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Some Interesting Facts About Golf

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Knowledge of Golf

Throughout the centuries our view about golf has drastically changed. It has been said that the Romans are the ones that invented golf, but it has also been said that the Scottish have also been involved with the history of golf that we now know today. In this essay, I’m going to be talking about the history of golf and how it works. I will also be talking about the rules and give a description of the golf course. Another thing that I will talk about are techniques on how to play. There’s so many well know golf players but in this essay, I will be talking about the most well-known and highest players that accomplished great things. The origins of golf are much debated amongst historians. It’s believed by (Gillmeister, Goodner, & Moran, 2017) that the Romans played the game called “Paganica which involves using a bent stick to hit a wool leather ball”.

The Romans spread the game of Paganica when they conquer much of Europe during the first century B.C. Chuiwan was a game played in China during the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) that was described to be similar to golf. The origin of golf in Scotland in the 15th century is the most accurate record. The Scottish parliament passed many acts banning the practice of the game because as stated from (Gillmeister, Goodner, & Moran, 2017) it was “interfering with archery practices which were necessary for national defense”. James the second king of Scotland pass the first act in 1457. King James the second lifted the ban and within two years he played the game himself.

Golf is a sport in which you have to hit a ball from a designated area with a club to a hole in the least number of strokes. A stroke is how they keep track of who is winning. The person with the most stokes loses the game. A round of golf consists of playing 18 holes. Some of the basic rules are, play the course as you see it and play the ball where it lands. This means courses has obstacles that cannot be changed so you have to play the course as you see it. Play where the ball landed means that after you hit the ball wherever it lands you have to hit from there until you make it into the hole. In a round of golf, it usually contains natural or constructed obstacles such as small lakes, streams, tall trees, sand pits, and mounds. If your ball lands on water or any other place outside the course that counts as an “out of bound”. Then you have to hit the ball from where you last hit it from and gain a no-hitter penalty stroke.When it comes to sports there are so many benefits that you can gain. In golf the benefits are that it can help reduce stress and anxiety, it can help with your physical fitness, and it can help you be more social.

As stated by (Keimos Designs) “Being outside in the fresh air it does wonders for the endorphin and the serotonin levels” so it can improve your mood and keep you relaxed. The way it can help with your physical fitness is there’s a lot of walking involved and with every swing, you are working out your arms. As you know golf can be a very social event that requires you to interact with your fellow players and any other members of a golf club. There are so many golf clubs that you can join to play and met new people. Another thing is if you don’t want to play by yourself then you need to interact with other.There are so many techniques that can help the outcome of a game. One helpful technique is keeping your hands low in the club. This technique will lower the ball fight and help you in close shots. Another good technique is using your body for power. According to (Brady Riggs) “without talking a backswing, try to drag the ball into the air” and that will help you use other strengths other than your hands. The last technique that is useful is using your right forearm parallel to the spine for a perfect swing.When it comes to the golf industry there some players that stand out. If you talk about the original golf player it would be Sam Snead who is quite known in golf. Sam Snead is the oldest player to ever win a PGA Tour history. He also has a record of 82 PGA Tour wins from 1936 to 1965.

Throughout his career, he has won 7 major championships. An also well-known original player would be Jack Nicklaus is one of the best golf players due to his 18 Major championships. He is also a winner of six master’s tournaments. Nicklaus has won 73 producers Guild of America tour events. In this generation, the best-known golf player would be Eldrick Tont Woods know as Tiger Woods. He is also one of the highest paid golf players in America. Woods has an impressive 14 major championships under his belt. He also has won Producers Guild of America tour of the year 80 times. Tiger Woods is the only person to win four consecutive Majors. These are some of the best players of all time. Overall, golf is a very interesting sport that is going to be around for a very long time.

The history of different places that it could have started was very interesting to me. For Example, how in Rome, China, and Scotland all had their own game that was similar to golf. Then there’s how to play golf were one game consist of 18 holes and you have to hit a ball as far as you can into the hole without getting caught in any obstacles. Not only is Golf fun to play but it can benefit you in so many ways such has releasing you from stress and anxiety, it also helped with Physical fitness in a way where you have to walk for the ball and with every swing you are putting your full energy. Another thing is you get to interact with other people and maybe make new friends. Some people that made golf as famous has it is are Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, and Sam Snead the reason I choose them was that they are one of the best due to their stats and are well known by every golf fan. Golf could be a lot of fun you just have to give it a chance.

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