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Semiotic Analysis of Pink Beautiful Trauma

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At the beginning of the video, the pink of the house means this is a romantic, cheerful, playing and feminine house because the colour pink means it is a delicate colour and the pink colour can also represent the opening of the heart because the colour pink. The colours in this video can also be RGB colours because RGB colours is red, green and blue and in this music video, these colours are used (Ambrose, 2008). The colour pink is then a symbol of the connotation of semiotics because the word refers to more than just a colour but feelings around it. The heading and name of the song that is in yellow that comes up in front of the pink house symbolise romance, joy, happiness that we can accept in this music video.

The yellow colour also symbolises weakness and we can then get a feeling that these weak emotions will also be in the video (Olesen, 2016). This is a sign of connotation because the beginning of the video and all the colours is not just a heading or colours, but it refers to something else in semiotics. This is a symbol of Iconic mode /semiotics because iconic mode semiotics is a sign that represents that directly that something ant this directly indicates the name of the video. The pink bedding and pink eye patch mean gentle and love and this fit good with the women because it also symbolises that it is a woman and our women is gentle and loved. The pink colour used in the room means trying to increase receptivity and understanding and it can also help with comfort in times of emotional transition (Bernhardt, 2015).

This is also a symbol of connotation semiotics because the eye patch means more than just an eye patch. The black “Mrs” written on the eye patch stands for addressing someone with surname and this also stands for as you’re the women someone is married to and refer to a woman that is married. The “Mrs” that is in black symbolises that it is power, strength, elegance and it also symbolises sexiness (Kromhout, 1997) (Bourn, 2010). The black writing is a symbol of indexical mode semiotics because it is all about the relationship between the sign and the object and this is then the relationship between the mrs and the wife it means that she is married.  The pink lipstick on “Pinks” lips symbolises sweetness romantic, charming and feminine.

Her expression on her face when she starts to sing symbolises sadness and distrust because the way her face is emotionless and how she put her head back on the cushion after she took her eye patch off shows us that she wants to try to hide her emotions and we can see these emotions by the way she pulls her lip. Before she starts singing she yawns and this yawn can also symbolise and means that she is not just tired, but this is to cover up a frown and disappointment (Cherry, 2018). This colour is a symbol of connotation in semiotics because it means more than just a colour or why she has taken off her eye patch. After she has woken up she then sit up in the bed and she stretches with her arms over her head and she yawns while she does it and this stretched means “pandiculating” and this symbolises to wake your body up according to science and this help to get your body back in movement because your body was stiff because you were sleeping, it can also help with blood improvement and decrease the stress of the day and help your body get ready for the day. Therefore, we can see that she did this stretch to prepare her body for the day and all the things she needs to do (Stinson, 2018).

In this scene how, she wakes up and what her body language says is a symbol of synecdoche in semiotics because the way she moves her arms and the body language is a way she wants us to experience how she wakes up and synecdoche is when reality is experienced by and individual in a visual manner. The pink sleeping dress that she wore indicate and symbolises that she is feminine, sweet, gentle, relaxed and that she calms (PsycholoGenie Staff, 2018). The dress is a sign of connotation and denotation because the dress had different meanings it is a sign of connotation and because it is a feminine dress and its straight forward it is a denotation sign in semiotic. When “Pink” stands up from the bed we see that the background of the room is also all pink and this symbolises that the colour pink brings calmness, sensitivity and femininity and symbolises love.

The pink room then symbolises it’s a woman’s rooms and she is feminine and there is love in the room and a feeling of calmness, caring and romantic. Pink rooms have a calm effect on people it makes them calm and caring and can affect their mood, but pink rooms can also relax your muscles, and this also helps people to relieve anger, aggression and stress. Therefore, the pink room can mean she wants a relax, feminine, love and calming room where there is love and calmness (Feng Shui, n.d.). The colours of the pink and that we straight forward know it is a women’s room is because it is a denotation semiotic because denotations is when is a straight forward meaning of a sign. “Pinks” facial and body expression when she walks around the bed and see that there is someone else in the other single bed show that she is shocked because her eyes go big and her eyebrows raised and her mouth hangs open and she also shows with her hands she is shocked she has her hand with her core because people do this when they shocked it symbolises your shocked and to protect vital organs (Sylvan, 2012). Her facial expression also is denotation semiotics in signs because we as people already know how to do surprised faces look.

