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Overview of The Different Hypotheses of Aliens Existence

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A new study shows that aliens exist, and they have already visited our planet! Scientists say the reason we have not seen them yet is because they have not visited in a long time (10 million years). Originally published in The Astronomical Journal, the study points out that extraterrestrials could be taking their time in making their way to our planet, relying heavily on the movement of star systems to make traversing the universe easier. As it turns out, our Milky Way Galaxy is constantly moving! This most recent theory was posed in response to the Fermi Paradox. The Fermi Paradox asks, “If alien civilizations do exist, why haven’t we found evidence of them in our galaxy?” The paradox is named after an Italian-American physicist, Enrico Fermi, who, while having lunch with fellow physicists in 1950, and discussing recent UFO sightings, casually asked, “But where is everybody?”. Previously, the Fermi Paradox forced scientists into two camps: they believed that either no one ever left their planet, or that we, as humans, were the only real civilization in our galaxy. Stars and galaxies all move around the center of our Milky Way, and occasionally they pass by one another. The study argues that maybe aliens are waiting for one of those destinations to move closer to them.

This could be a reason, scientists now say, that we have not been visited by aliens in so long. Another theory: maybe they have been among us but are good at hiding. The idea is that they are in plain sight, but we simply can’t see or recognize them. Another account for the long break in between visitations? Signs of micro life, or small organisms, have been found on Mars and other planets. The majority of these findings are contained beneath the planet’s surface, in the water. If aliens are forming in these surfaces, they cannot survive outside of them. Are they all dying? If they do survive, it is not likely that they will know of life outside of their own home. An alternate hypothesis is that of a zoo: the aliens see us as an indigenous group of people, and choose not to contact us, much like we do not go up to animals in the wild. This is similar to the Aurora effect, the theory that aliens have come near Earth but decided not to make contact. Maybe we haven’t been able to communicate with them simply because we have such different ways of communicating. Some argue that if they have tried making contact, how would we know? We communicate with radio signals; they don’t. Thus, we are invisible to one another.

Since the 1980s, crop circles have been a source of extraterrestrial inspiration among farmers all over the world. One of the first incidents occurred in the 1970s, when an Australian farmer saw a UFO land on his farm, and discovered that the swamp reeds were lying flat in a clockwise pattern the following day. England is a popular country for crop circles, particularly around Stonehenge. An author from Switzerland, Erich Von Dåniken, proposed the theory that Stonehenge mirrored our Solar System and served as a landing site for aliens. Because many of the stones weigh near 50 tons, he thought it impossible that it was built by human hands 5,000 years ago. Other ancient sites some believe were also built by aliens include: Sacsayhuaman in Peru, the Egyptian Pyramids and Teotihuacan in Mexico City. Though these tales make for great stories, that is exactly what they are: stories. There is no proof that any of these ancient sites were constructed by E.T. and his buddies. Remember Scott Kelly, the astronaut that spent a year in space? Though he did not come in contact with anything that would suggest alien life, he came back to find that 7% of his DNA no longer matched that of his twin brother. Scientists have only recently begun studying the effect of space flight on the human body. They maintain that there are still no signs of extraterrestrial life in space.

The SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute was founded to search for and locate the beginnings of alien life using radio signals. Each year, scientists gather together to discuss the possibility of eventually finding lifeforms, recognizing that while it could happen, it is not likely. There are many theories that surround what would happen if humans came in contact with extraterrestrial life. A number of movies, songs and pop culture suggest that we would annihilate one another. Of course, most of these perspectives go in favor of humans winning. Some experts have suggested that aliens may look completely different than what we expect. Drawings and caricatures show similar features: long limbs, large, almond-shaped eyes set on egg-shaped heads, and green or gray bodies. These “little green men” typically land on Earth aboard a flying saucer. Places like Roswell, New Mexico, are home to annual alien celebrations. The most bizarre hypothesis is called the, “panspermia hypothesis”. This theory turns all others upside-down and claims that we, humans, are the aliens! This is the idea that the beginnings of humankind did not originate on our planet, but rather on other worlds. How did we get here? Simple: we started as bacteria that was later transported here by meteors.

Remember that acrostic we all memorized in elementary school to learn the order of the planets from the sun? My Very Educated Mother Just Served Us Nachos. . . The scientific community thinks that many supposed UFO sightings have been people spotting Venus, the second planet from the sun, in its bright glory. Other objects that have caused mass hysteria include, but are not limited to: balloons, aircrafts, lightning, unique cloud formations and military testing. If the scientific process is based on what we can observe and prove, we still come up lacking in regard to our extraterrestrial friends. The Earth does serve as a model when thinking about life on other planets. Life exists in extreme conditions on our home turf. You can find creatures in the deepest oceans, on top of the highest mountains, in the heat of the hottest desserts and in the frozen tundra. Our most recent obsession with Mars is justified. It contains water and some of the same microbes (tiny living things unseen to the naked eye) found on Earth. In a recent poll, it was concluded that 20% of Americans believe aliens have visited our planet. UFO sightings, or “flaps,” tend to correlate with major human events, like wars and the rise of technology. The National UFO Reporting Center has collected over 100,000 reports since 1947. Just this summer, the Pentagon confirmed that US pilots have seen an increase in sightings. The most popular states by sightings, in the order of the most reports, are: Vermont, Montana, New Hampshire, Alaska, Maine and California. The more people that report a citing, the more credible it is. Being a pilot or military veteran also helps, as well as including details in said reports, like radar leads.

The most popular reports of the last century, again, bear similar trends: bright lights, typically in a V formation, are spotted in the night sky. F-4 fighter jets are sent to investigate, only to return prematurely because of their equipment failing. The UFOs reportedly have no engine, thus they don’t emit gas. They are said to be incredibly fast, moving at more than two times the speed of sound. The majority of these events are left without explanation. Because they do not pose immediate threats, they are often abandoned, too. Sightings and interest in UFOs have been on a sharp, steady decline since 2014. Some of this can be claimed on the increase of technology, and many people having access to their own smartphones, not leading to rely on new and internet videos for such experiences. Or, it could be, humans simply don’t care anymore. Perhaps this whole time we have been projecting our own ideas onto the possibility of extraterrestrials. And as time has shown us, they simply don’t exist.

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