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Professional Video Gaming: Overwatch, Fortnite, FIFA and League of Legends

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In this essay, I will write about different video games, the things that make them special, and the things that make them good or bad.

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Gaming is a hobby that you either hate or love. A lot of its critics say that it makes you lazy and makes you dumb and does not contribute anything to yourself or to society. I disagree with this because it is scientifically proven that gaming helps with your eye-to-hand coordination and it can help make reaction times much faster. It also helps with strategy and planning. Although it must be said, this doesn’t help with studying and trying to get a high mark in a test. It can also help with mental state. Being bored is never a good thing, and that big boost of energy you get when you are playing a video game or even sometimes when you are watching your favorite gamer playing in a tense situation. In the rest of the pages, I will talk about three different games, Overwatch, FIFA 20, and Fortnite, and explain them and talk about them.

It is a team-based shooter that is made by Blizzard entertainment. You can choose many different characters depending on the situation and what you feel like playing. Each character has its own play style and his abilities. These 31 characters are divided into to three classes, tank, damage and support. Tanks have more health and usually have a shield. Support can heal and can also battle, but their main purpose is to keep their teammate’s health high. Damage, as the name implies, has high damage output and their main purpose is to kill the enemy. They are seen as the superstars of the team. There are different types of game modes as well. King of the hill, payload, and 2 control points are the types of game modes in this game. The objective for the king of the hill is to control a point for longer than the enemy, the payload is to push a cart to the end and 2 control points is to capture both control points.

The esports of this game is one of the most important things in the game. The Overwatch League brings the best players in the world who face off. The Overwatch World Cup also exists which has countries go against each other. The league took a big hit however after Canada and arguably the league’s best tank player xQc left.

This time, Canada won’t be in the Overwatch World Cup due to them failing very badly to qualify. The two best teams are South Korea and China.

The Overwatch competitive aspect has been criticized many times, but I think it is very good and the system is just perfect. It rewards your individual work as well as your collective work.

If you want to climb, this is how you would get higher sr. The better you play, the less sr you lose and the more sr you win. This is how a player would climb up the ranks. The aforementioned ranks are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, masters, grandmasters, and top 500.

The Twitch scene for Overwatch has some stars, however these stars, although they still play Overwatch, they don’t play it as much as they used to. Some of these stars are xQc, Dafran, and Seagull. Twitch doesn’t have a strong Overwatch presence, but it isn’t a bad one. Overwatch is consistently the top 20 games on the website but only reaches top 3 during Overwatch League events or matches.

My favorite characters in Overwatch are Winston and Zarya. I like Winston because he is hard to kill and his ultimate is fun to use when you juggle someone in midair or push him into a corner and punch him to death. I like Zarya because one the energy is full in her gun, the damage output is very high and it is fun to zap them to death with that high damage output. It is also very satisfying to use her ultimate to pile everyone up in one place and then tell your friend to do his ultimate, preferably Reaper or Hanzo, and then wipe out the entire enemy team.

Fortnite is a battle royal third-person shooter. The way you play is that you first go into a battle bus and then you click a button (whichever you have chosen) and then you will drop down and deploy a parachute towards the end of your fall. Afterward, you will find a weapon and healing materials. Shield also exists (an extra health bar). If your shield has finished you will not die. You need to remove the enemy’s actual health bar to eliminate the opponent from the game. Afterward, a teammate (if you are playing duos or squads) can revive you by either reviving you while you are knocked down or if you are fully killed your teammate can take a card to any revive car and revive you by inserting the card. The building is also a very important part of the game. You can collect materials using your pickaxe and then use them to build. The building can be done by using your special bindings. These buildings are to be made whatever makes you feel most comfortable. The building can be as simple as placing a few walls, floors, pyramids, and ramps to as complex as full buildings and high ground retakes. The most popular way of taking the high ground in the game is by building a structure called the ninety (because it is built at a 90-degree angle). These 90s are built repeatedly until reaching a higher point than the opponent. At this point, you have an advantage over the opponent.

There are different types of the rarity of an item. The worst is common, then uncommon, rare, epic, legendary. Shotguns, rifles, sniper rifles, pistols, explosives, and smgs are the types of guns in this game. Sniper rifles in this game are very different to how they are in other video games. In Fortnite, sniper rifles have a dip and that makes it very difficult to keep good precision. A maximum of a hundred people are supposed to fight it out.

The most popular live streaming website for Fortnite is Twitch. Tfue and Ninja are the most well-known streamers although, Ninja left the platform and went to Mixer because of this, a large influx of Twitch viewers to Mixer was expected however what actually ended up happening was that Ninja’s viewer count dropped drastically. The Twitch watchers who were former Ninja fans just started watching some other rising stars on the Twitch platform. These stars include Clix. Clix is a 14-year-old professional Fortnite gamer and streamer. He is well known for his insane builds coupled with his quick and snappy aim. He is a very scary opponent for people do go against in a game or competition. Mongraal and Bugha are other examples.

