Persuasive Animal Rights and The Importance of Treating Animals with Respect

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About this sample


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Published: Jan 28, 2021

Words: 1394|Pages: 3|7 min read

Published: Jan 28, 2021

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Animals have an inherent worth just like human beings and this value is completely deferent from how they might be seen as being useful to humans. Every being that has a will to live should be able to enjoy the right of freedom from suffering and pain. When it comes to such emotions fear, joy, love, and pain, the same feeling as a human has. In this society many people do not understand animal right and how we should treat them equally and why. Through animal research and experimentations, humans are getting benefit in the obscene inhuman way the poor animals are suffering through pain and distress, even though they have moral status and rights. It is wrong for society to view them as existing solely for human use. Animals have provided transportation, food, clothing, companionship and entertainment throughout the ages. Therefore, it is our duty to treat animals with respect, and this essay will discuss this. Animals can understand animals. Humans have a special relationship with house pets they can understand each others like we humans do.

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In Iraq Kurdistan, there are hundreds of stray cats and dogs roaming the streets. Talking about animal rights in Kurdistan always brings up the kinds of questions: why should we care about stray cats and dogs when there are human beings in danger and need all around us? A lot of families in Iraq Kurdistan now keep pets at home. Still, this has not made life much easier for the stray cats and dogs in the region. There are no animal shelters and Kurdish drivers tend to not care if they hit an animal. This is the condition of animals’ life in Kurdistan. Every country, religion has laws for animal but in Kurdistan they don’t have anything, even government doesn’t care about animals. The world today is becoming less conscious about the pain and suffering being hurt on animals. As animals have their own lives, feelings, can feel happiness, and everything that humans have, we humans have no right to harm living being simply because we can. We as human should protect those that cannot defend themselves.

Every day animals are fighting for their lives, they are enslaved in Kurdistan we can kill them and eat them. There were many kinds of animals in Kurdistan mountains like bears and deer they became too little because of people. They killed many of them and some of them extinct many people often argue in that humans need help and are ignored in our country to even pay attention to animal rights and welfare which is viewed as a secondary and lower issue and some even mock the idea of animal rights humans have a voice to speak their minds and that humans cause the suffering in the world, but innocent animals cannot voice their pain and advocate themselves. Over the years, animal abuse has increased an unbelievable amount and nothing has been done to stop this all around Kurdistan Iraq. We take animals out of their natural environment and away from the natural order, we make them suffer we abuse them, and imprison them. The stray dogs and cats of Kurdistan Iraq have no chance of a loving them, many times when they see animals in the streets they play like they are balls, these strays are denied a right to live in a peace they abuse from kids and adults. Do they not have equal rights to this land as we have? Or just because these animals are different we should persecute them? How does this make us any different from the Saddam Hussien regime? Is that the price of a life? A soul? Is this the value of living beings in this county?

Kurdistan Iraq is the beautiful land, wealthy in culture and history but many animals live in oppression and need help. Kurdistan needs an animal welfare and protection law in Kurdistan to help protect all species from abuse and mid-treatment and exploitation. Living with animals can be a beautiful experience because they can understand human. In Islamic religion, dogs are considered unclean one piece of scripture says that angels won’t enter a house where a dog is kept. However, it seems that this is changing somewhat.

United States of America and Canada has strict laws related animal rights. According to animal cruelty law Canada if anyone harms or kills an animal without good reason is committing a crime and is entitled for a punishment. Asian countries especially India, Pakistan governments of these countries does not really care about what is happening with the animals. Animals are a part of our environment and are living creatures. They need food, they breathe. As a good human and a member of this environment we should take care about them and protect them from abuse and over killing testing and clothes should be minimized. Research should be done to find alternatives to animal parts like skin.

Obligation to animals begins with care to avoid inflicting pain or suffering. Animals are conscious subjects. Thanks to empirical and behavioral research, we can make some generalizations about their physiological pain. Human and animal nervous systems are similar, we have made allowances for differences in size – a spanking is probably much more painful to a child than a slap on the hindquarters is to a horse, we can assume that pain is pain, whether in human or animal species. Animals deserve to be given those same basic rights as humans we don’t have to ignore them because they help human. Animals help fertilize plants they are part of the food chain and keep ecosystems in balance. Many people believe that many of the things we take for granted would not exist if it were not for experimenting with animals. The medicine that we need, the education that we receive, and the products are just a few of that we use benefits that these animals bring to us. We should look at animals, not as poor defenseless creatures that are subject to cruel experiments, but as heroes that have improved almost every aspect of our life in today society.

Nowadays, over 100 milion animals are forcefully killed in American labs to make new cosmetics. This is a typical image of animal testing that refers to an experiment on animals for the sake of the development of products such as medicine, cosmetics, and food additives. It isn’t necessary to use animals for cosmetics because nowadays many parts of the world, animal in laboratories are still suffering and dying to test cosmetics such as lipstick and shampoo and any other things. They have chemicals forced down their throats and dripped into their eyes and onto their shaved skin approximately one million animals suffer and die just for cosmetics every year around the world. If you want to test cosmetics, why you do it on some poor animals that hasn’t done anything, like rabbits, pigs, hamsters, rats and mice. Dogs and monkeys are never used to test cosmetics anywhere in the world they are used to test other types of chemicals.

According to Islamic principles, humanity is not allowed to do everything to living things and take their lives if necessary, animals represent God’s might and wisdom and humanity must pay attention to their health and living conditions. It determines the living costs of animals and orders humanity to respect and not to abuse them. Humans are responsible for whatever they have at their actions including animals whose rights must be respected.

PETA is the largest animal rights organization in the world. It’s an American organization, with more than 6.5 million members and supporters. It deals with many animal rights issues, also focuses on educating policy makers and the public about the abuse of animals and making it known that animals deserve the right to be treated with respect. PETA deals with many animal rights issues. The organization has uncovered many illegal projects, which harm animals in doing so.

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This essay proves that all beings deserve liberty and respect not because they share the characteristics we admire in ourselves but because they are living beings. We share the same evolutionary origins, we inhabit the same Earth, and we are ruled by the same laws of nature. We are all the same. No matter whether it’s someone from the political left or right, we need a voice to stand up and defend animal rights.

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