triangle its name in an article for a magazine written in 1964 he reported in his article that several airplanes and ships disappeared without any explanation On December 5, 1945, flight 19 with five navy planes vanished without an explanation. The next day a search airplane has sent to find and rescue them, however, the search airplane never returned. All the men on board of the airplane’s bodies have never been found. This tragic event seems to be unusual, but years later, after the facts came to light it seems more plausible than before. On flight 19, most crewmen on board were inexperienced. On the day of the disappearance. Almost all the crewmen and pilots of flight 19 were drunk or recovering from a hangover. All these factors do not make the perfect situation. Far into the voyage, the pilot soon realized that his compass has been broken. Not wanting to return, he decided to fly on his gut feeling and started navigating by trying to mark landmarks on his map. He had the experience of flying on sight before. However, his fortitude was soon shattered by an upcoming storm. As a result of the storm impairing his vision. The pilot thought he was over the Gulf of Mexico. Unfortunately for him and his crew, they seem to have gotten lost in the storm. As soon as people realized that flight 19 disappeared a search party was sent out. However, the search party has never returned.

Similarly, the most shocking disappearance from the Bermuda triangle occurred to the SS marine Sulphur Queens. The ship was last heard from on February 3, 1963, when the ship’s captain radioed her location. Her location showed her position to be near Florida. A few days later a couple of coastal guards found a life jacket in the sea near the position of the ship’s last known position. Similarly, to the tragedy of flight 19, the bodies of the crew members and the captain was never found. One plausible explanation for the missing bodies might be that the bodies have been eaten by sharks because evidence points that the water in the Bermuda triangle seems to be shark infested. Once the world found out about the tragedy of Flight 19, people came up with various explanations. One popular theory was that the disappearance of the flight was made from human inept and inaccuracy. The majority of the evidence of the strange disappearances in the Bermuda triangle points to this theory. There have been times in recorded history where some people do not prepare enough for the journey to the Bermuda triangle, later far into their journey with little equipment to help them tide over will likely die before getting back to shore. Or sometimes people underestimated the challenge of traveling to the Bermuda triangle and might encounter a hazard and not be prepared for it. This theory seems to be the most plausible because this is the only theory that makes perfect sense. In fact, in recent times not as many ships and airplanes have disappeared. An explanation for the decline in the number of disappearances in recent years. Probably since in modern times more people seem to understand more about the risk of transportation and the advancement in technology seems to be more efficient than in the past.

We will never know what exactly happens in the Bermuda triangle or if it actually exists or not. All we to go off on are the reports of missing ships and airplanes that do not well explanation for their disappearances. It could be alien abductions or pirates. In recent times there hasn’t been a huge news shattering disappearance. We may assume that the great mystery of the Bermuda triangle could be over. Clearly, some people will still believe the urban myth of the devil triangle. So even though we as humans might know the truth it’s still fun to admire legends and myths. Maybe that’s the reason why people enjoy horror and mystery movies. They just enjoy the thrills of the unknown. However, I feel like we should leave this huge conspiracy theory behind us in history just like alien abductions or the fake moon landing. 

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