The way she then skips to the bed symbolises that she doesn’t want to wake him up she tries to go quietly to him so that he cannot hear her she then walk on her tippy toes to him and her hands show she is gentle because her hands is up along with her arms and they making the same movement she makes and this shows us she is trying to be quiet. The two single beds symbolise and mean that the women or the man have trouble getting to sleep and sleeping in separate beds and a single bed helps to fall asleep. This can also mean that it’s more convenient to sleep in separate beds because maybe one of them is coming late from work, snoring or one of them are a light sleeper so sleeping in separated beds is just convenient to not disturb the other person (ABC Radio Sydney, 2016). The sleeping in separate beds and the way she tries to wake him quietly up is an indexical mode in semiotics in signs because we can see that they have a relationship because she tries to not wake him up. Single beds are also a meaning or symbolism that they are shy to each other or they have problems with each other and now they are sleeping in separate beds or this is also a sign that they are more caring about the other person (ABC Radio Sydney, 2016).

The single beds are a sign of denotation in semiotics because it’s straight forward why people sleep in single beds apart. The way “Channing Tatum” is lying on his back with his hands next to his side symbolises that he is sleeping in a “soldier” position and this position symbolises that a person is quiet and has high standards. Then “Channing Tatum” just sit straight upon the bed and this symbolises that he is lost because he just sit there and did not climb out and he also just stare in front of him but this is also because he has just woken up (Edwards, 2007) (Sikri, 2015). This body language of him is a symbol of connotation in semiotics because the way he sits and the meaning behind it is a connotation.

The ‘Mr” that stand on his eye patch symbolises and mean that it is a married man and it is used when to indicate he is married and it a title before a married man surname. The black writing of the “Mr” symbolises romance, emotion and sexiness, black writing also evokes emotions (Kromhout, 1997) (Olesen, 2016). The Mr is a symbol of indexical mode in semiotics because it is a relationship between the sign and the object the Mr represent that it is a married man. “Pink” body language when she sits behind “Channing Tatum” on the bed symbolises ensure and show support for him and it also means and symbolises that she is grateful for him because she sits behind him and she has her hands on his shoulders and she is smiling. Her hands on his shoulder is also a symbol of intimacy with him and show that they are comfortable with each other. Touching him on the shoulders is also a symbol and meaning to see how he feels and the way he let her touch him means he trust her and is very open to her (Free Dictionary, 2018) (Stepford, 2013).

This is a sign of connotation in semiotics because body language is more than just body language and that is what connotation is all about. “Channing Tatum” face expression when she leans on his shoulder from behind say that he does not want to include what she is doing, and we can see this meaning by the way he is turning his face and looking at her and the way his face is facing her symbolise that she has all his attention. The way that their bodies is turn to the front show that there is the focus and attention that we must focus on (Stepford, 2013). This body language of both of them is a sign of connotation because the body language of both of them means something else is then refered to as connotation in semiotics.  The scene then changes with a heart-shaped that cover them and this heart symbol means love and a feeling of romance. The heart shape is also meteorically emotion, affection and love (Docevski, 2017). The heart shape is a sign of symbolic mode because the heart shape is a sign of symbolic in semiotics.

The blue living room and the meaning and symbol here for is it urge productivity, it cleans your thinking as well. Blue is a colour that let people feel stable, harmonious, trust, unity, ideas, inspiration and clean. Blue is a colour that can make you feel calm and neat and this is also symbolic with the room in which the colour is used because the room is the living room and that is where most people feel relaxed and calm and in the video “Pink” is vacuuming the living room and you can see it’s a neat living room because the couches is covered in plastic to protect it and everything around them is and need. The bar in the background symbolises entertainment and home bars became more important and fashionable in the 1950s (Retro Staff, 2010) (Mihai-Cristia, 2015) (PsycholoGenie Staff, 2018). In this scene where “Pink” is busy with the vacuum, this represents the 1950’s family because 1950s was also all about women that clean and uses technology and this scene also represents the perfect family in the 1950’s that they are all happy (Stassen, 2012). This blue living room is also a sign of connotation because it refers to more than just a living room and connotation in semiotics.

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