Teenage Pregnancy: Abortion as a Tool to End Future 'Problem'

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About this sample


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Published: Aug 14, 2023

Words: 2871|Pages: 6|15 min read

Published: Aug 14, 2023

Table of contents

  1. Reasons Why Teenage Girls Choose Abortion
  2. The Lack of Preparation to Become a Mother
  3. Conclusion
  4. References

Teenage Abortion is one of the present teenage pregnancy topics for an essay which aims to explain the causes of abortion, describe the consequences of it. In our society there is a number of factors that influence the process of abortion taking into account as a first measure the misuse of sexual relationships above all youth who live intense emotions are carried away by moments that create happiness and pleasure, not taking into account the consequences that this could have especially because he is not sufficiently prepared to use preventive and planning measures that could be one of the first reasons why many women get pregnant. Several of the women who inhabit this country begin to have sex since adolescence. Unfortunately, they do not have the necessary information about the responsibility of having relationships at this age and what the consequences are. They can get sex diseases such as syphilis, gonorrhea or AIDS, but they can also become pregnant if they do not use contraceptives. The fact that an adolescent girl gets pregnant limits the opportunity for her to continue studying, to take a career, to want to grow as person because when that happens they have to worry more about the little person in their womb and unfortunately their parents do not help them, the man with whom they conceived the baby tells him he does not want to have that baby, that it is better to abort. For that reason and of course for many other reasons (such as having been the victim of a rape) is that sometimes women decide to have an abortion. Abortion is the interruption of pregnancy before the fetus has independent life and has many contradictions that it is legal or illegal to practice it. Why teens facilitate their issue, which is an unwanted baby, by practicing abortion and they do not care if they could be in danger?

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Teenage abortion affects mentally and physically to the young mother, also abortion affects with the passage of time, because teenagers choose abortion to end their problem.

Reasons Why Teenage Girls Choose Abortion

The most issue in this reason is that a baby that is coming will affect and intervene in the education of the young mother, so that the young couple decides not to have the kid, which is already formed. The author stated that “The reasons most frequently cited were that having a child would interfere with a woman's education, work or ability to care for dependents; that she could not afford a baby now”. Also the most reason why teenagers get pregnant is because girls are denied to take the right decision about their private life and well-being for themselves. Those girls who have education from their parents are not able to get pregnant at this age, in the other hand the girls, who have not education from their parents get pregnant when they are still kids. According to the author “Pregnant girls often drop out of school, limiting opportunities for future employment and perpetuating the cycle of poverty. In many cases, girls perceive pregnancy to be a better option than continuing their education”. Sometimes girls get pregnant to remove the poverty from their lives, they think that they will become a person with high levels of money by leaving their houses and get married with a boy. Some of the main causes of teenage abortion is because girls did not get a good education and is where they get pregnant and then they get an abortion, because their parents do not support them. Girls, who has not a good relationship with their parents and they are not couples, get broken, because they want to see them together. Education is an important thing in every life of each teenager. Also they do not have the necessary resources to the baby that is coming.

In many parts of the world, special people found that a main cause of teenage abortion is because they have not enough resources to support that kid. According to the author “Since 1987, little research in this area has been conducted in the United States, but studies done in Scandinavia and worldwide have found several recurring motivations: economic hardship, partner difficulties and unreadiness for parenting”. Many kids spend all their time with only one parent, traditionally their mother, and there is when their children repeat the same situation as their mother and it is there when the world starts with the high rates of poverty, lack of education, more single moms and also many more abortions. The author said that “The long-range consequences could have enormous implications. Children who grow up with only one of their biological parents (nearly always the mother) are disadvantaged across a broad array of outcomes. Children in one-parent families also have lower grade point averages, lower college aspirations, and poorer attendance records”. This show how she and the baby dad are not together affect the baby, because when the baby grow up the kid could receive discrimination, and also if just the mom is with the baby, it could be harder for the kid. That situation is common in teenagers, because the boy did not want to support her to have the baby, and she decide an abortion, because she does not want to be a single mother, and she think forward for her baby and how the life will be being a sinlge mother without help, and how it affect the baby. Also the boy leave her with the baby, and the young mother go for the easier method which is abortion.

