Prinicples of Health and Social Care

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Published: Sep 18, 2018

Words: 3471|Pages: 6|18 min read

Published: Sep 18, 2018


For a society and community health and social care practice is very important. Peoples are affected by different kinds of diseases, among them some are newly invented and they are suffering a lot. People must be aware of those diseases. Treatments and medication are provided by the health and social care centers to the service users. Providing care and treatment to the service users with maintaining privacy by following patient’s opinion to minimize risks and hazards for the service users and promoting awareness regarding many social issues and diseases is the principle of health and social care practice.

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Explain how principles of support are applied to ensure that the individuals are cared in health care settings.Providing support to the service users is the main principle of health and social care practice. In health care setting, principle of support should be applied such a way that it should assure and maintain service users’ better health and well being and care workers must aware about this and they must respect patient’s right and personality. Beliefs and culture may vary person to person. People of different culture and beliefs are come in health care centers but care worker must respect patient’s culture and beliefs. Service users may make their own decisions because they have right to do it, so respecting customers rights and don’t violating organizational policies and act is very important. Patients have many private and care worker comes very close to a patient. So he able to know many private matters of the patient and keep them secret is his duty. In many activities like moving, walking, lifting, sitting etc, care workers help services users. Care worker records data in a very safe way for future use which they regarding patient’s health and mentality. For making health and care plan those data is very important for the patient. Person centered approach is mostly used in the health and social care centers. For service users, Principle of support is also very useful because by this they are able to know about treatment procedures in the settings and maintain way of their privacy and how their rights and decisions will be followed. Principles to support health care given below.

Ensuring that every individual are able to make their own choices for their self care

Making proper service and care plan by gaining appropriate information from service users by support and care worker.

Communicating in very effective way to gain the confidence of service users by accessing service user’s needs and demand.

Using modern technology in health and social care settings by employees.

Developing employees’ skills and knowledge.

Conducting employees in regular risk management to minimize risks and hazards for their service users and themselves as well.

Involving care workers in planning, development and evaluation of servicesAll the above mentioned issues must be ensured by health and social care workers and to complete those things employers will help them.

What are the procedures for protecting clients, patients and colleagues from harm?Maintaining and promoting a client’s health and keep him safe and comfortable, one of the main objectives in health and social care setting. Providing safeguard to patients, staffs and others, who is directly related to services in health care setting, is one of the major responsibility of employers. For making sure that that everyone is safe and risk free in health and social care center, first need to identify reasons of risks and harms in the workplace. Harms are different kinds like - physical harm, psychological harm, financial harm, emotional harm. Care workers must ensure that they are providing quality services which is very effective, safe and risk free by following the standards all the time.

Care workers can save their clients from physical harms, if they follow safety standard carefully. Handling mentally affected people is hard. They need more mental support and supervision. For the sake of their own safety, it is required to restrict their freedom or compromised in most of the cases. It is very challenging to protect patient from emotional harm because every human have different outlook and character. Providing emotional support through love or friendly behaviors is the best possible solution for these kinds of patients. Generally their social bonding with their families and friends is bad. They have harsh experience about life and sometime they become very much aggressive. To save them from emotional harm, be a friend is very helpful solution. By using proper medication, crèmes and food and supplies, health and care service providers can protect them. Care workers will help clients to complete their tasks, if they are unable to handle and manage their own staffs. Protecting colleagues from harm is also necessary for care workers.

Comparing to other jobs working in a health and social care setting is more risky. If any negative thing happens it will affect their jobs adversely; so it is very important to maintain health and safety policies all time. Care workers may use certain devices and flow buddy system, if any client has complex problem, which help to make the job easy and reduce workload and save time and energy. It is preferable to go with some other colleagues when some clients have aggressive and violent attitude and behavior. Care workers may handle bad situation when service users may use nasty words by talking positively and kindly.

What are the benefits of following person centered approach with users of health & social care services.Meaning of person centered approach is- supporting and fulfilling the needs, wishes, and preferences of clients. Clients are encouraged to make decisions by strictly maintaining their privacy and dignity. In health and social care settings, it is one of the best practices to handle clients. By fulfilling client’s demands and needs, this process ensures optimum care for the service users. Service users’ demands and needs are supported and fulfilled in this process and service users feel the sense of individuality and for their health and well being it’s effect is good. Client’s physical, psychological, mental and emotional health are cared properly in this process,. Personal preferences of Service users are met so they become satisfied. Care workers tasks become easy because in this situation service users cooperate very much with care workers.

Good communication between care workers and service providers is very important in this process. Client confidence may improve if their queries are properly answered. For both health and social care providers and service users this process is beneficial. The task of care workers become easy and their confidence is also increased by this process.1.4 What are the ethical dilemmas and conflict that a care worker may face when providing care, support and protection.Sometimes care workers face such situations which are very contradictory for them. It is essential for the care workers to maintain organizational policies and rules all the time but for the wellbeing of clients in some situations they are not able to implement those.

