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Silence Is Deafening

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Have you ever thought about finding silence in this chaotic world? Or have you ever wanted someone to stop speaking so badly? Well, if you said yes to all of those, I am Ann and I am here to tell you three reasons why you shouldn’t because for some reason silence is deafening. I have 3 main reasons and these are: Silence can make you go crazy, Silence can break your heart and Silence can cause your death. These reasons will make you want to quit looking for silence and will make you want to stay in the city, embrace the noise and live a happy life. These days we always hear the hustle and bustle of cars. The never-ending noise makes us irritated and it make us want to find silence. This brings us to our first point, which is Silence can make you go crazy. People have gone searching for places and they have found it.

The quietest place on Earth which is The Anechoic Chamber at Orfield Laboratories in Minneapolis. This room is able to block 99% of all external noise. This is true silence but according to Hendrick (2013), not a single person has been able to stay in the room for more than 45 minutes because in total silence your ears will adapt and begin to hear more things. You’ll hear your heart beating, your stomach gurgling, your organs churning which could result to hallucinations that could make you go crazy. This gives you more reason to stay in the city, embrace the noise and live a happy life. My second point is Silence can break your heart. Many people believe that silence speaks volumes or that silence speaks a thousand words. This is exactly what you experience when someone shuts you out through silence, when you experience a wall of separation from your friends or when you ask your boyfriend why he cheated on you and all you get is silence (Wiederkehn, 2015). Although they do not say anything we are suddenly deafened by the answer we get from their silence.

They are not our friends anymore, we are not enough for him. These answers all break our hearts especially if we truly loved that person. So, stay in the city, embrace the noise and live a happy life. Lastly, Silence can cause your death. In an article by Piedmont Healthcare (2018), they enumerated 4 silent killers of men which are heart disease, prostate cancer, hypertension, and diabetes. These are all diseases that could creep up on you. You don’t even feel or hear any of their symptoms. Then BAM! You go to the doctor and you are diagnosed with these deadly diseases if they are not treated. You are bombarded with doctor’s appointments and treatments. They have very quiet symptoms, once you find out about them you might as well be dead already.

So, always remember to embrace the noise and live a happy life. To sum it all up for you, silence is deafening in ways that we have never thought of before. Silence will tell you warning signs of life-threatening things because silence can make you go crazy, silence can break your heart and silence can cause your death. Don’t be so set on finding silence because when you find it, you will be deafened by the many negative things that will bombard you. Don’t be so set on finding silence because noise is what makes us alive. With all that has been said, stay in the city, embrace the noise and live a happy life.

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