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Review of The Third Presidential Debate: Clinton Vs. Trump

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Extra Credit: Third Presidential Debate

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump presidential debate was one to remember and worth watching one hundred percent. Looking at the character of both throughout the debate, I believe neither of them should be held be accountable for the government and the people. Having two presidential candidates whom talk crap about one another instead of answering the important topics that we deal with in society is almost absurd. Watching the debate multiple times made it easier to find logical fallacies and gave me a clear understanding on what I would expect from our future president.

With that being said, President Donald Trump seemed to bring up more fallacies in the arguments and used them excessively. Immigration became a big topic during the debate against Hillary Clinton and the main problems that American have with our president today. In the video when Trump begin to speak on immigrants and immigration he stated, “Immigrants are drug dealers, rapist, and begin more crime to the United States today”. Many people may share this opinion, but what about the people who think they benefit society today and make the world a better place today? Trump used a hasty generalization based on the opinion from himself. Building the wall seemed like an excellent idea to himself that would make America a better place, and the “safety” of Americans was well cared for. He used it again when he said that “African-American and Hispanics were living in hell which is horrifying”. Personally, I am an African-American and my life is completely perfect. I do not wake up in fear every day and full on anger. Just become some minorities may be living in hell does not mean they all do. Another good logical fallacy that President Trump was an expert at was shifting ground instead of answering the question and staying on topic during the debate. For example, Trump started to lose the debate over taxes so instead he used to ad hominem and shifting ground to change the subject to Hillary with the ISIS comments he made. He was so adamant about winning the debate over taxes that brining unnecessary topics into conversation was the only resort. Even when they asked him why he would be a better candidate to create jobs, Trump initially started talking about the loan his father to create his business which had nothing to do with the question. After the presidential election, I watched the debate one more time and Trump statement about how politicians give hope to American and then forget about everything they said during the debate and just do the four years in office. Many politicians give false promises that they forget about all of that when they win the election. Americans relate to this issue so well, and he made it sound like it affected him as well which can be considered plain folk. Even though Donald Trump made some mistakes during the debate that does not mean Americans should not have hope in our new president.

However, Hillary used some major logical fallacies as well which may have benefited from her gaining more popular votes during the time of the election. Personally, I think that plain folks were used tremendously throughout the debate by her and got super annoying at some point. When they asked the presidential candidates why they were a better choice to create jobs Hillary acted as that she lived the same life as an average person. Middle class individuals look at her as someone with wealth, and not with much despair. Instead she pulled the card that Donald Trump lived a much easier life because he was born in a wealthy home. Even when speaking about minorities, Hillary made it seem like she knew exactly what we go through in our everyday life but many people know that she does not have to deal with the same issues. However, our presidential candidate made some mistakes during the time of running which may have cost her the whole election. Instead of her beating around the bush, Hillary appeals to ignorance. During the debate, Hillary states, “I made a mistake for using private emails. If I had to do it again, then I would do it differently.” Another logical fallacy used was Ad Hominem which is when you attack another individual character. In the case, Hillary attacked our new president when beginning to answer the question about cutting taxes for the wealthy. Before she started to give a response, she makes a comment about how Trump does not want to show his tax returns like many other former president has done. Instead of staying on topic, Hillary say that her opponent may not be rich as he claims and the evading taxes. And makes little side comments about how Donald Trump is a liar and ridiculous. Lastly, Red Herring was a fallacy that she used throughout the debate. Clinton did not use this fallacy much but any individual can tell when she did. During her two minutes Hillary stated, “Let’s talk about your tax proposal”. Referring to Donald Trump proposal to cutting taxes for wealthy individuals instead of focusing on her tax proposal within the short amount of time they already have. And again, during the same argument when Clinton stated that talking about how tax increases is a small topic, then moved on to discuss about rebuilding middle class and lower personal debt instead.

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump managed to pull off a debate that would be remembered by the United States of America. Clinton seemed to represent herself better during the argument and knew how to stay focused on the main issues. She may have gone off track a couple of times, but she always returned to the purpose of her argument. On the other hand, President Donald Trump seemed to shift ground and constantly attack his opponent instead of focusing on the question that was being asked. Many people remained completely confused on what Trump main motives are behind some of his new movements today. Both of these presidential candidates may not be my favorite, I respect the amount of dedication they had during the election process. They both continued to stay strong minded and fought through all the attacks on one another during the debate.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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