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Political Correctness and The Stereotype of Races, Gender, and Religion

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Today everyone seems to be placed in a stereotype between race or gender. If you were to ask someone about a typical black person, would their response be that they like watermelon and chicken and arguing? A typical Asian would eat Chinese or Korean with rice. And they are generally very smart. Your typical white women, especially if a blonde has the typical ditsy blonde valley girl who would eat salad. A typical white guy would be some sort of athlete but not very bright. He would eat burgers and fries. Television has a lot to do with stereotyping people because as we grew up as children you have presented stereotypes, and television has been changing to try and change the stereotypes into more of a realistic view on a society where people are of mixed races which change stereotypes altogether.

There have been many TV shows and Movies that have depicted women and different races as your racial stereotype but that has all been changing. There is more realism where the people are not put into stereotypical circumstances in life or more varied life’s with more people going to college, getting better jobs, they are able to be put in opportunities in life such as women becoming CEO’s of big companies and different races getting to be in more high profile or more distinguished opportunities and in governments.

We will now move on to two articles from the book called “Intersections A Thematic Reader for Writers.” “Why You Shouldn’t Be Politically Correct” by Anna Munsey-Kano. Politically Correct is a statement that is more of a problem the way people think and understand what your point you’re trying to get a crossed. By staying Politically Correct you don’t always get the point you’re trying to make a crossed. “POLITICALLY CORRECT: conforming to a belief that language and practices which could offend political sensibilities (as in the matter of sex or race) should be eliminated”. Observing Political Correctness is a form of censorship because you must conform to political correctness which in turn doesn’t allow you to give the true context of what you were trying to get a crossed.

The goal of trying to be Politically Correct is a good idea in theory, but it will never work unless you understand what generalizations are offensive to other peoples. “OFFEND: to transgress the moral or divine law; to violate a law: do wrong. Instead, political correctness seeks to avoid interpersonal conflict and discomfort, OFFEND: to cause difficulty, discomfort, or injury; to cause dislike, anger, or vexation.” The biggest problem with Political correctness is so easy to offend or hurt someone’s feelings or anger someone on your underlying true statement as far as feeling they are not as important as morals but, as it comes to Political Correctness feelings get in the way as morals. In trying to avoid offensive language you sometimes don’t get your true point a crossed.

If you have been on social media (Tumblr for instance) you have come a crossed “Social Justice Warriors or White Knights” they will back up or defend every fringe group without understanding the issues and reputation just to make them feel better for coming to their aid. One of the biggest problems with the SJW’s is that they try to defend causes or groups without revealing their name and trying to make themselves a bigger warrior without identifying.

It’s not that Politically Correctness is a bad idea, where race, sex, religion, gender will be brought up in speech or discussions, but it becomes Politically incorrect because when someone disagrees with a discussion you have offended someone you will always offend someone but you always take it to extremes, sometimes your discussion is offensive and needs to be fixed and someone needs to tell you that you have offended someone or something but they take it to extremes and they get on a bandwagon and push an issue too as much further than it should go.

“Do You Think the Poor Are Lazy?” by Anat Shenker-Osorio. Wealth inequality was 84% of wealth owned by the richest 5th of the people in the United States. But people are just in ignorant to the truth about wage inequality but people’s blindness to the truth is we have a major wealth gap. The biggest issue is the poor choose to be poor, “lazy bum” “moral failure” and “welfare queen.” This is sometimes true but not always. The wealth divide makes it seem like the rich get there “Just Desserts” and the poor don’t want to make their lives better. But in fact, by alienating the poor you are not allowing them to help in the economy. You are only allowing the rich by buying and involving into the economy. Instead of a gap between the rich and the poor allowing the bridge to gap and dismantling the obstacles they would be better off allowing the poor to work at a reasonable pay-scale

Our society has made these barriers between the rich and the poor, take the barriers away and allow the poor to become more involved in the economy. We can start bridging the barriers that we have made by helping the poor with universal preschools, prenatal care, better healthcare also by not allowing overcrowded classrooms and untrained teachers. Improving recreational and in after school activities, helping to eliminate neighborhood violence, contaminated water, cleaner air. Helping to control neighborhood violence (a.k.a gang violence) you need to address to the younger generation not to get involved when they see that the only, they can make money is to get involved in drugs (Gangs) they need to be guided towards a better situation were theirs hope in their future. Let’s put the blame where it belongs, decades with greed and power and not the people who get caught on the wrong side only because of where they live or who their family was.

In conclusion, overall the stereotype of races, gender, and religion must be accepted, maybe not by everyone but the majority must accept a very diverse nation, with lots of different ideas, attitudes, and cultures. If we can learn to take these barriers down between all the different cultures, races, and religions and we can all learn to live as one, it’s not going to be easy and it will take time, but each generation must try to aim to this goal.

We must learn not to be so offended by someone’s remark and be more compassionate and understanding and try to iron out disagree than just out to get them. Everyone must learn to stop censoring every word that someone says and tries to explain to you doing something wrong and how to fix it or a least we must communicate about it. And lastly, the gaps and divisions have separated our country for years and must be put in some kind of control, but we don’t want to go into a socialistic society because that never works. We must go back to bringing the infrastructure of our country back to a path where we will be able to maintain it into the future without doing something about it, this could create jobs and help the economy. We have to get control of the economy or none of this will work, things will keep spiraling out of control in a different direction that is good and bad.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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