The third reason why teenagers do not want to be a mother is because nearly four in 10 women said they had completed their childbearing, and almost one-third were not ready to have a child. The same thing ever is that they are not ready to be parent for a baby, because they are still babies. No matter how hard you try to hide, some young people are not prepared to be parents and do not have the confidence to tell their parents what is happening. In many cases they do not have any kind of support, so they decide to take 'the problem' on their hands, resorting to home remedies to end the pregnancy before the first trimester or even to have an abortion. It goes without saying that in any of these cases, the well-being and even life of young women can be found in danger. In this sense, it is important to talk with our daughters and teenagers about the responsibility that comes with motherhood and fatherhood, in addition to the medical and emotional complications that can arise when there is a pregnancy at an early age. I share some of the aspects that I consider most important. You might be a better parent later in your life. Life experiences help us learn to deal with different situations. As you get older, you’ll be more likely to handle to stress of having a child. According to Steven Dowshen “Most unmarried teens don't plan on becoming pregnant, and they're often terrified when it happens. Many, particularly younger teens, keep the news of their pregnancies secret because they fear the anger and disappointment of their parents”. The most popular excuse to practice abortion is that they do not feel preparate to have the baby or just they do not want lost their liberty as a teenager without responsibilities. 

One of the most important reason why teens make that decision is because they said their parents' or partners' desire for them to have an abortion. Parents convince to their kids to have an abortion, for the same consequences that each teenager get, when they decide have the baby, so here is that their parents decide for them to change their future, and continue with their education, and all the things that teenagers have. Also parents give that advice to their own childs, because their religious belief will not accept them or society will not be the same as before with them, and also because the economy is not good at that time and the baby will not live well. According to the author “In a 1985 study of 500 women in Kansas, unreadiness to parent was the reason most often given for having an abortion, followed by lack of financial resources and absence of a partner.3”. One of the most important responsibilities as mothers, fathers and / or responsible for the care and education of adolescents, is to know in detail the sexual and reproductive health that correspond to adolescents so that through communication and trust it is possible to help them make decisions free, responsible and informed, parents should not advice their sons with bad choices for them, parents are responsibles of their sons, when you are with women who are facing an unexpected pregnancy situation, or who have been aborted, you see realities that others do not see. It is very common to talk to you girls of 15 or 16 who are pregnant and want to have their children, but their parents force them to abort. You also see men who do want to take care of that creature and ask to have custody as soon as it is born, and they prefer abortion, when that son on the way is also of that man, that is because there are a lot of frustration on the part of their parents.

The Lack of Preparation to Become a Mother

That a girl is a mother has great risks for her. It also notes a failure in integration and a challenge for social and educational services. Cases of this type can hide, in addition, episodes of abuse in the family environment. It also remains to analyze the responsibility of the parents of these mother girls; grandparents who become reference adults, responsible for the custody of grandchildren despite the failure to care for their children. Physical complications depend on the degree of development of the minor. They can range from the risk of abortion to problems in the development of the future baby. Most births, moreover, are produced by cesarean section. From playing with dolls to having a baby in his charge. Or to alternate both. They experience motherhood before they have had time to be women. They are mothers girls. Children who alternate their role as daughters with a very precocious motherhood. According to the author “In 1987, a survey of 1,900 women at large abortion providers across the country found that women's most common reasons for having an abortion were that having a baby would interfere with school, work or other responsibilities, and that they could not afford a child.4”. Unwanted maternity in adolescence has adverse consequences: less education, a later entry into the labor market and more fragile sentimental unions. Teenagers can opt for a voluntary termination of pregnancy because they have concerns about how to have a child and how that could divert them from their important personal goals, such as completing their education, also they feel that they are not mature enough to become parents and this is not only an issue that affects women; but also to men, that is, there is enormous pressure from both sides, although it is obvious who gets the worst part.

