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Pyramids of Giza: The Important Monument in The History of Egypt

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Many monuments have been built since the beginning of Egypt’s civilization ,however, some of the most important monuments are the Pyramids of Giza. There are three different pyramids that help people explore three different Pharaohs: Khufu, Khafre, and Menkaure. These monuments make an important meaning behind them and what they were made along with global effects with the civilians.


The Pyramids of Giza all stand behind their own unique meaning. They explain the importance of the history behind Egypt’s emperors and what they have done for their people. As researchers and scientists explore the pyramids, they seem to come across the question why. Why are these pyramids built and why are these people important. During the ancient Egyptian time, “ the Old Testament or Joseph was an important reason as to why these pyramids were built” ( Bleiberg 1) . If a person were to read the Bible, it states that no one who followed Christianity built the temple, however, msny Islam’s builds pyramids to help signify the Gods and emperors. Not only were the pyramids behind Joseph, the pyramids also helped signify the true meaning of being a family. One Pharaoh in particular, Khufu, allowed his temple to be burried right next to his father. Khufu really looked up to his dad and always loved him, and when he chooses where he was to be buried, without a doubt, it would be close to the person who meant a lot to him. Also, the two other Pharaohs allowed their own family members to be buried into the temple. ‘’The Pharaohs in general enjoyed having their family presence, dead or alive’’ ( Stock 1). Overall, the reasons behind the building of the pyramids can continue on, but the people just wanted to restore the basic traditions of the pyramids and temples.

Even though the pyramids were not built at the same time as each other, the pyramid civilizations behind the pyramid were similar. During three different time periods, the people were destined to change, however, when they were on the path to the previous kings success and failures they began to worry. They were worried about what the future had to hold them and if they were going to go down the same dark full path. ‘The pyramids of Giza are located off the West Bank of the Nile river and is home to thousands of people” (Hill 1). The people who were located on the land had many cattle which helped the kings in their temples to stay warm or to allow some heat in. During these times in Ancient Egypt, many people worked in the food industry mainly for the surplus jobs allowed and the easy steps to make homemade bread. “Not only were they to work with food, the people also would help work with the army” (Gale). To help protect and serve their community. The people who were living in the area of the desert helped create the pyramids along with creating a new community.

To begin with, the greatest pyramid of the pyramids of Giza is home to the emperor, Khufu. Khufu was an ancient Egypt king for twenty three years who really did not accomplish a lot. He was the founder of the fourth century which marks the beginning process of the pyramids being built. Khufu had the idea of creating the pyramids, he knew that with building the pyramids it could represent something in the future world. As the construction started, the pyramids took twenty three years to complete, as long as his ruling did as well. Khufu’s work as building the pyramids shared the skills in his commanding work forces and Human Resources he had. Behind Khufu’s pyramid,the thought the construction worker had for the pyramid were amazing. They truly thought everything out and made sure that everything had a reason. He had the angles of the pyramid sides measuring 51’52, which in particular are the exact measurements of the compass. Khufu’s pyramid were the largest in size, and at one point was the second largest building in the whole world. He made sure his pyramid was known well because he wanted people to remember his work and his lasting effort in Egypt. Now a days when you think of Egypt, your mind goes right to his pyramids and maybe now the reason you know that is because of Khufu’s work. His side base of his pyramid was 755 feet wide and 481 feet high. So, Khufu did not contribute a lot to Egypt as a king besides the develop emend of the Pyramids of Giza that would soon to be known around the world.

