Pros and Cons of Building The Wall Along The Us-mexico Border

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Published: Sep 7, 2023

Words: 872|Pages: 2|5 min read

Published: Sep 7, 2023

Table of contents

  1. National Security: Potential Benefits of Building the Wall
  2. Economic Impact: Effects on Trade, Tourism, and Labor Markets
  3. Ethical and Moral Considerations: Human Rights and Social Justice
  4. Conclusion

The proposed construction of a wall along the US-Mexico border has been a contentious issue, sparking debates over its potential benefits and drawbacks. In this comprehensive analysis, we will delve deeper into the multifaceted aspects of building such a wall, emphasizing the interconnectedness of national security, economic impact, and ethical considerations.

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National Security: Potential Benefits of Building the Wall

Proponents of the border wall contend that it would serve as a critical component of national security, aiming to enhance control over the US-Mexico border and mitigate security threats.

Firstly, advocates argue that a fortified border would make it significantly more challenging for unauthorized individuals, including potential criminals and drug traffickers, to enter the country. By restricting the ease of illegal crossings, proponents assert that the wall could contribute to the safety of US citizens. The potential reduction in the flow of illegal drugs and human trafficking, they argue, would not only safeguard American communities but also hinder criminal organizations that exploit the porous border.

Additionally, a key aspect of the national security argument is the promotion of controlled entry points. Supporters contend that a well-constructed wall would encourage individuals to use legal points of entry, such as border crossings. This shift towards legal entry would facilitate more efficient monitoring and processing of individuals seeking admission into the United States. By channeling immigration through established checkpoints, proponents maintain that the government could gain better oversight and security over who enters the country.

Moreover, the psychological impact of a visible barrier is considered a potential deterrent. Proponents suggest that the wall, as a formidable symbol of border security, could discourage individuals from attempting unauthorized border crossings. This psychological deterrence may dissuade those contemplating illegal entry and, subsequently, reduce security threats associated with such attempts.

Economic Impact: Effects on Trade, Tourism, and Labor Markets

While the national security aspect has its merits, critics of the wall argue that its construction could have far-reaching economic consequences, affecting trade, tourism, and labor markets in complex ways.

One primary concern centers on trade disruptions. The US-Mexico border is one of the busiest international trade corridors globally, with billions of dollars in goods crossing it daily. A wall, opponents contend, could impede the smooth flow of goods and create delays at border crossings. This disruption could have adverse effects on businesses and industries that rely on cross-border commerce, potentially leading to increased costs and supply chain challenges.

Furthermore, there is apprehension regarding the impact on tourism. The border region is home to numerous tourist destinations and cultural exchanges. Critics argue that the construction of a wall may discourage tourists from visiting these areas, given the perception of heightened security measures. Reduced tourism could lead to job losses and decreased economic activity in these regions, affecting the livelihoods of many.

Labor markets are also a point of contention. Certain industries, such as agriculture and construction, depend on migrant laborers, including those from Mexico. Critics argue that a wall could disrupt the flow of this labor force, potentially leading to labor shortages and increased labor costs for employers. This, in turn, could have implications for the competitiveness of these industries and, consequently, the broader economy.

Ethical and Moral Considerations: Human Rights and Social Justice

Beyond economic considerations, there are profound ethical and moral questions raised by the construction of a border wall. These considerations encompass human rights, social justice, and broader principles of inclusivity.

One of the most significant ethical concerns relates to human rights. Opponents argue that the wall may infringe upon the rights of asylum seekers and refugees, many of whom are fleeing violence, persecution, or humanitarian crises. Restricting access to asylum by erecting physical barriers can be seen as a violation of international human rights principles, including the right to seek asylum.

Social justice is another critical aspect of the debate. Critics argue that the construction of a wall may disproportionately affect vulnerable and marginalized communities. It can contribute to the criminalization and stigmatization of immigrants, particularly those from Latin American countries. This can exacerbate social inequalities, as disadvantaged communities often bear the brunt of restrictive immigration policies.

Moreover, there is concern that a border wall symbolizes exclusion and fosters xenophobia. It sends a powerful message that certain individuals or groups are unwelcome in the United States, potentially leading to the marginalization of immigrant communities. Critics contend that such symbolism can foster discrimination, racism, and division within society, undermining the principles of unity and diversity.

Lastly, the environmental impact is an ethical consideration. The construction of a wall could disrupt local ecosystems, harm wildlife, and damage delicate natural landscapes. This raises ethical questions about environmental stewardship and the responsibility to protect the natural world.


In conclusion, the proposal to build a wall along the US-Mexico border is a complex issue with far-reaching implications. Advocates argue that it could enhance national security, while critics raise concerns about its economic impact and ethical considerations.

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The debate over the wall extends beyond the physical structure; it reflects broader questions about immigration policies, human rights, social justice, and the values of inclusivity and diversity in society. Finding a balanced and effective solution that addresses security concerns while upholding ethical principles remains a significant challenge. It is imperative that policymakers consider the nuanced interplay of national security, economics, and ethics when making decisions that will shape the future of the US-Mexico border.

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