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Overview of the Social Construction Theory

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The social construction theory focuses on the idea that the gender inequalities that individuals face daily are made by society. The ideas of the differences in the male and female body are socially constructed through history.

Through time, many biologists have tried to prove their theory and state that the male and female body differ in aspects like the brian and the physical makeup of a human. Although, female feminists put their foot forward and tried to reveal the secrets and myths presented by those scientists. Nelly states that society needs to be told these differences for them to believe and have faith in such sayings and biology helps these statements come through to prove their point. The main aspect that is focused on throughout time is the sex of one’s body. Whether a person is a male or female depending on what genital they have. This was not the case many centuries ago because there was no real difference between men and women but instead they were quite identical. The only disconnect was that females private parts were inside and a males private part was outside. This difference in the placement of the gentile is the main cause of how society perceives the differences between men and women. For example, the ovary didn’t have a name but was also called a tesicle. It was till the eighteenth century when scientists started pointing out the differences and made two models, one representing a female body and the other a male body. This all started with the image of the skeleton. Starting from the nineteenth century most scientists started to point out differences in medical textbooks and making gender differences prominent in the way society perceives men and women. Humans trust scientists making it very easy for society to believe anything they wrote down on paper. The social construction approach puts up boundaries for woman because it is a prominent theme in today’s society that men are inferior to women.

Gender can be very prominent in ones everyday life from the day they are born. For example, the first question the parents of the baby are asked is the sex, whether it’s a boy or a girl. When the gender is revealed, toys and clothes are chosen and rooms painted based on whether it is a girl or boy. This proves that gender differences are spotted from when a baby takes his or her first breath. Through time the baby is put into hobbies that may be gender specific like ballet for girls and a soccer team for boys. The baby is also expected to act a certain way, girls are supposed to be cute and girly and focus on their appearance. In contrast, boys are taught to be aggressive and show very little emotion. These little things are taught to kids by their parents and grandparents and especially by society. If a parent does not focus on teaching their boy or girl the right way to act based on their gender, everyone around them will. Grandparents, friends, families and teachers.

Gender norms are the main focus for many people and they get very upset when someone is to set out of the box and do something that is not permitted to be done by a male or female. Raewyn and Rebecca stated, “The ‘breaking’ of a boy’s voice, and the development of a girl’s breast are important, but their meanings remain ambiguous until they are given definition by the society’s gender symbolism”. This quote proves that basic aspects of the human body are not important until someone gives it a definition and makes it meaningful. The gender responsibilities given to men and women can affect them in many negative ways as well. The example given by the authors state that more men get into car accidents that women because they are taught at a young age to have an interest in cars and motorcycles. Therefore they feel many and sting when they speed on roads which can unfortunately kill them. This shows, that gender can have a great effect on a someone’s personal life. I view the social construction approach as very negative to anyone’s life. It can have major effects on one’s identity and how they feel about themselves.

The gender norms in our society are very prominent and should not affect one’s everyday life in such a major way. No one should be scared to wear or act in whichever way they feel comfortable. The theory has put people in boxes to which it is always perceived negatively if they step out of the box. For example, if a boy wants to play with dolls, his peers are likely to make fun of him and parents will usually teach their son to play with something that is more manly like a car or helicopter. This is not how society should be. Everyone should make others feel comfortable in their own skin and feel free to express their personalities and their likes and dislikes. No one should feel pressured to act a certain way to feel accepted by those around them, especially people like their friends and family.

Yes, this theory is supported by many experiences in my life. I am always told to present myself in a polite manner and dress pretty for occasions because I am a girl. I am told that I cannot wear certain things because they are meant for boys or act aggressively because girls are supposed to be polite. Fortunately, these experiences have taught me to be more open minded and accept people for who they are especially because in today’s generation a lot more people are trying to express their true self and break gender stereotypes that have been passed on for generations. I believe people should stop reading and believing books that point out the differences between men and women and focus on how everyone should be treated equally.

To conclude, I believe it is time that our society begin to accept everyone rather than pushing them out based on one’s gender.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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