Another pyramid would soon be built for Khafre. Khafre was also an ancient Egypt king following his dad, Khufu. Khafre was a weird man, marrying his sister so that his family could be closer together, and also burying his cousins just in the ground. Khafre was a cruel leader to his people besides building the pyramid. Khafre would murder whoever was hurting his ownership of the throne, and made sure the people would never be told of it. When Khafre was not allowed to be part of the throne, the king before him wanted to move the pyramid somewhere else. “Away from the family members that Khufu and Khafre represent” (Gale 1). So that no one could harm his pyramid and or destroy it, but Khafre was determined to receive the throne. He set out and very quickly he was the new king, and then built his pyramid right next to his dads and his son would soon build his next or Khafre as well. Khafre’s pyramid was almost as great as his fathers. Khafre incorporated many stone and granite pieces that were stolen from the Great Sphinx. Which was a colossal recumbent statue to help represent their king. The height and width of the pyramid was a little less of Khufu’s, however, in Khafre’s pyramid only three doors would open the pyramid up. Inside his pyramid, was located him, and his wife. He also had a lot of the goods store inside that were placed around a stone, so that it would not be stolen from anyone and to try to keep it intact. Khafre and Khufu’s pyramids helped Egypt’s western imagination come to life.

The last pyramid was in place for Menkaure. Menkaure was the son of Khafre, and ruled for almost twenty eight years. Menkaure was a benevolent ruler, he allowed the people in the civilization to have freedom. They were allowed to go back to their religious sacrifices and focus on themselves for a while before returning to work. When Menkaure was told that he only had six years left of his life, he turned around and made it the most positive six years ever. He drank and partied pervasively and never allowed time to rest. By doing this, Menkaure added another six onto his life which in the end was when he was suffering the most. When Menkaure daughter passed away by committing suicide, “Menkaure ordered for her corpse to be buried inside a wooden bull” ( Hutchinson0. To signify her strength that she had while living. Even though Menkaure did not have a lot of success as being a king, by not completely a lot of wishes, he was liked by most civilians. Onto his pyramid, Menkaure wanted his own to be very special to him. He allowed limestone from the royal quarry to help build the structure of his pyramid and allowed the royal children to learn about the pyramids before most civilians. Menkaure’s pyramid only stood about 213 feet tall, but the inside of it was so complex it was trickier than khafres and Khufu’s combine. Menkaure’s pyramid also was a very odd place as well. His pyramid was known to historians to be the place for cults go and murder others. Obviously, Menkaure had no idea of this happening because he was sleeping away in the pyramid. “Another interesting fact was that the inside of his pyramid was built, but due to a flood the construction had to be stopped and dried’’ (Modern Marvels). Menkaure’s pyramid was known to be a true pyramid, his sides were all equal and smoothed in which the technology and engineering by the sixth century has developed. When historians found his sopologous, it was soon to be lost in the sea when trying to transport it to England for inspection.

Lastly, the pyramids of Giza had a global effect on the people of ancient Egypt and the people of today. The pyramids of Giza were soon to be given the name the seven wonders because of the people who once lived there dying off, and three out of the seven structures had no idea what was truly inside of them. The seven wonders are the most important buildings from ancient times, they help historians always think and create new ideas of what to find. The seven wonders also are the most spontaneous monuments that the world will ever see. Not only were the pyramids wondrous, they helped with math and science explorations. The pyramids were positioned so it’s allowed to be used as a sundial and a calendar that was able to calculate the winter and summer solstice. Scientists also believed that the perfect pyramid shape may be in relation to pi, which helps calculate the circumference of a circle. I essence to the mathematical and scientific purposes, the pyramids of Giza helped Americans know and realize what Egypt is. Everyone thinks of pyramids relating to Egypt and many people go on to tour Egypt for these pyramids of Giza. They are an impact in society’s world and have made last impacts with people. In total, the pyramids were at a high for mathematical and global purposes.


In conclusion, the Pyramids of Giza are important monuments to look back at in today’s society. The technology behind the pyramids and the people who have rested in them have helped Americans and Egyptians know what pyramids are, and the effects they will have one day. The Pyramids of Giza also stand for a rememberance of the three kings who ruled the ancient society first, and their remains. If Egypt never restored their past traditions with the pyramids, no one would know what to think of Egypt as.    

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