The biggest competition for Fortnite Esports is the Fornite World Cup. Unlike Overwatch, this is not a competition between different countries; rather it is a competition between the best players from all around the world. The winner of the last one (solo) was Budha. He gained a lot of support and fame after his victory.

During the first few years, Fortnite has constantly been in the top 3 on Twitch. In this year and a bit of last year, due to a drought of content and bad updates, the game has constantly been on the verge of, or completely out of the top 5. Although this doesn’t sound like a bad statistic for most games, for Fortnite’s standard, this is an emergency.

FIFA 20 is a simulation game that tries to give you the experience of watching a football (soccer) match but having control over one of the teams. In this game, you can build your own team by opening packs in a game mode called ultimate team. You can also choose a game mode where you choose a real-life team and play against other players with them using another real-life team. There is an overall rating for each player that is out of 100. The card also shows the stats in detail, such as pace, shooting, and physicality. Players’ overall rating is decided by their real-life on-field performance.

Career mode also exists where a simulation of real-life business of the game and career-building is made. It makes you become a club or a player and as a player, you try to get the best career and as a club you try to get the best transfers, negotiate deals and build the best team possible with the resources you have. For example, you want to rebuild a team to your liking. Let’s say that you want to rebuild Barcelona, so you sell Griezmann and buy Neymar because that is how you like your team. Your goal is to, with your new rebuilt team is to win the Champions League, the league, and the cup. This mode is very fun for many people who like to play-act as the president of a club and make the decisions as if you were the president and do what you would have done as you were the owner.

In this page I won’t discuss the esports of this game because its esports is very bad, however, I will discuss the entertainment associated with the game and the entertainers that drove the game to success.

The first person I will discuss is KSIOLAJIDEBT. This FIFA YouTuber is arguably the most famous FIFA YouTuber of all time. He used to create funny skits making fun of certain players in the game and the various glitches available in FIFA. Over time, he went further away from FIFA content and started doing broadly entertainment content. He now does a lot of funny videos, mostly not about FIFA and he does boxing and music

The second person is the brother of the first person I discussed, his name is Deji, who used to go by the name ComedyShortsGamer. Like his brother, he also used to do a lot of FIFA content before even though he is clearly very less talented than his brother. He, like his brother, is doing less FIFA content nowadays, more focused on reactions and entertainment. He still makes FIFA videos but not as much as he used to.

W2S is also a famous FIFA entertainer but he still makes a lot of FIFA content. He makes fake reactions to FIFA pack openings and he is in the SIDEMEN group along with KSI.

Away from the UK scene, the most famous American FIFA streamer is Castro. Unlike all the people I spoke about, he streams on Twitch and doesn’t upload short entertainment videos on YouTube.

League of Legends is a multiplayer battle game in which you can choose multiple characters which have different abilities. There are two types of abilities on League of Legends (LOL). The first is passive abilities (abilities that happen without you pressing a button or having to manually activate it) and normal abilities that you have to press a certain button to activate. The thing needed to activate these abilities is called mana. There are healing abilities and damage abilities.

Some of the famous people that play League of Legends include Tyler1. Tyler is very well known for his toxicity and anger when playing not only League of Legends, but for many other games. He is the creator of many memes, including the super Sayan meme; this is because his anger is an easy target for people to make fun off.

Another notable person who has played League of Legends, but doesn’t use the game as his main source of entertainment or content includes the former YouTube star Leafyishere. He used to stream it a lot, but now he is mainly a memory for most people who used to know him and/or his content.

In conclusion, I have just spoken about different video games, the people that make up its community, and the celebrities that use these games or used in the past to gain their current popularity.

This essay is very educational and helpful for old people and people who just aren’t very much into video games and introduces them to the other side of the internet, to our world. It is basically a quick introduction to the people we watch and the entertaining factors of the video games we play which most people say they don’t understand why we play these video games and make them maybe like video games, but to at least help them know where we are coming from when we say we play video games up to 8 hours per day.

I would like to finish off my research paper by saying that most of the time, people don’t like something because they are scared of change, and most of the time they haven’t even tried it. It annoys them when they see people talking about something so much in-depth and they don’t even understand what they are saying. This annoyance makes them hate everything to do with the subject of video games and makes people go out of their way to try and ruin video games for the rest of us.

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They say it causes violence, it makes you not want to go out as much, and that it can lead to bad health. But I have to disagree with this. First of all, people play video games only for competition and to get high scores and it doesn’t really encourage violence. The only thing it really encourages is hard work to reach a target and finish a mission, reach a rank and compete with the rest of the people.

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