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Personal Account of My Birthday Celebration

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  • Published: 12 February 2019
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Personal Account of My Birthday Celebration essay
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It was this year, this month, this week when my birthday was going to come. At last I have waited for this day for almost a year and have planned for it as well. It’s a wonderful day for a person to celebrate the day she was born. And that’s why I treasure this day mostly in my life, and everyone who knows me knows that birthday is the most important thing that goes in my life. Birthdays are more important to me than graduation, then weddings, then Christmas. That’s what birthday means to me.

That year was different from my other years. If you were wondering what happened, well let me just start out with this. My birthday was in a week, and everyone knows it. As I entered the school, I went straight to my locker with my best friend.

She asked me out of the blue, “What do you want for your birthday?”

I was kind of stumped, I never thought my best friend would ask me a question like that so I told her, “I’ll think about it.”

All day long I would think of the perfect present then something just popped into my head and I had the perfect present. I went to my best friend and told her, “I know what I want.”

She looked at me curiously and asked, “What is it?”

I replied, “I want James!”

She looked at me right away with her eyes wide open and wondering if she heard it mistakenly and said, “You want James?”

I replied, “Yes!”

At that moment she was thinking how she could get him to come to my birthday party as my date. Well if you were wondering who James is, well he is this perfect girl fantasy, that every girl dreams of.

It was the second day of school, and three more days to go until my birthday. I went right to my locker and went to look for my best friend. I was looking everywhere until I saw her with James laughing their hearts out. I’m not going to lie to you I was kind of sad but at the same moment I was kind of glad that my best friend was talking to the most popular guy in our school. At that moment, I couldn’t think of anything and just stared at them for a while, then my best friend, Mariana, looked at me with a scared and worried face. This means she is hiding something from me. She ran from James right away and went to the bathroom and I knew at that moment I had to go in there too, and see what was going on.

When I went inside I started looking for her right away until I found her trying to hide behind the door. I went there and screamed at her and said, “Why are you hiding from me? Is there something you want to tell me?” She wanted to speak but I wouldn’t let her and asked, “What kind of best friend are you?” After that I just went straight to my next class without even looking back at her. At that moment I just couldn’t think right, and thought that my best friend would never do that to me and try to find an excuse for her because me as her best friend just couldn’t believe it. And after what happened that day I had tried to ignore her all day long. I was really concerned that my best friend was going to leave me, and she would date the guy I liked, and that my birthday would be ruined because of her.

It was the third day of school, and two more days to go until my birthday. This time I was sure that my best friend wasn’t my best friend anymore and at that time I couldn’t think of anything especially my birthday. I would just think about her that whole time. I saw my friend in the hall and would like to talk to her to see what is between us now wondered if we were still talking, but I couldn’t hold my temper and would just leave her behind. Usually during my birthday week I would go and arrange everything to make it perfect but this time I was only thinking of Mariana. I went back to my house being in the worst situation I could be in, and my family would walk pass me in the house wondering if there was anything wrong happening in school. They were really concerned so they went and called Mariana but she was too busy working on something that she wouldn’t even answer my parents phone calls.

It was the fourth day of school, and one more day to go until my special birthday arrived. I felt better and told myself nothing would bring me down. Not even my best friend. I entered the school with a bright smile ready to have the best school day until I saw my best friend with James. I was kind of upset but I cheered myself up. As I looked at my best friend she looked at me back and looked sorry and sad and came up to me then said, “We need to talk Michelle, please.” I looked at her seriously and said, “ There’s nothing to be said, I already know everything” and just left her behind. Then I was passing by the bathroom and saw her whispering to other girls and saying my name at the same time. I started wondering what they were saying, but couldn’t tell so I told myself that she was saying bad stuff about me behind my back. I was walking back home and saw my best friend passing by me and went to a small shop. I wondered what was she doing there so I went inside too, and saw her buying kinds of chocolate, candy, bags of chips and some drinks and started wondering why would she buy a whole bunch of party food with her. As I entered my house I went straight to my mom saying these bad stuff about Mariana and how she would try to ruin my birthday party. My mom said don’t judge her and try to listen to her side of this story before you think of other bad stuff, and I said it was already obvious she wanted to take James from me and ruin my birthday party. As I ran upstairs, I went straight to my room and started doing my homework, I wondered why my mom wasn’t prepared for my birthday tomorrow and thought to myself maybe she was trying to make a surprise birthday party for me but then my mom isn’t that kind of person that would hide things, so I started having these bad thoughts about my mom forgetting my birthday was tomorrow.

That was it, that have been the moment I had waited for, and yes it was my birthday. It was the best day of my life as I got ready for school, as I ate my breakfast, and as I entered the school ready for everyone to wish me a happy birthday and give me my presents. I went to my locker so everyone would find me there and give me their presents, but no one came. I got really depressed but I said to myself it’s only first period, it must be because everyone is sleepy in the morning. But as I went to my other classes, I got even more and more depressed. It was fourth period and two more periods to go until school ended, and as I was passing by the halls a girl came up to me with a bright smile in her face and said to myself this is it, this is going to be my first happy birthday to me. But as she was walking towards me, Mariana came between us and started whispering in her ear, then the girl had this laugh and said ok back to Mariana. At that second, I really wanted to have a fight with Mariana, but I calmed myself down and said to myself that she was only trying to ruin my day but I wouldn’t let her.

After what happened that day I just couldn’t take it anymore, and went straight home so I can finally enjoy my birthday. As I entered the house my mom welcomed me in the house and said to me we are going to have your birthday at a restaurant today so go and dress up. I went right away and got ready. As I pushed the door of the restaurant, I couldn’t see a thing, it was all dark and the lights have been all turned off. So I asked my parents what going on until everyone in my school just jumped all together and said, “ Happy Birthday, Michelle!” At that moment I couldn’t hold the tears in and just started to cry. My friend came running to me asking,“ What’s wrong don’t you like your surprise party? I even got James to come as your date!” I looked at her and started to cry even more and said, “You are my best friend ever, and I shouldn’t have misjudged you and should have just listened to you.” She looked at me with a bright smile and said, “I hope you can treasure this memory of us together forever.” And at that moment I knew that my best friend would always be there for me.

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