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Reham Ramzan-the Deceiver in Disguise

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This blog is not based on Reham Manzoor’s book but on the ethical points relating to it. So I won’t discuss the book’s content but it’s existence. I have read many blogs/celebrity posts etc regarding this autobiography. Before proceeding further let’s just have a slightest surface idea about what an autobiography is.


According to Google, it’s an account of a person’s “personal life”. This means you are going to discuss events which took place in your life not about what others’ are doing in theirs. Now coming to the point, alright just for sometime never-mind the content and think of the ethics and moral values. Ms.Reham Manzoor I have a few questions for you.

  1. Is it justified to discuss your married life’s private events publicly? ( Talking about both marriages ).
  2. Is it acceptable to you to discuss the negative characteristics of any man you have spent good times with. In public?
  3. Can a woman have audacity to talk about her “sex-life” in public?
  4. Is it fine if a woman edits such kind of book with her son and daughter?
  5. If Imran Khan was such a pathetic man why were you living with him unless he himself divorced you?
  6. During your marriage period why no such news popped up from your side?
  7. If your first husband was a drunkard then why you have children from him?
  8. Why have you spent 13 years of your life with such man?

As per to what I have been taught at home, it’s not a noble thing to talk about the differences which you have with your spouse. I have been told a several times that husband, wife are each others’ garments as it’s mentioned in Qur’an too. Husband and wife are bound by a knot of respect, trust and secrecy. What you have seen during your marriage period in that person you cannot and should not let become a public issue.You claim to be a typical eastern woman, respectable lady we eastern women mind bringing our conflicts out of our room making it a media talk is not even thinkable. It’s said once bitten twice shy then why you accepted Imran Khan’s proposal in such a rush when you already had a bad experience in your bucket? I was switching channels one day when I saw Mr.Ghulam Mustafa Kharr’s interview, one journalist asked him about Tehmina Durrani and he in a strict tone said, “She’s no more my wife and I can’t make comment on any woman who had been a part of my life” if he being a man showed this much responsibility and dignity why couldn’t you? If you were so much depressed with IK’s personality and traits, why you never spoke of them earlier? Why you didn’t divorce IK before him? Because even an average woman would have taken such strong step and you were independent. I saw many of your interviews while you were Mrs. IK, and one thing was very common in all of them, your appreciation for IK. Your praises were endless for IK and you looked so much obsessed by the honesty, dignity, righteous character of IK, why he turned into a different person for you soon after hearing oopps! I meant to say reading word “TALAQ” ? Was he good until he was your husband only? or were you lying at that time? You said IK was jealous of you cause of your popularity but frankly ma’am I googled your name the first time when I heard that Imran Khan ( my ideal since I was 14 y/o ) married someone called “Reham Khan”.

I’m just 21 now but I at this stage even know that if I’ll find any of the traits in my husband which you’ve mentioned on IK’s name I will not spend a single second thinking and would straight up end this relationship. As per your claim, I hope it’s true, you have always stood up for human rights but the first such association I heard of you was Mashoom, an organisation you founded after wedding IK. I want to know why a lady like you, so much independent, so modern and outspoken never spoke of these big intolerable personal traits of a man who’s going to contest for leading a whole country? Like what were you waiting for?

Your divorce is not a recent matter, why you didn’t take step soon after it took place, why waited for elections? You have mentioned yourself as “Tahajud guzar” lady in your book, don’t worry I won’t drag your mini skirt or cleavage showing dresses in this as that’s your “personal matter” , but I am eager to know that how-come such righteous lady mashaALLAH had spent 8 months ( that’s a year almost ) with such filthy man? who has no moral values, no regards for shariat and Islamic commands. How you found that courage to stand on prayer mat after being with a man of such low and cheap character? We girls seriously need tips on it , cause usually we never even give second chance to our boyfriend not to talk even of husband. Why were you living with him when shariat has ordered to leave this kind of man right-away, and you yourself mentioned about your “deep” religious connections.

How can you let your daughters live in the same house under same roof with a man who’s hunger for sex never even saw gender discrimination and was not a real father to them? And yes your son too as his step-father was homosexual? You never feared about them? WOW! what a courage, can you specify the security measures you actually took?

You spent only 8 months with IK but wrote almost 80% about him in your book and on the other hand your first marriage lasted for 13 years but gave Dr.Ejaz so much small share in your autobiography. I appreciate IK’s character here that he never said a single word about you and always stayed silence on this matter whereas you have left no stone unturned in showing him as a devil.

How can you edit this almost pornographic book with your son and daughter? My parents even mind watching ads of sanitary napkins with me, can you please ask every parent to show this much understanding with their children? Cause we’re constantly being told that there are some points children should not know of about their parents.As they even mind sharing a brief laughter together let alone discuss bedroom affairs in fornt of us. One last thing would you mind if Dr. Ejaz wrote one such book on you under the title “My AUTOBIOGRAPHY”? And don’t worry Imran Khan will never do it, if he intended to, he would have had it published up til now.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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