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Report on The Analysis of The Situation of Hamburger Restaurants

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Executive Summary

This report starts with Environmental Scanning / Situation analysis how a hamburger restaurant develops and changes to a consumer based on the SWOT, you’ll learn about strengths, weaknesses, and how to change threats and opportunities. After that strategy with implementation it explains who sets the target and what to create with the new menu. It predicts the development potential of new products and shows the results. Also, if release a new product, and how to advertise. What to expect from future revenues using new promotional methods show.

Environmental Scanning/Situation Analysis

The inside environment of the buzzer hut is clean, but there is no place for employees to sit and there are no amenities. The bathroom is next to the building, but it is not yet built inside the Burger Hut’s. The number of outlets is not very large yet. For example, in Singapore, there are only three of them. It was not made because in Singapore, Burger King, Macdonald, MOS burger, etc. Many franchises have already settled down. First, Burger King has a unique blend of Burger King Flavor. There is a waffer burger, and McDonald’s is a Bulgogi burger. MOS burger is a Japanese-style burger. Have one’s own uniqueness The characteristics of these students are mainly located around universities and their prices are relative to each other regardless of job status. Many people can use it because it is good. On the other hand, the buzzer hut’s brand we don’t know people yet, and we don’t have anything to catch people’s taste, and the price is 11 dollars. It is similar to the price of a hamburger at a restaurant. The Bulgogi burger that McDonald’s sells For example, gives me a drink and French fries for $6. On the other hand, the buzzer hut’s brand that can compare it to McDonald’s in this case. It costs 11 dollars, but it is a set menu. Choosing a hamburger and a drink is a big problem. Bugger hut’s has 7 employees per branch and is operated by one branch manager .Also, a brand named Buzzer hut’s was first made in the U.S. and Burger King in the U.S. That brand of burger hut’s is already grown so big and established that cannot be called a rival. It is forgotten by the people. Since then, the burger hut’s was first made in Singapore. But Burger hut brand is very nutritious and there are fewer calories, so there are more customers than other brands.


SWOT analysis is one of the analytical methods used to evaluate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to assess a company’s competitiveness. In particular, SWOT analysis is a basic assessment model that measures and measures potential opportunities and threats. This paragraph will analyze Eastern Furnishing companies based on SWOT analysis.

SWOT Analysis of Burger Hut’s


The burger hut’s has a different nutritional value than other brands. For example, the burger hut’s had 420 calories and 200 calories more than the burger King Low. Secondly, because we are advertising the people by taking pictures of environmentally friendly direct cultivation there are a lot of people who prefer freshness.


There are a lot of employees at one point. Mover over burger huts has only three brand restaurants. Burger hut’s lacks branch offices and there are too many employees unnecessary. Marketing is lacking because there is no marketing effort except to emphasize freshness.


In today’s health-conscious society, it’s a great opportunity to introduce healthy burgers as well as low-fat low-calorie hamburgers as an alternative to the low-calorie combo.

Strategy With Implementation

The target of burger hut’s is mainly adults because mainly people over than 50 years old like the nutritious food rather than the taste of food, but in Singapore case almost of the food shops are used mainly for flavoring, but this hamburger brand is usually do not use spices it’s made for only nutritious food. This is also a unique advantage of this hamburger brand.

We have to make a healthy hamburger, for example a hamburger with red bit or soy. The reason why red bit is so popular among adults is that the older you get, the more sick you get one of them is hypertension. Red bit is able to control blood in everyday vegetables, it is a very famous vegetable in the world. The bread originally contains a lot of substances that cause hypertension, and almost all hamburger brands uses basic hamburger bread, but differentiates it, so it does not induce hypertension. It is making bread. When you ferment soybeans to make bread, it becomes more nutritious than the original bread it’s good bread for health. So if you make hamburger bread fresh from burger but are it will be higher than the original recognition and become a famous hamburger house among the adults. 

To get a higher brand image, you have to use this hamburger’s unique this brand should take advantage of nutritious and freshness .If you are in Singapore with a well-known health promotion board if you create a space where you can promote your health and sell it in the gym, you can increase your popularity. Almost every hamburger house so far has a taste only. But here again, use hamburgers, seaweeds, greenish-yellow vegetables made from high-nutritive soybeans, for example, spinach green leaves and so on. For example, the red pepper leaves do not use spices separately. As well as being able to produce, it is good for health. The pepper leaves are rich in vitamins like fruit. Vitamin B2 is included in many of them, so the body cells of the human body if this nutrient is insufficient, it may cause skin laceration and eyes sometimes they become congested. The burger hut’s digs deep into these vegetables, if you have any illness or bad parts of your body, make food that can complement it with hamburger you will see huge profits. 

Nowadays, children are interested in appearance, so they are delicious but healthy and good for diet. In Korea, for example, most children and students have a lot of study so there is no time, so the teenagers have to eat fast and go back to school. It is also a factor to increase the flesh in the fast eating area. If you eat all the food fast to compensate for this, it is natural to eat flesh. If you sell fresh juice and promote it with a hamburger, it is a good idea. Also people usually eat a lot of fast food, it’s a fatty food, and they get a lot of acne on their face. So for the kids and the students who are worried about their appearance, they give a free pack of skin-friendly things. Not only do they attract the attention of students, but many people, regardless of age, people use it a lot. 

When you taste fast food, you are addicted to it, which is a health threat. Compared to chicken breasts and chicken tenders, most of the chicken tenders are oil-filled. However, chicken breasts are rarely used and their nutritional value is high, it is known to people as eating. Because the normal children eat depending on what they see you do not know the exact flavor. To cope with this, you have to make the sauce well, The sauce used in the hamburger house is made from pickled sugar, which also causes diabetes So we have to make a special source for children, for example in Korea Garlic sauce is made by mixing only garlic and soy sauce. Less health than sugar using a small amount of soy sauce can produce a salty taste, and garlic, which stimulates children’s nose, it is baked and sweet.

Evaluation and Control

In conclusion, that brand made 12,000 chicken tenders in a year. To make a chicken tender burger it costs $ 3 because chicken breasts are easy to get anywhere and cheap. Total net income Hamburger Value: 6×12000 = $ 72000, Material Value: 3×12000 = $ 36000. Now that the hamburger profit is subtracted from the material value you can see the total net profit of $ 36,000. It was a not bad start for new developments. Consumer’s reviews are too good for their health. They also have a good reputation for good skin Singapore, which is famous for its three restaurants. It has shown tremendous progress. 

However, after one year, profits will gradually decrease. There was a tremendous reason for that. During the promotion with the first pledge gym, health trainers nationwide in Singapore that was supposed to give it for free, but the health trainers are eat so many. Calories are also good and free, so the amount of health trainers eats that make Profits have bottomed. Also, the chicken tender burger, which was sold to students as a chicken breast, a student of curiosity grasps the chicken breasts that were not able to get students to buy word-of-mouth. The burger huts became famous as they appeared on TV programs, but burger huts with this promotion, people can be promoted from $ 6 to a half-price of $ 3, that was attracted to the interest and it showed that the profit is going up again. Healthy people do not eat McDonald’s or Burger King Burgers. Consumers bought a lot of burger hut burgers and built up a lot of customers. As a result, this food store is now at a high level to compete with MOS Burger. MOS Burger was reported to the media that he was developing a new menu to beat burger huts.



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