Achieving Personal and Professional Development

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Published: Jun 6, 2019

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Words: 1650|Pages: 4|9 min read

Published: Jun 6, 2019

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The first step in the development plan is to conduct a self-analysis such as SWOT and then identify the priority areas that junior managers need to become senior managers in the same organization. After completing this section, appropriate development strategies can be identified and planned based on areas of improvement.

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When planning, you must also consider feasibility, resource availability, and the time it takes to implement them. Once the planning, evaluation and validation of development activities is completed, the next part will be their daily implementation. Since it is almost impossible to provide evidence of any progressive self-development activities, I can document the entire process.

The second step is to become a member of the group discussion and support team within the next two months. In this group, all members are managers who are interested in developing leadership skills.

The third event I attended lasted for more than three months, interacting with my peer group and collecting their feedback. The process also includes formal training in BP time management.

According to the learning style suggested by Honey and Mumford, I can say that I am more like a reflective learner. I believe through experience observation, review and reflection. I need to see other people doing new things, analysing them correctly and then I can repeat them. I am not a spontaneous performer and need the right time to prepare. Similarly, through this module, I observed the communication and introduction of colleagues and team members, and understood the importance of self-confidence and made eye contact with the public.

I understand the fact that in order for your speech to have an impact on the audience or to leave a positive impression on them, eye contact is necessary, so I will study it in the future. I need to maintain a high level of confidence to make a wonderful presentation. The entire academic module revolves around the importance and importance of change management in the organization. The main focus is on understanding the importance of regularly changing and effectively managing organizations in your organization to survive in today’s dynamic market environment.

In order to synchronize personal and professional development goals, I will use the following documents to help maintain the right balance of activities to achieve higher standards.

For organizational background, the documents are: I will utilize the resource, expect the employee’ demand, make a real-time feedback collection, monitor and plan some team work.

For interpersonal skill that needed, the documents are: we have to do life-long learning, improve interaction with employees, how to make a good decision and how to communication with other people.

For the need of having a professional background, the documents are: it is important to learn about the hotel’s professional standards and human resource management functions, make a time management for being punctual, plan and allocate resources, make teamwork and become leadership.

In order to improve my skills and gain a higher status within the organization, I followed the planned activities. By following the timeline process and activities, I have been committed to skills and interpersonal skills to achieve the desired goals. However, according to the plan, I have made improvements in some aspects, such as communication in different languages, planning and making decisions based on expected rating criteria, but there are still some qualities that need to be strengthened. In order to get a higher status in the workplace, I have to do more things as planned. For further analysis and development, I will collect feedback from employees and mentors, which will help evaluate improvements and make changes to the plan.

In addition, from the feedback analysis I identified time management; teamwork and leadership are areas that do not meet expectations. To this end, I will revise the development plan and include different activities to encourage skills. In addition, I got some positive feedback based on the development plan. Based on feedback, I improved my tasks as needed, allocated resources, and implemented the skills of the hotel’s existing processes. These improvements helped me get the attention of top management, but achieved the original goals. I have to do more by implementing changes to my existing development plan.

There are some changes in the timing and speed of the plan. These changes will help achieve the goal in a better way. After the feedback, the development plan was also corrected. For example, I changed the time period of the first development activity (ie, time and leadership development time) from 2 months to 15 days, and the online course and the next 45 days, communicated with peers and received feedback.

I realized that in this development process, the formal course will not be as useful as the informal course because it will improve my pronunciation, communication and body language, which needs improvement. The second change I made in the development plan was to integrate modern IT and IT related services to make the process smoother. I started using the smartphone mobile app during the development process and decided how to use audio chat to communicate with peers and get feedback from online pronunciation tutors. There are various models and theories that can be used to evaluate feedback and provide meaningful insights based on this. One such model is Brookfield’s four shots.

These lenses can be used by anyone who teaches or practices self-reflection. From the perspective of self (autobiography), colleagues and students, they form a theoretical perspective. These lenses provide different perspectives for the same development. For Brookfield, the goal of critical reflection teachers is to gain more knowledge about his or her teaching from as many different angles as possible.

