Role of Sororities and Fraternities in College Life

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Published: May 7, 2019

Words: 1533|Pages: 3|8 min read

Published: May 7, 2019

Fraternities and Sororities Should Not Be Banned From College Campuses

Brotherhood and sisterhood. Those two words have such a significant meaning. There is a difference between friendship and brotherhood or sisterhood. They create a bond that is completely different from others. If one needs help, advice, someone to lean on, they will always know either their brother or sister will be there for them twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. Sororities and fraternities are a huge part of college campuses across the entire nation, if they were to be banned, the college experience would simply just not be the same. Greek life on college campuses brings a whole new experience to students that not many other organizations can possibly do. They bring together young men and women and create this bond that cannot be broken. Sororities and fraternities honestly do create a sisterhood or brotherhood, in my opinion, in a way that nothing else can do as much. Once one gets involved in a fraternity or sorority, it truly opens their eyes on all the positive aspects that a Greek organization can bring to them.

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The main concern most people have with Greek organizations being on college campuses is purely the poor reputation that these organizations have with the public eye. For a great majority of people, fraternities and sororities are nothing more than a social club. “Most fraternities and sororities, however, serve mainly as social clubs” (“Fraternity and Sorority”). They see it as a house of binge drinking, drug abusing, and hazing of new members. Sure, if one only watches movies such as “National Lampoon’s Animal House” and “Old School” or news reports of fraternity hazing or deaths caused by hazing; fraternities may appear as though that is all they have to offer are parties, drugs, and hazing. For one, there are so many laws against hazing today. It is completely different than it was twenty years ago, Greek organizations as a whole do not promote hazing what so ever. If anything makes someone feel uncomfortable, that individual not only can but also is encouraged to speak to his or her chapter advisor about the issue. You might also be interested in our article on College Prep, where we’ve put together a list of tips.

Now to approach the accusation of binge drinking and drug abuse; granted there is alcohol use in fraternity and sorority houses and parties. Saying that, all members are required to go to several alcohol use and awareness classes where they are educated on how to use alcohol wisely. Also, many Greek organizations have a zero drug tolerance policy, in which if an active member is caught with any sort of illegal substance would instantly be revoked of membership in said Greek organization.

Many people believe that at fraternity parties, the fraternity members do their absolute best to intoxicate females to get their way with her, to have a “one night stand.” “I like a girl who wears clothes that reveal some of her body, so I can, I don’t know, so I can see what she looks like” — “The whole idea is that they come cheap, I don’t ever need to see them again unless I want to” (Sanday).

Admittedly, there are a select few members in practically every fraternity that only cares about partying, getting high, and attempting to get as many women without having intimate relationship with said individual. Saying that, there are way more people like that who are not even in affiliated with a Greek organization, so it honestly is not fair for one to create a complete stereotype of members in Greek organizations. Fraternities and Sororities are not all about partying, drugs, sexual activities, and hazing. The true purpose for fraternities and sororities is to stimulate scholarship, build character, and promote brotherhood and sisterhood. Greek organizations really do have quality people as members for the most part. They look for the qualitites mentioned earlier in every single one of their possible members. These qualities without a doubt create an overall genuine, determined, and kind-hearted person.

The second argument when it comes to people wanting to ban fraternities and sororities on college campuses are the cost aspect of joining a Greek organization. It is true that there are going to be some dues that do need to be paid in the joining of a Greek organization. There are social fees and new membership fees. Some people may see this as people “buying their friendships” when paying their dues while joining a fraternity or sorority. Which may lead them to believe that the so called brotherhood or sisterhood you just paid to be a part of should not at all even be considered a brotherhood or sisterhood. On the contrary, this is not true at all. Even though one pays dues to be a part of a fraternity or sorority, they are not buying their friendships at all. These fees all go towards the national board, which is then used to improve the specific organization as a whole. Not a soul in the Greek organization pockets the money that one spends to join a said organization to then go and spend it for personal purposes. Whether it is repairs for the house in which members stay in, building new houses, supplying catering services for residents in the house, the money that is spent by members only goes towards the improvement of the chapter as a whole.

Another reason why one is not buying their friends while joining a Greek organization is because the friendships that are made are genuine and one hundred percent real. If someone honestly bought their friendships, the friendships would be completely shallow; no one would be friends with each other, but rather just more like acquaintances. According to surveys done by Abowitz, Deborah A., and David Knox of College Student Journal, members of fraternities and sororities actually are extremely relationship oriented; they voted being happy, being in love, and having close friends as the top important things to them. From personal experience, I know that the relationships made with fellow members in a fraternity are like nothing else I have had before. I know that they will always be there for me, and I would do the same for them. It truly is a bond that cannot be broken, and I am saying this after just 7 weeks of pledging. I am not even a member yet, and I definitely feel without a doubt as if I am already in their brotherhood and a brother to every single one of them.

Obviously, students come to college for an education; that is the true main purpose. I completely understand that, and firmly believe that every single student should try to give his or her absolute best effort in the classroom. Saying that, I also believe that every student should make the most of their college experience. It is true that joining an extra curricular activity such as a Greek organization does take a huge commitment and significant amount of time and effort.

Many people believe that joining a fraternity or sorority is setting oneself up for poor performance in the classroom, which will end up leading to a low grade point average in college. They also believe that non-Greek students compared to Greek students have a much higher GPA (DeSantis). But, that is not necessarily a true statement. Fraternities and sororities all require their pledges and members to have a minimum grade point average to become a member or continue to be a member. Also there are requirements for members to have a certain amount of hours dedicated strictly to studying every week and that number is monitored very carefully. Without a doubt, members of Greek organizations are much more busy than other college students who are not all that much involved. Nevertheless, there is enough time in the day to be able to manage both well and successfully. Keeping this busy actually is actually good for a person. It teaches time management; a tool that is so crucial for every person that wants to be successful in this world.

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Therefore, fraternities and sororities should not be banned from college campuses at all. Honestly there is no die-hard evidence on why there should be an end to Greek organizations. Fraternities and sororities enhance a student’s college experience; college is what one makes it, so why not make it the best experience that one could possibly have? Greek organizations stimulate scholarship, promote brotherhood/ sisterhood, and build character. These virtues are what build and create the leaders of tomorrow. Also, all the people that one meets while being involved in a Greek organization creates a whole new network of connections that simply would just not have been possibly if it were not for their membership in the Greek organization. These newly formed networks will only be a positive influence for the future; a whole new job market will be available to one just because of the people that they know. The positives that one can gain from their membership in a Greek organization far outweighs the negative appearance that society attempts mold for the idea of what fraternities and sororities are actually all about. All in all, fraternities and sororities should definitely not be banned from college campuses.

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