Ethical dilemmas are created in these kinds of situations. Sometimes conflicts may arise in opinion, belief and culture between care workers and service users. The health and social care service may affected by this conflict and the quality of health and social care can be hampered by it. If a human is adult, according to the act he has the right to take his own decision. Sometimes service users take worthless decision like sometimes they refuge to take medication. But for gaining his health back or return to his normal life it is very important for him to take medication regularly to gain. Other hand, care workers are obliged to obey and respect the client’s decision. As a consequence, care workers face ethical dilemma. A care worker cannot help the service user although it is his duty to take care of service users as service user refuses to take the service. Care worker will be responsible, if something happens to the clients. If a client doesn't want to take medicine, a care worker can’t force him to take medicine and always he is not able to motivate the client. In health and social care centers, this kind of scenario is very common. It is impossible for them to do nothing and let a client to die in front of them. Handling such kind of situation is very difficult.

For health and social care workers to just stand and do nothing is strongly against the ethical values of them. Here another ethical issue is restraining. According to some people restraining is inhuman and not to be done. According to others- when the patient suffers from mental and emotional harms it is applicable.

Explain the implementation of policies, legislation, regulations and codes of practice that are relevant to own work in health & social care.For ensuring the best qualities of care are given to the service users in health and social care practice, implementing policies, legislation, regulations and code of practice according to the national and local policies and legislation is very important and essential. This profession is very sensitive so care workers must obey and follow the rules and regulation all the time. It is duty of management to ensure that according to the laws and codes of practice, qualities are maintained properly. Employees must follow data protection act and he does not reveal any important information of a client.

According the data protection act, the permission to access the information is only for proper person. Control Of Substance Hazardous to Health Regulation (COSSH) is another regulation. It is ensured by this act that, when necessary only then chemicals and substances are used. All times bleaching agents, detergents, cupboard containers and other chemical ingredients are locked and only proper person has the accessibility. In the secured place medication and other equipments are kept and only the on duty has access to it. Observing safety regularly and making sure that safety precautions are implemented properly is duty of employers.

For noticing everyone, signs are warning boards are sticks in the health and social care centers properly. Fire exist pathways need to always clean and mess free, it must done by the staffs. Regarding various laws and regulation, policies and legislations employers will provide sufficient training and lectures to the staffs which make their jobs easy and risk free.

Explain how local policies and procedures can be developed in accordance with national and policy requirements.For providing guidelines to the institutes, professionals and fields, all the policies and procedures are developed. Local polices reflect a smaller scope where national policies are broad. For certain groups local polices are developed and they more specific. To get an effective output those policies are studied critically, planned carefully and implemented strategically. For technological development and change in society, there are some faults and imperfection in some policies and laws. Synchronization and correlation between local policies and national policies is very important. Policies need to be clear-cut and easy.

To improve the effectiveness policies must be simple and clear and they must be out of confusion. There must less chance of misinterpretation in the policies. Abiding by national policies, local polices will reflect the culture of local areas. There are diversity in different organizations so all polices are not suitable for every organizations. In future policies may need to modify for improving the quality of care and services, so they must be flexible. Employees are very eager to follow the rules and regulation if the policies reflect the culture and make the jobs easy and comfortable but employees don’t like to follow the rules and regulation in opposite cases. It is necessary to monitor all the policies and laws properly and regularly. Reviewing the laws and procedures is duty of employers and law makers and if it is necessary, they may modify those.

Evaluate the impact of policy, legislation, regulation and codes of practice on organizational policy and practice.On the policy of organization - legislation, policies, rules, regulations, and codes of practice have essential contributions. It provides the guidelines to follow. According to the policies and legislations, organizations will do the practices. It is really tough for an organization to formulate polices for health and social care centers which is legal, without the reference of laws and legislation. No violation of individual’s rights in Organizational policies.

An appropriate, organized and ethical working environment will be created for the service users and workers, if practicing within laws and legislation. An organization can run very smoothly without any serious conflict with the help of organizational policies. It helps the employees respect the laws and orients employees to work according to the laws. An employee will be fined or even loosed his job, if anyone breaks the laws and policies. An employee may ask his superiors, if any employees are confused about any laws and regulation, and to get out from the dilemma they will help him. To obey and follow the rules and regulations, both employers and employees are obliged and respective authority will take immediate steps to correct them or even punish them if anyone breaks the laws. 3.1 Explain the theories that underpin health & social care practice.

For health and social care practices, there are certain theories. Individual’s need, and various events and processes get priority in those theories concentrate on. For promoting healthy lifestyle and achieving high level of physical, spiritual, social, mental and emotional fitness for service users, those theories help to develop plans.

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is one of the health and social care theory. In his theory, human needs are classified in several levels and basic needs are put in the first. According to his theory, without fulfilling the bottom level a man doesn't move to the next level. Physiological or physical needs are considered as most fundamental needs in this theory.

