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Roe V Wade: Abortion Laws Impact on Youth

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An abortion is a medical procedure that ends a pregnancy. It is a basic healthcare need for millions of women, girls and others who can become pregnant. How do state’s abortion laws affect young adults. Many states have different abortion laws. They express that depending on how far along you are or your health state of being. This differs for most women considering the multiple different health aspects.

In May, Republican Gov. Kay Ivey signed into law the state’s near-total abortion ban that could slap doctors with up to 99 years in prison for performing an abortion. Making it “unlawful for any person to intentionally perform or attempt to perform an abortion,” the law has exceptions for “a serious health risk to the unborn child’s mother,” ectopic pregnancy and lethal fetal anomalies – but not for instances of rape or incest. This is showing that there are some cases where abortion is allowed but only when it’s a major cause. Keeping in mind that this is a republican state. (Alabama) Republicans are more on the ends of removing the rights to abortions for women and girls which will limit the acces too it in certin states. On January 22, 1973,Roe v. Wade is offered the constitutional right to acces legal abortions, while republicans have worked towrds removing Roe v. Wade in all. This will defer for all women and their situations, by removing this law women will no longer have access to even having the option to an abortion. New york Time presents the article “‘The Time Is Now’: States Are Rushing to Restrict Abortion, or to Protect It” Now, as state legislative sessions draw to a close in many places, experts count about 30 abortion laws that have passed so far. “There are many states that believe that the time is now for the Supreme Court to reconsider the blanket prohibition that Roe v. Wade expressed,” Mr. Aden said. Over time many laws have been passed to restrict abortion laws considering the advocates who are against it in all. They are putting up a strong argument in court for what they want. Which is too have heavy restrictions on abortions. “Most of the new laws known as early abortion bans explicitly outlaw abortion when performed after a certain point early in the pregnancy. The laws vary, with some forbidding abortion after six weeks of pregnancy, and some after eight weeks. Alabama’s law is the most extreme: It aims to outlaw abortion at any point, except if the woman’s health is at serious risk. So far in 2019, nine U.S. states have passed laws of this type, and more states are considering similar legislation.”

Roughly 25 million women and girls of reproductive age live in states where they are expected to completely lose abortion access if the United States goes back to letting states decide whether to legalize abortion (as before Roe v. Wade). In other words, overturning Roe v. Wade could put safe, legal abortion out of reach for one-third of people ages 15–49 who may need it. These estimates are based on populations in more than 20 states that have a combination of pre-Roe v. Wade bans, “trigger bans” that would automatically make abortion illegal if Roe falls, and/or legislatures with an established history of passing abortion restrictions. This affects many young adults, They have to make a decision for themselves but feel they can’t, due to the laws and restrictions. Restating what I had mentioned previously, for the democratic side. Democrats are for this law and have fought to keep it in place. There have been rallies across all fifty states to fight for women’s rights. Such as the pussyhat project. The pussyhat project was a women’s march in 2017 where women created these pink hats to match with. Their website included pattern types for people to make their own hats to participate as well. There has been a movie made on the law of Roe v. Wade.The movie came out in 2020. The main goal was too make a movement for abortion rights. There have been many campaigns and rallies for this situation. The main debate is focusing on the viewpoints of republicans and democrats and how their overall outcome on the law will be affected. “A few states already have existing laws that outlaw abortion earlier in pregnancy than the standard sent by Roe, banning the procedure as early as 18 or 20 weeks. When challenged, bans on abortion at this stage of pregnancy have consistently been struck down in court, according to the Guttmacher Institute. But not all of those laws have been challenged in court, so they remain on the books. There is no state law currently in effect that bans abortion before 20 weeks.” As stated “A few states” have set laws of how far along you are in order too proceed with the abortion. States such as New York, Vermont, and Illinois have passes laws too affirm the legal rights too abortions. “These early abortion bans differ from another common type of state regulation known as a TRAP law for Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers. TRAP laws place particular restrictions on the doctors or health clinics that provide abortions, and the Supreme Court has allowed some of these laws to go into effect, while striking down others.” It’s not just women and girls who are being affected by this, Doctors and people in the medical field are being affected as well. They will have too follow the regulations of abortion policy and if the break any their will be concequences.

Depending on the state, many abortion lawas and regulations defer. But the main question comes down too how is it affecting young adults. People have different viewpoints on this topic which make it very interesting to see how the difference between their actions could affect women in all. The laws vary within the states and the rules have different age requirements and health concerns. As well as considering restrictions put in place for the procedure to be done. 

Over the years there have been rallies, gatherings, people who went to court to try and put in their opinion and do what they feel is right. It is clear that there is a big difference in republican and democratic views but it’s what the outcome is. In the future will Roe v. Wade law still in place or will it be overturned by republicans? The future will tell as we can base it off of the information we have already. Seeing how states are running with their laws and continue too look into the aspects of what the limitations are too be able too get an abortion. We know that the democratic party is for the laws of abortion, still with restrictions while Republicans want too take away the rights in all or at least take away most accessibility too abortions and continue too work on not having abortions as an option. 

Women need to take all of the limitations and what is alowed in abortion policy into considerataion which could affect their life in many ways. Such as moving to a blue state if the are for the abortions. Everything must be taken into account.

Remember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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