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Should NASA Receive More Money from The Budget

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  • Published: 30 August 2022
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Do you think about the first man to step on the moon, Neil Armstrong? Do you think about all the drones we sent to mars or even the international space station? Do you think of all the great discoveries made in our universe? Nasa was founded in 1958, which means that it’s over 70 years old now. A big question that goes around the U.S. is whether should Nasa get more or less budget funding. This question has been around for a long time but yet nobody has tried to answer that or even really done much about it. A lot of people even think that Nasa should get less budget funding and that it shouldn’t exist.

Let’s talk about the reason why people think that Nasa shouldn’t get more budget funding. The biggest claim is how we shouldn’t be spending to explore outer space when we have bigger problems to work on earth. Many people say that we should put that money towards education or even helping the homeless population. Or how we could use that money to try and help stop pollution and make the earth a better place to live. They also say how there’s no need for us to explore space or even put any more money into going to the moon or mars. The search for other life is pointless and we need to focus on what’s here and not search for other things. That we could spend our money on a lot of these things to better our lives on earth and make the earth a better place to live not just for us but for generations to come next. Nasa only explores space and doesn’t really help us with anything.

How does Nasa budget compare to other things being funded by the government? Over the past couple of years, the NASA budget has slowly gone up. In 2020 Nasa budget will be about 22 billion dollars which is a billion more this year than what it was last year, which is good to know that they are putting more money into Nasa. That 22 billion is still only zero point five percent of all funding America gives(). Back when we hard are the first man to take the first step on the moon is when Nasa was receiving 4.5 percent of the budget just imagine if they were still receiving that much. Whereas the department of defense receives about 693 billion dollars which is 31.5 times more than what Nasa receives in a year and is over half of what all funding and in 2020 are planning on getting over 700 billion in dollars. Why take money from NASA when there is way more you could take from the department of defense to use on other things why does it have to be Nasa budget? Imagine us being able to put that much money into our education systems or even say helping homeless people, then everyone would be able to get an amazing education and be able to help prepare our next generations perfectly and there wouldn’t be a night where a homeless person would go starving or even sleeping out on the streets. The department of defense has wastes hundreds of millions of dollars on buying expensive things that either don’t ever get finished or that we don’t cut costs on to try and save money. It’s also reported that 80 percent of projects were finished or were deliverable which shows how they are wasting everyone in five taxpayers’ dollars imagine all that money that we could be spending on other things. We could put all that money into funding people that actually wanted it instead of it being wasted.

Imagine what Nasa could do if it had the department of defense budget, Would our society be more advanced than we think it would be? Nasa has estimated that it would take about 450 billion to send a crew to Mars. So if it had the military budget it would have enough to send a crew to mars and still have a ton of leftovers to do other cool things. They could use this money to create better telescopes to help explore our vast expanding universe. We could use that money to find a better way of sending spaceships into space. Or even look for new less cost-effective ways of space travel. We could even do things to upgrade the international space station and make it better and try and discover new technologies. Imagine how advanced we would be we could have already put out several mars trips and done a lot of exploring of the universe and created a bunch of new technologies to be used on earth. Nasa doesn’t even really need that much money though they just need more than what they have right now. You could see your own tax dollars going towards something and actually see the results.

Nasa doesn’t do anything but explore space. This is one of the biggest misconceptions about space they actually do a lot of things and create technologies for America. Nasa has created a bunch of things that ended up being put out to the public to be used and are in our lives. They have helped create things for people with disabilities or people who might need help. They created such things as infrared ear thermometers, ventricular assist devices, cochlear implants, and artificial limbs. Nasa has been helping people and imagines how many more things they could create to help people. They also helped create other things that help the environment such as water purification, and solar cells. Which shows how they also are finding a way that betters the environment too. They also created a bunch of ways for us to advance in our computer technologies and gust become more modern. There’s structural analysis software that helps create thousands of computer programs that help them run and work. They also have a bunch of other things that they created that are out in the world today such as gold plating, mine safety, food safety thing, and powdered lubricants. If they were to receive more budget funding then maybe they could keep on creating things that will help us and maybe create more things too.

Nasa is planning for a big future of events on exploration and if they had more money they would be able to complete these missions faster. Insight is their next big mission which involves them sending another robot that is supposed to check mares and try and take a look into its inter cores and see how the planet may be doing. This mission is actually already underway and still going on. Some other cool mission mars have either already been underway or are still planning. One is called psyche which is the exploration of an asteroid that orbits around the sun and mars to see if this asteroid could either be a dead core of an old planet or if it could just be something else. This is planned to happen in 2022 so it’s not too far in the future. Another cool one is to send a rover to Europa which is a moon of Jupiter and this moon. They wanted to look at its icy surface and drill into it to see if they can find either a sign of present or past life living there. They don’t know when this will happen just know that this would be one of the future missions that they would like to explore. They also have other missions that talk about trying to mine and use the resources of asteroids. This would prove helpful because it would allow us access to a whole new way of getting the things we need.

We can even look at the past mission which shows how NASA uses its small budget to do some amazing things. You have such a thing ass all the Apollo missions which involved exploring the moon but there’s a lot more than that. One cool one is Aquarius which is a mission where we sent a satellite into space so we could study the ocean and see how the ocean affected earth’s water cycle and weather changes. NASA isn’t just focusing on exploring space they are creating such things to help us study the earth and understand it more. AcrimSat was another mission that studied how radiation energy affects the earth and looked to see if this energy was harmful. This shows how NASA is worried about the earth and is looking to protect it and not just look for other life on other planets.

NASA already does a lot for their small budget, but they could do so much more with more money. They could explore the universe and find ways to help the earth by studying it. Along the way, they could also discover new technologies that can help the public and even be used every day by people. In the future from now, maybe be would give NASA more money and be able to do things we haven’t done before. Explore places we haven’t been before and maybe even live places we haven’t lived before.  

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