It is a widely used method, even used in schools in the UK, which has made a significant contribution to improving knowledge and learning. This approach greatly contributes to improving the quality of their work in cognitive processes such as organization, classification, analysis and evaluation. This will also increase their thinking and decision making process and make them perform well.

Through reflection, individuals can conduct a comprehensive analysis of their experiences and carry out their own improvisations. This is a positive process and a very rewarding process. Because this process helps to understand specific behaviours and responses to certain situations, it helps to enhance one’s knowledge and provide him with opportunities for improvisation.

In the workplace, employees or employers face different types of problems that need to be addressed based on circumstances and structure. Work-based issues are issues that organizations face in their day-to-day operations. In order to improve the efficiency of the organization and improve the performance of the organization, it is necessary to provide solutions to work problems. The following are solutions to work-based problems:

  1. Understand people’s opinions – need to understand people’s opinions or understand the problems of the organization’s people.
  2. Identify the problem – identify the problem or issue. The identification of a problem is the discovery of a problem or problem and the cause.
  3. Provide a solution – a solution must be provided to eliminate the problem.
  4. List the solution – the solution to the problem should be listed. Attention should be paid to possible problem remedies.
  5. Detection Solutions – Properly review and evaluate the listed solutions to find the most effective and effective solution.
  6. Choose a solution – you must choose the most appropriate and effective solution.

This type of communication is effective for management because it helps to collect real-time feedback from managers about new or existing process changes. For example, an organization that wants to implement incentives and incentives to retain employees and communicate this change to a manager’s meeting would be a good approach. It will help analyse the pros and cons and support correcting problems and vulnerabilities.

In order to communicate plans and policies to various departments, we can use email. This will save cost and time and help provide detailed information about work plan changes. In addition, it will provide tools to track further communications. This communication applies to the middle level involving department heads and supervisors. Leading organizations are using this approach to communicate change and strategy. By using this method of providing information, we will be able to notify all employees. This is a one-way communication method, but it is effective for establishing communication with lower-level workers.

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  • Formal communication: Senior management team communicates with junior staff via official conferences, official letters, notices, etc. higher position people provide formal guidance and information to lower position people through official emails, meeting minutes and even written demand.
  • Informal communication: Top management is here to convey information to all levels in a subtle way, and there is an informal complaints system that uses different channels to gather information from employees and then resolve them.

Time management is a key factor in organizational improvement needs. Time management should be done to achieve maximum results in an effective time without creating a busy schedule for organizations and personnel. Time management can effectively achieve the desired results on time. There are some strategies to manage time effectively .

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The essay provides an overview of the author's personal and professional development plan, but the language is often imprecise, and there are grammatical and structural issues. The essay lacks clear organization, making it difficult to follow the author's thoughts and intentions.
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The essay's opening sentence is clear and concise. However, it immediately becomes unclear what the author is referring to when they say "the development plan." It is unclear if they are referring to a specific plan they have already implemented or a plan they intend to create. The organization of the essay is unclear. The author jumps from one point to another without providing clear transitions or connections between them. This makes it difficult for the reader to follow the author's thought process. The essay's focus is not always clear. At times, it seems the author is discussing their personal development, while at other times they appear to be discussing their professional development. This confusion undermines the coherence of the essay. The essay has grammatical issues, including subject-verb agreement and word choice errors. For example, the author uses "it" without a clear antecedent, which creates ambiguity. The author also uses phrases that are not idiomatic or technically incorrect, such as "according to the learning style suggested by Honey and Mumford." The author could have instead written, "Honey and Mumford's learning style suggests that I am a reflective learner." The essay's sentence structure is also problematic. The author frequently writes long, convoluted sentences that are difficult to understand. For example, the sentence "These lenses provide different perspectives for the same development" could be rewritten as "These lenses offer various viewpoints for examining the same development." The essay's voice is inconsistent. At times, the author writes in the first person, while at other times, they use third-person pronouns. This inconsistency undermines the essay's cohesiveness. In conclusion, this essay earns a C grade. While it offers insights into the author's personal and professional development, its disorganization and lack of clarity detract from its effectiveness. The essay would benefit from clearer organization, more precise language, and improved sentence structure.

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