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Review on Noise Pollution

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Most people are used to hearing sound from the T.V, radio, computer and even while speaking, But some of the sound we hear is polluted. An example of this is when the noise coming from your neighbors keeps you up all night or when the traffic starts to give you a raging headache. This is called Noise pollution. Noise pollution is a type of noise that is considered very annoying, distractive, uncomfortable and even harmful towards people, animals and pants. It usually happens when there is a large amount of unnecessary noise or when something has a continues humming or beeping noise e.g; alarm clocks, beats and the tinnitus, the noise that is heard as a background buzz in your ear.

Industrialization is a common source of noise pollution, since most of the factories use big machines which produce large amounts of noise, therefore workers use earplugs to minimize the noise level. Social events like parties, marriages and dinner with friends, are considered as noise pollution. People play songs and chatter very loudly in social events and this often causes a disturbance to surrounding people. Transportation is also a major factor. This is because humans are dependent on vehicles to move around. Since the majority of the world uses these types of transportation methods, the noise that is produced is very loud and people find it hard to get accustomed to it. The noise may also lead to a situation on where a person loses their hearing. Household chores / items plays a minor part in noise pollution. Though it seems surprising, gadgets like T.V, washing machine, air conditioners and vacuum cleaners, can be very distracting and are often not good for the health.

There are many health issues that are associated with noise pollution many of them being; hearing problems, aggressive behavior, sleeping disorders, constant stress, fatigue, headaches, etc. having to live in an environment that is constantly noise polluted can even decrease your performance Level and cause severe damage to your ear drums.

Since wildlife are more dependent on sound they face far more problems than humans, and it was shown that pets get more aggressive and agitated, when exposed to high levels of noise. so how does the sound we make affect the wildlife and environment around us? When we start to add artificial noise into the environment, it causes many problems. Some of these problems include, damaging the animals ability to find food, locate mates, avoid predators and as well as their ability to hear.

Species such as the male great tits have changed the frequency of their mating call, so they are able to be heard over the ear-splitting noise form the city. Female great tits prefer low frequency mating calls, but these are hard to be heard over urban noises. Males, who sing in higher frequency find it harder to find mates, but if the female does not find a male who sings at a lower frequency they might still agree to mating. Therefore males are placed in a difficult situation of either; singing at a low frequency and not being heard or singing at a high frequency and not being able to mate.

Scientists who study the scrub jays, birds who are found in the Western United States, have discovered that this species avoids nesting near noisy areas such as gas wells, since the running machines cut off their communication calls. Clinton Francis said “We’re starting to see that noise may actually be a big problem, because it acts as a form of sensory pollution, forcing animals to adapt their calls to be heard over it, or leave the area altogether”.

After the birds had relocated, studies found that the forest they left behind started to die. These birds used to collect pine seeds and burry them, in preparation for winter and therefore they were considered as an important part of the survival of the pinyon pine ecosystem. The birds fail on collecting all the seeds that they had buried and these become the next generation of the pine trees. In the areas where the birds are no longer, the trees have started disappearing and this could cause long-term effects on the ecosystem.

A 2013 study by the Boise state university, who had created a “phantom road”, which was essentially a series of speakers in the woods that played the noise of a busy highway. The road was situated near an important stop for migratory birds. They often stopped to get a fattening meal and then continue with their journey. For four days the team had played the noisy sound of a busy highway and the results were shocking. During the period that the “phantom road” was present, birds that stopped in the area declined by more than one quarter and when the speakers were turned off the numbers bounced back up. Birds aren’t the only ones that are being affected. Animals such as bats, frogs, owls, dogs and even marine species are also being affected. In fact after the birds I would say that marine animals are the ones that are being severely affected.

Even tough humans might try to make a change, many people will disagree. The cost of finding a solution that will have the same affects but be environment friendly, is extremely high. This will result in taxes, price raising, decrees in salary, etc. All of those changes will result in people receiving / keeping more money, and this will cause disagreement.

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