Safety and security, love and belongingness, self esteem and self actualization is in the next level. In making the care and service plan for a service user this theory is implemented. Human growth and development is another well-known theory. Different help and caring are needed in different stages. According to the age, growth and development, care and service are changed.Regarding behavior, stress management, social processes other theories are implemented in health and social care centers. In health and social care practice, those theories play an important role. Care workers have to deal with different kind of people in health and social care setting. To understand the behavior of the service users, their attitudes, those theories help.

For quick recovery of patients from various stress and illness, care workers will take care of their patients effectively. Regarding service users own roles and responsibilities and organizational policies and managing patients and their behaviors, service users should have adequate knowledge for providing better services.3.2 Scrutinize how social processes impact on users of health & social care services. In the society, social processes play a vital role. Behavior of people, their reaction to circumstances and process of adaption to different situations are influenced and sometimes determined by it. The way of people’s thinking, people’ actions, their choice of lifestyle are greatly influenced by it.In order to ensure the effectiveness of the intervention, the planning and development of health and social care strategies considers social processes. Health and social care services should be applied differently for it to be effective, because different people from different cultures react differently to circumstances of the same nature.

The way of Perceiving a certain behavior by people is affected by social processes. Due to peer pressures brought about by the groups, people belong and identify with, those people choice to unhealthy practices like drinking and smoking. The cultures which involve tattooing and piercing, blood borne and needle born infections are common among them. In their culture they are bound to do these things, so it is difficult to suddenly change these risky practices. Thinking ones culture is superior to others, may be the root of discrimination in a certain workplace. Due to the cultural qualities, some care worker may favor one service user than the other. All service users should be treated equally and fairly, so creating favoritism in treatment is unfair.

Evaluate the effectiveness of inter-professional working.

Where in health and social care practice one health care providers work in cooperation with other health care providers from other fields in a connected and continuous basis is called inter-professional working. Doctors, nurses, physical therapists, psychologists, respiratory therapists, health care assistants, midwives or any one from the health team may be included in it, whose skill should be involved in the plan of care.For health and social care it covers all aspects of the service user’s needs and facilitates health workers to work as a team. The lack of one person’s expertise will be satisfied by other person of the same field which makes it effective. It helps to make the plan of care continuous and to decrease delays in the service.

Almost in all aspect of health care, it can effectively meet the needs of the service user, and would promote the holistic approach to health. Positive and trustworthy working relationship between workers and service users is encouraged by it.

Explain own role, responsibilities, accountabilities and duties in the context of working with those within and outside the health & social care workplaceProviding a conducive and therapeutic environment for the service user is the role of a carer in a health and social care setting. A trusting relationship is a vital part of the process because most of the time a carer stays with the service user. For support, the service users depend on the carer and the normal function and independence of the client is exercised as much as possible because it is duty of carers to ensure it.

The responsibility of carer is - ensuring the needs of the service user are being met, providing all due services, properly taking care of client, and ensuring rights are preserved and exercised. By performing and acting our roles, we can meet physical needs of the clients like feeding, hygiene and physical activities. While service users are admitted inside the health and social care facility it is our duties and responsibilities to promote the health and ensuring the health and safety of them. The physical, emotional and financial interests of the client will also be protected because they believe us.4.2 Evaluate own contributions to the development and implementation of health and social care organizational policy.For ensuring smooth running system for employees and staff to follow, the own organizational policy of a certain institutions is important.

For the purpose of minimizing the misunderstanding and misinterpretation, it needs to make organizational policies clear and straightforward.With the improvement and implementation of policies own contributions by carers will contribute much, because they are primarily affected by it. A good working workforce will be developed, if the staff obeys and adheres with the organization’s policy. it is important to review the policy because if non compliance of the organizational policy is common and happens frequently, then it helps to determine which aspect of the policy is the main cause of non compliance among workers, as a consequence policy may need to change or to improve.

Make recommendations to develop own contributions to meeting good practice requirements. We should first learn adequate knowledge about the code of practice by the general health council, in order to meet good practice requirements. By learning proper knowledge we can determine if we are adhering by the national policies and standards or not and we also evaluate ourselves and our performance. Carers should also take the national and local policies into concern. Following general rules and regulations, as well as legislation in health and social care practice and rules set up by the organization, is compulsory for us.

Next, we can improve ourselves in our practice by involving in trainings and supplementary studies. To perform better and to keep up with the fast paced and dynamic changes in our field, we need to keep ourselves updated with the current information regarding health and social care practice.Conclusion:Almost everybody of our society have to visit health and social care settings for treatment and medication because no one is out of illness and risk.

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Care workers are responsible for providing care services to the service users and they play a vital role to overcome the illness of patients. Care worker must follow the rules and regulation of the organization and they need to aware of their duties. Inter-relation resides among all service providers. It is possible to minimize the diseases and various hazards from the society if care service providers will work together with government and if both government organizations and other health and social care settings work together.

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