The last reason why teenagers choose abortion is because women regularly cited their responsibility to dependents. Despite living in a time when tolerance is increasing, young people who assume paternity while still in school age tend to leave school to start generating the income necessary to support a family. Generally, once they have dropped out of school they do not seek to retake it, either because of the expenses that this entails, the increase in responsibilities or because they have seen that they do not need to finish their educational cycle to work. There are also cases in which one or both parents, fail to assume the total commitment to raise a child, so this responsibility falls on the grandparents. They are the ones who not only cover the economic expenses, but also assume the tasks of daily care, teaching and sleeplessness that involves having a baby at home. I share some of the aspects that I consider most important.

Medical aspects:

  • There may be complications in the delivery due to the immaturity of the birth canal, uterus and pelvis.
  • There is a higher risk of having a miscarriage, since the endocrine system of the mother is not fully developed.
  • Preterm labor is likely to occur -before the 37th week of gestation- due to the accelerated lifestyle of adolescents.
  • Carrying bad nutrition is undoubtedly an element of risk. The future mothers must ingest the essential nutrients for the good development of the baby otherwise, both they and their babies can suffer some kind of deterioration.
  • Immaturity in the development of the mother's body could interfere with the proper development process of the fetus, causing the baby to be underweight at birth.

Psychological aspects:

  • In many cases, pregnant adolescents isolate themselves from their group of friends, either voluntarily or because they feel pressured, due to fear of criticism or rejection to which they may be exposed.
  • In situations like the previous one, the girls' self-esteem could decrease, feeling sad, guilty or unable to assume the responsibility of being mothers, so they may reject the baby.
  • In this way, if the necessary support conditions do not exist, family problems can occur both in the direct circle and in the farthest circle, so that a large part of the pregnancy can feel lonely and therefore angry.
  • If the family's understanding, trust and love to accompany teenage mothers and fathers are not present, their children could be more likely to experience school and learning problems or difficulties in socialization processes.


It is important to have a lot of information about abortion before making the decision to do so, as well as medical and psychological counseling for the adolescents involved. It will not help to take shortcuts, being pregnant in adolescent age is dangerous and an abortion in minors is even more so. It is very likely to be a very complicated situation, but it will not help in any way not to communicate those concerns to your parents or representatives. Parents should not forget to create an environment of trust in which you can treat the subject of sexuality as something natural. It is important to emphasize the forms of care and protection that exist, in addition to the importance of having the emotional stability that such a decision requires. Remind your children that playing at the house does not prepare them for the responsibility that being a parent requires. Compared to women who abort at an advanced age, women who do so in adolescence are significantly more likely to report more severe emotional injuries. This conclusion is supported by the fact that women who did it as adolescents participate disproportionately in a large number of post-abortion counseling programs. The purpose of identifying beliefs, cultural constructions, social aspects of masculinities and aspects of sexuality that influence the actions of men residing in urban areas, in relation to the procreation of daughters and sons with adolescent women and the implications that lead to share or not the responsibility of parenting, which in turn, facilitate the construction of public policies related to pregnancy in adolescents. Currently there are health services that seek to meet the needs of adolescents, but it is important to recognize that young people do not go to them for contraceptive methods. However, young women who do go to the health sector to request such methods receive poor orientation. That is, they spent less time with them, gave them fewer options and did not discuss their reproductive intentions compared to users of 20 to 44 years. These results support the need to design policies that allow young women to obtain more information and correct use of contraceptive methods, inform health service providers of the right of young women to be informed, and receive attention as well as other population groups. In fact, it is necessary to provide more information about the low effectiveness of traditional methods, since there is no difference between using a traditional method and not using any.


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