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Research Essay on Whether Smoking Cigarettes Should Be Banned

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Cigarettes are one of the deadliest man-made creations in history; with an annual killing rate due to diseases linked to cigarettes being more than other appalling diseases. Tobacco was originally discovered in South America by the Native American Indians for medical and religious purposes. American Indians believed that tobacco; they also used it as a pain killer. In the fifteenth century, tobacco was imported into Europe by Christopher Columbus, and that is when it was smoked and popularized. Tobacco usage is disastrous in every way and should be considered a taboo.

First and foremost, smoking has been displayed to be perilous to health in many ways causing plenty of diseases. However, this topic cannot be proven to be true since the excuse given is that it is their own body and they are responsible for the consequences they put themselves in. Which is, in its own, a sign of desperate need of excuses. Smokers should realize that tobacco can affect their body in a pessimistic way; and that it can contribute to serious diseases that lead to death. Patrons may also quarrel that the production of tobacco cigarettes includes “pure” tobacco plants which are of nature; allegedly making them harmless. This shows the ignorance of tobacco smokers since the manufacturing of tobacco comprises harmful additives including nicotine, tar and ammonia. Those are just 3 of the 250 or more known harmful preservatives. The image that the use of tobacco smoking should portray is being hazardous to health causing a torrent of diseases.

Second, it is coherent that the use of tobacco is fatal, and that manufacturers maneuver buyers into believing that cigarettes are less harmful than they really are. Tobacco is the cause of many deaths. It is estimated that the number of people that die from tobacco annually is around Seven million, which is more than the number of people that are deceased by the cause of Malaria, AIDS, and accidents combined. Also, smoking cigarettes leads to many diseases including lung cancer, heart diseases, and clogged-up arteries; which lead to noticeable high blood pressure. In fact, one in every three people that die from cancer are smokers, and that marks it to be one of the major leads to cancer. In addition, the production and binding of tobacco cigarettes require a large amount of paper on a yearly basis. Nowadays, cigarette manufacturing companies use around six kilometers of paper hourly. The agriculture of the tobacco plant alters the soil by consuming the nutrients in the soil faster than other plants. Therefore, the use of fertilizers is needed in order to replace the nutrient-free soil. In poverty-stricken countries fertilizers are unaffordable, so they resort to finding new places to cultivate, which results in deforestation. Reiterating, tobacco smoke leads to deadly health diseases; as well as, major deforestation.

Next, tobacco smokers don’t realize that they don’t only affect their own bodies, but they also affect other people that are exposed to their smoke; they also affect the air around them. Tobacco smoke causes many health dangers to the environment. The smoke that is emitted by smokers to their surrounding causes a great deal of air pollution. The amount of smoke created as a result of flaming tobacco contains in excess of 7000 harmful synthetic mixture that contaminates both rustic and private settings and can be harmful even post putting out. Smokers also litter the environment by throwing cigarette butts on the floor which often either damage the soil or leads to water pollution. Also, tobacco smokers don’t realize that they also affect non-smokers. In a study, it is stated that an approximate amount of 700 million children inhale air that is contaminated by the tobacco smoke. The study also articulates that 40% of adolescents have a minimum amount of 1 smoking parent. Beyond, in 2004 juveniles accounted for 31% of the 600000 immature fatalities relating to second-hand smoke. Emphasizing, the smoke emanated by tobacco is a great harm to all non-smokers, and to the surrounding environment.

In conclusion, I believe that tobacco smoke should be banned because it is easily proven to be cataclysmic. To minimize the backlash from the banning of tobacco usage, the production of tobacco cigarettes should be stopped before the banning officially takes place. As a courtesy towards the retailers, they can still sell their stock in a limited duration, decided by the government. This will decrease the money wasted from the unforeseen discontinuance of tobacco cigarette sales. As a result, this will decrease the number of deaths induced by cancer because of smoke. Also, the banning of tobacco will be extremely beneficial since it will decrease deforestation. This will show a progressive incline in other types of more useful crops, and the agricultural value in most countries. In addition, the outcome of tobacco smoke banning will be a decrease in the number of deceased people caused by smoking. It will also show a decline in the number of people affected by lung cancer, high blood pressure, and various heart diseases. Another benign result of tobacco prohibition is the purification of the toxic air around us provoked by the smoke exhaled by smokers to the environment. The banning will also issue the avoiding of inflicting diseases due to smoke regarding non-smokers. If tobacco doesn’t get outlawed soon, or if there was no other resolution to this matter the result will be catastrophic. More people will die annually because of tobacco smoke, and more deforestation will take place, therefore destroying nature. A new smoke-free environment would be less harmful to everyone, including the smokers.


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