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Pearl Harbor and Its Influence on The United States

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Throughout the destruction of World War Two, there was one day specifically that rattled America forever and it was the day December 7, 1941, a day many of us would not remember considering the fact we were not born yet. But the people who were alive and had to live, who witness this atrocity on a firsthand account of the many casualties that took place from both the American and the Japanese side in this attack. This day in notoriety is a key piece to the puzzle of America and how America became the great power it is today, by showing that we are United, a world force, and powerful militarily.

Prior to the attack on Pearl Harbor, the United States of America had not yet engaged in the second part of the ongoing global, militarized attacks; also known as World War Two. World War Two began when Nazi Germany attacked Poland on September 1973. But the United States of America entered the war when Japan bombed-out Hawaiian naval base which killed over two thousand people and wiped out all the airlines and suspended multiple ships. The purpose of this from the Japanese perspective was to prevent foreign interference from the United States to prohibit Japan to conquer South East Asia as well as to buy time. But as this attack unfolded it just made the situation worse for the people of Japan and worse was yet to come. If the surprise attack on American soil in Hawaii was successful; then that would be a success for Japan. Which at the time was enemies with the United States, because it was in the group called the Axis powers which also included Germany and Italy. The opposition of the Axis Powers was the Allied Powers. This group consisted of France, Britain, the Soviet Union and, America. During Pearl Harbor there was a sense of fear among Americans because it was a huge attack on U.S. soil it was catastrophic. But what really defines the significands on the attack on Pearl Harbor it that when our nation was knocked down; it was the ability for the soldiers and people of the country to come and work together and strike back against the enemies with twice the force despite the circumstances. By showing how the nation had unity and a proud sense of patriotism. By showing that it sends a message to other nations that the United States of America is a force to be reckoned with, because the definition of are nation is the very first word in the name: united. As Americans we are united, we influence and effect each other in this melting pot of a nation to be more culturally diverse and all together we shape the nation. Pearl Harbor was an influence to bring the nation together, and to show as Americans we are one.

With the effect of Pearl Harbor pulling the United States into being involved with the ongoing war it influenced America to be a powerful fighting force against the opposition. By expanding our forces overseas thus helping the country’s status as a world power, from the effort of mobilizing troops across the world to fight the fight. By showing others around the globe that as Americans as a nation that we are willing to put on a fight to protect our selves and are rights. With this action, the United States secured the title of being a world power. Being a world power, it means a country that can influence other nations by having great force over other countries worldwide when it comes to politics, finance, economy, and armed forces. Pearl Harbor is considered as an opening for the United States to enter World War Two. Four days after Pearl Harbor, Italy and Germany declared war on the United States, on December 11, 1941. Thus, fully including the United States in World War Two. World War Two had effects on other countries and the world but the United States was the only country to leave the war with good military shape. The United States established a permanent war-time alliance called NATO; which is the North Atlantic treaty organization. Which helped America with the presence of a global police force to preserve the peace internationally because it is a trait and a responsibility with being a world power. Overtime the actions nearing almost a century ago provided America to being one of the worlds most connected countries. Since the United States of America has influence over other countries this provides and asset to our nation when it comes to issues about trade, and allies.

After Pearl Harbor American forces counter attacked the Arial strike of the Japanese four years after. On August 6, 1945 atomic bomb coded name of ‘’Little Boy’’; by American troops was dropped over the city Hiroshima located southwestern of Honshu, Japan. Which was the first ever nuclear bomb deployed in war time in a global level at 15 kilotons of tnt bases on uranium. Then three days later, on August 9, 1945 the Japanese city of Nagasaki was bombed as well. Both of these bombings was a major catastrophe for the people of Japan. The bomb dropped on the city Hiroshima named little boy killed approximately one hundred and forty-six thousand people. The bomb dropped over Nagasaki name “Fat Boy”, killed approximately sixty-four thousand people. But the death toll numbers did not stop there for Japan because the bombs were nuclear it gave a high number in casualties for the people of Japan. Which kept increasing as the days went by. Because even if some of the people that survived the explosion the people close to it enough suffered from its effect from the deadly and hazardous chemicals that were introduced to their bodies in an exponential rate. Effects were so bad some people received fatal lung cancer in Japan, and it is shocking to know that they are still being felt today. Because of these bombing the city of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were completely inhabitable for many civilians and people lived there and survived had to be located resulting in a major blow to the Japanese. But this reaction to the causation of bombings showed people around the world the power of the United States and it also helps the U.S to know not to deploy bombs at such disastrous force, because it gave a lot of fatality to many innocent people who were not involved in the ongoing world war in the country of Japan. Some might say that if Japan did not attack the United States then it would help the world war; but without this event then the war of World War Two would have dragged on. So, if that were to happen then there would have the risk of loosing even more lives then the attack on Pearl Harbor, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. As well as since the American attacks of the two atomic bombs “little boy” and “fat boy”, the world has been in a total cease fire and the use of atomic bombs. From the memory of these events used as a precedent has been enough to prevent another world war. Pearl Harbor had effectively started the end of World War Two in a historical timeline. With that being said: “Pearl Harbor did not only shape the United States but partially the world to because it provides a huge influence on other nations the danger of nuclear warfare” as said in: “Attack on Pearl Harbor – 1941.”

Others might argue that Pearl Harbor did more harm then good. Which is true in some perspectives. If Pearl Harbor hadn’t occurred, then the United States would not have the ability to conclude with a justified reason to bomb the two Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki twice. Resulting in a death toll that consisted of death of many innocent people and health hazards that were exposed to the people who survived and neighbored the atomic explosions. It is true that a lot of people died, and many were not included in the war for instance; the many innocent civilians that were harmed. But without countries and different nations around the world acknowledging the dangers of nuclear warfare and taking action to prevent more world wars. Which later would then result with even higher numbers of the loss of peoples lives. But not in just one nation or even two but every other country on the planet would not be safe.

In conclusion Pearl Harbor was a significant event for our nation that impacted us and because of its gravity it will continue to impact us. Even if you don’t realize it, because of Pearl Harbor and the long-term effects on the United States you could say the attack on Pearl Harbor was influential on a variety of things. Like the fact we are more united as country, considered as a strong power around the world, and as Americans we have been safe from foreign warfare using atomic bombs.

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