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Research of The Causes of 1692 Salem Witch Trial Hysteria

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The Salem Witch Trials of 1692 was brought about by the Puritans severe religious standards and intolerance of anything not acknowledged with their scripture. The biggest record of witch trials as well as deaths due to the witch trials occurred in Salem, Massachusetts, a town intensely populated with Puritans. Since the majority of the trials were happening in Salem, this implied that the allegations were going on among the Puritans themselves, which could in all likelihood be anything as long as the Puritans discovered it as “repudiating the bible”. Religious intolerance fueled the allegations in order to successfully continue the trials.

At the time, practicing witchcraft was considered a serious crime, and was often punished with serious consequences. Around twenty women were executed as a result of the verdicts passed during the Salem Witch Trials, while many others succumbed in public prisons due to poor, unsanitary living conditions. Due to the aggressive manner in which they were carried out, and the number of lives lost as a result, the trials have been the topic of debate and controversy for decades, and have been analyzed by several historians, writers, poets and thinkers. The Salem Witch Trials are a testament to the rigid beliefs of the people of the time, and the disastrous effects these beliefs had on the political and legal systems. Although belief in witchcraft was prevalent throughout the colonies, it was only in Puritan communities where this belief erupted into formal accusations and executions. From the very start, the Salem Witch Trials have been tainted by inaccurate accusations made due to mass hysteria, religious extremism and social isolationism.

Marital status, sexual orientation, and age assumed a large role in creating the Salem witch trial hysteria of 1692. Women were bound to be blamed for black magic, while men not as much. It was expected that women were bound to join the devil’s cause because of them being reserved and restricted from numerous rights, due to Puritanism. It was accepted that women were additionally bound to be accommodating to the devil. Many utilized this as an advantage to get rid of witches and charged a greater number of women than men. Most of the accused people were married which clarifies why villagers denounced individuals based on their marital status. This shows marital status assumed a big role in denouncing individuals, causing frenzy and panic in Salem. Moreover, age was noteworthy as the age range for the vast majority of the accused people were ages 41-60. Which implies any person who was around this age who was married and female, were destined to be blamed for witchcraft.

Present day historians have perceived an example of emergency and consequent agitation among the Puritan towns. Networks in pioneer Massachusetts were incredibly defenseless against starvation, assaults from neighboring clans, pandemics, and general financial hardship. Communities would usually join together during times of crisis, but as soon as the crisis ended, they would sweep away their tension and fear by launching allegations of sorcery as the underlying cause of the crisis on their neighbors. The accentuation of satanic impacts and belief that women have a negative, evil impact, made Puritans feel reckless and nervous, especially considering all the hysteria that was already going on. The people of Salem in seventeenth-century Massachusetts was one of neutrality, constraint and paranoia.

In seeking to identify the causes of this hysteria, as well as, the willingness of presumably rational people to accept the claims of a group of young girls, historians have focused on the theory of socioeconomic causes. A considerable lot of the accusers were young girls from rural Salem, who worked in the town as servants. A significant number of the charged were wealthy more established women who lived in Salem Town. Many of the girls who made the underlying allegations additionally had lost a parent to Indian attacks, and the colony itself was in a condition of progress and change, anticipating the appearance of another governor. The current governor, Simon Bradstreet (1603-1697), had done nothing to stop the developing delirium, even as the allegations started coming to the town’s outskirts. The new governor, Sir William Phips (c. 1651-c. 1695), attempted to address the issue by setting up what he saw to be legitimate courts to direct the trials. However his courts, resuscitated an old law that made practicing black magic a capital offense, resulting in the death penalty.

Along these lines, numerous historians infer that issues of social change and class standing may have worked under the outside of the madness, despite the fact that that doesn’t clarify Elizabeth Parris’ involvement. Her interest as an accuser, be that as it may, is inferable from her plausible dread of having damaged the holy fundamentals of her religion, wherein her dad was a recognized leader. One of the trial judges, Samuel Sewall (1652-1730), felt such extraordinary lament about his job that he made a public statement wherein he took the blame of having been related with the proceedings and requested God’s absolution for ‘that sin’.

The Salem Witch Trials was a major turning point in history. Before this occasion, the colonies’ concept of a justice system was a chaotic meeting where the individuals who were charged or even suspected to be blameworthy, were condemned without legal advisors, examinations, or verification. The Salem Witch Trials shaped reality today by providing the new world another view on the Justice System and how to work it. During the trials of 1692, individuals were blamed for witchery and black magic. These allegations sent them to a trial where they had no attorney. On the off chance that the town concurred that they were blameworthy of black magic, they were promptly condemned to death. Obviously, regardless of whether they had any opinion during the trials, nobody would trust them yet there was no jury, no legal counselors, no rights, no examinations, and no hard verification to be introduced. The Justice System during 1692 was unjustifiable, sloppy, and sentences were given spontaneously. In addition to the fact that they were given spontaneously, they were all serious and quick. There was no network administration or prison time in the event that you were seen as guilty. If you were stepped with the title ‘Guilty’ you were quickly sent to be executed. In present society, our government has equivalent, increasingly stricter standards. A portion of the political issues including the Puritan beliefs. The Salem Witch Trials gave a reason for spectral evidence in trial to be restricted in court, which had not occurred previously. The supposition of whether you were a witch or not, is flawed. The government today, just as the Constitution of the United States of America, announces that everybody is equal. Equal chances, and equivalent justice. To be held on trial like the witches in the Salem Witch Trials, involved not having equivalent rights and the belief that everything was assumed upon. This had negated moral convictions as well.

Governmental issues and religion appear to clash. The religious beliefs, for example, the Puritans at the time held everything through God. The Salem Witch Trials were against God by ethics, which they had drilled their own religious belief of black magic. It has changed religious and political perspectives in America today. Since Puritans started to isolate protestant orders, The Salem Witch Trials discouraged a disconnection among religion and government, this had additionally prompted the idea of ‘separation of church and state’ that is remembered for the U.S. Constitution. Despite the fact that the Puritans were heavy believers in God, they would nearly berate any individual who didn’t coordinate underway of God. The witches were prosecuted for trial for their strict practices by which the Puritans didn’t concur with. This influenced religious perspectives today since individuals can practice their own religion. However, black magic is viewed as ‘un-God like’. The government and religious perspectives today, are less stressed over the possibility of somebody’s capability of turning into a witch indulging in the practice of witchcraft. Throughout the years, America and its society has profited from this experience. America has benefited from this due to the political and religious social viewpoints. Generally speaking, the results turned out to be increasingly positive, compared to negative.     

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