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Published: Sep 14, 2018

Words: 1487|Pages: 3|8 min read

Published: Sep 14, 2018

Table of contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Working Principle
  3. Synaptic Interface
  4. Applications of Screenless Displays
  5. Conclusion

This paper discusses advent of the Screen less display which is a developing new technology, has become a good vision in the near future for a wide range of applications. As the name implies it deals with the display of several things without the screens. It involves three different working principles. First is The Visual image, second is Virtual retinal display and third is Synaptic interface. This paper mainly illustrates and demonstrates how the screen less displays works and its uses in the upcoming generation. Keywords- Virtual retinal, Retinal Direct, and Synaptic Interface, Hologram.

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Screenless Displays is the present evolving technology in the field of computer-enhanced technologies. It is going to be one of the greatest technological development in the coming years[1]. Screenless video describes systems for transmitting visual information from a video source without the use of a screen. Screen less computing systems can be divided into three groups: Visual Image, Retinal Direct, and Synaptic Interface. Visual Image screenless display includes any image that the eye can perceive. The most common example of Visual Image screenless display is a hologram[2].

Reto Meier, an “Android Developer Advocate for Google” recently laid out a fairly science-fiction account of where computer (or at least mobile) interfaces are headed. Working on the average laptop is like working on a desk that’s as big as a sheet of paper. That’s why all our “files” are quite inch high. The solution to productivity and immersion is more, bigger screens - hence the proliferation of external monitors, another secondary reading devices and even cell phones with improbably large screens. So-called “Pico” projectors that are named for their tiny size already exist and also the HD version of it exists. And there are lot many mobile phones, which have built-in Pico.-projectors such as the Samsung Show, - so outside of market demand there’s nothing to stop this prediction from becoming a truth [3].

Working Principle

There are several new emerging ways for the technological development of the working principle of the screen less displays. Several software’s are merging for the GEN-X wonder view. Any computer system that can run the mudoc software can present text that has been set in interactive movable type. Most of the mudoc that are consumed in the next few years will be consumed with conservative personal computers, e-book readers, and other kinds of display and projection devices that are now in use.[2] Very soon it appears to be a new kind of input/output system will facilitate communication and interaction between the computer and the computer user[3]. This new human/computer interface is the telereader terminal. Visual Image is a bitmap manipulation and composition product. Bitmaps can be manipulated independently, in the Image Mode or multiple bitmaps can be composited Together in the Object Mode to create a "collage". Visual Image can create and Manipulate images of any size: the only limitation is the amount of memory resources your system has[1].

Visual image are vise known as hologram, is display an image that is reflected by a substance than proceed by human eye. The display works on the principle that; light gets reflected by the intermediate object before it could reach to the retina [2]. The intermediate object can be holograms, windows, or even LCDs. Example of this type of display is Displayers’ air screen technology-The Displayers’ air screen projects images onto sheets of water droplets suspended in air, giving the illusion of a hologram. In cold fog projecting technologies, the images thrown by Displayer can be also respond to multi-touch manipulation, as well as it can also allow taste and aroma to incorporated IO2 technology also develop a similar display called the helium display which uses a micro-size airbase media to create images in free space [1]. Another example is google glass, which is virtual reality goggles. This technology is type of augmented reality visual image display that displays image right in front of our eye. Beside we have expanded in developing the displays for wearable contact lenses. B.

Synaptic Interface

Synaptic display is a type of screenless display that does not display an image in free media or onto the retina. It displays by transmitting the signals directly into the brain through the optic nerve. There are no light involved, basically electrical impulses. This method is tested on horseshoe crabs by recording nerve images. Therefore, furthering the neural code transmitted to the brain by the optic nerve. This display offers the possibility of providing sight for the blind by using implanted electronics to bypass nonfunctional parts of the eye [1]. It can give users the benefit to view images in greater coordination and complexity than the eyes capable of producing. However the method requires more research and development for further production of worldwide application can be implemented.

Retinal Direct systems, once marketed, hold out the promise of extreme privacy when computing work is done in public places because most inquiring relies on viewing the same light as the person who is legitimately viewing the screen, and retinal direct systems send light only into the pupils of their intended viewer Synaptic Interface[3]. Such systems have only been applied in humans in rudimentary form - for example, displaying single Braille characters to blind people - success has been achieved in sampling usable video signals from the biological eyes of a living horseshoe crab through their optic nerves, and in sending video signals from electronic cameras into the creatures' brains using the same method.

It displays the information directly into the retina of eye rather than displaying through screen like LCD monitor, touch screen display etc. It is one of the top 10 emerging technologies in IT field. 3D images are possible. Ability to present far point images. High quality and large angle of view are the other vital. Light weight and hence greater portability. Low power requirement.

VRD is not yet available in the significant number. Prototypes and special experimental models are now being built, but their cost per unit is high. The VRD technology is still under process and under development.

Applications of Screenless Displays

Medical field - By allowing the physician to view a virtual X-Ray of infected areas information concerning the patient during surgery. Virtual images produced by VRD could be layed-down with the patient by tracking the view of the physician in relation to the position of the patient. Manufacturing field – The same concept as that is used in medical field can be used in manufacturing environment by viewing virtual blue print that uses C3 images to identify parts placement and operation information. Transportation system – It can be beneficial in any transportation system by proving the display that can project virtual map of the surrounding area therefore insiding vision of providing reference state train characteristics and craft instrumental.

Mobile technology – The main use of the screen less displays are used for the development of the mobile phones which are mainly used by the old and blind people as shown in figure 7. This type of the invention of the screen less displays was first done on the mobile phone named OWASYS 2CC. This model is very useful for the old, blind, and even for the people with less vision power. Laser technology – Latest laser technology are also implementing the special technique of the screen less display through the presence of the several 3D scope animation or the screen provides the advantage of being combined with the Laser Valve Video Projector that helps in projecting video images by the use of the laser light instead of the Xenon Arc lamps.. Laser technologies have given an edge over the other technologies as the LVP gives the projector an excellent depth in the focus. Laptops – Laptops without screens would also be a green solution, giving value to donated CRT monitors that would otherwise be heading for landfills. Portability means that volunteers, who don’t always have the time to travel to people’s homes, can more easily maintain this computer. Screenless displays are also widely applicable in the field of the holograms projection.

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These displays are the future that would reach the world of all organizations and institutions by presenting the brighter and efficient and cost effective means of communication. This technology has become a new exciting rage for the up -coming generations as a field of the futuristic technology. Due to the ability of having several advantages which are involved in the making, designing, coding of the screenless , this needs plenty of knowledge and process for the development is still under the improvement. It will going to bring a revolution in the field of displays.

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