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The Anti-federalists More Like The Anti-hisotirilists

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The United States is a relatively strong country but an extremely divided country, the country has been divided even before it was a country. In the 1770’s the united States were fighting for freedom from Great Britain they have declared themselves independent but needed a form of government. The founding fathers decided to create a constitution which got lots of support but also lots of hate. The Federalists and Anti-federalists were the two sides, the federalists believed that we should write a constitution and that we should have a strong central government. The Anti-federalists did not approve of the constitution, they believed that the government would be tyrannical and would be dictating. The Anti-federalists were scared because they felt oppressed by King George III and did not the American government to be “oppressive and tyrannical”, and chose to vote against the U.S. constitution.

The Anti-Federalists shouldn’t have been worried dictatorships because Great Britain at the time wasn’t tyrannical the only problem was that parliament was coming up with taxes on the Americans not King George III. As well King George had to share his power with Parliament, the cabinet, and ministers, the English government was not an absolute monarchy. The English government actually had many checks to make sure that one person did not have too much power. King George was actually angry with the loss of the colonies due to parliament’s taxes and expressed his disbelief in a letter when he even said, “America is lost! Must we fall beneath the blow? Or have we resources that may repair the mischief? What are those resources? Should they be sought in distant Regions held by precarious Tenure, or shall we seek them at home in the exertions of a new policy?” This shows King George’s distress on the loss of the American colonies shows how it was not his plan and how it was extremely unexpected, he tried extremely hard to get them back by using all their force to try to beat them into submission which seemed brutal but it was backed with good intentions. The thing about King George was that his rule was actually good and he ruled for a long time, he was a good king especially for a constitutional monarchy. The Anti-federalists over exaggerated King George’s role in the acts and taxes put on them, even if he had a bigger role in them he still had limited power so he couldn’t have been a dictator, because then the whole country would be corrupt. The Anti-Federalists should have looked at the basic facts and not just their opinions.

The Anti-federalists didn’t even know what a dictatorship was because they haven’t experienced one and there wasn’t a strong well known dictatorship in Western Europe at the time and there hadn’t been one for a long time. The closest dictatorship at that time was Napoleon whose rein would come in 15 years later a few years after the French Revolution. While speaking about the French revolution, revolutions are how most dictators gain their power, there was no English rebellion that led King George to power. The French revolution was when the citizens of French over took the autocracy because they were be acratic and oppressive. The Royal family of French at the time was not helping the country in its desperate time of need and still wore their extremely expensive clothes and threw parties while the rest of the country was in shambles and crumbling due to their extreme overwhelming debt. The French revolution came and set the scene for Napoleon to come in swoop down a take over the non-existent government and rule as a dictator. The reasons that Napoleon’s rule was so successful were that the revolution was extremely harsh and completely dismantled the government. The French revolution was so harsh that even some of the supporters were disgraced at some of the things happening such as this one person who wrote in a letter, “I always feel a little ashamed of my country, when I pass the spot where the Maid of Orleans was executed, and on which her statue stands, a monument of our disgrace.” The revolution was extremely brutal which made for a great chance for an extremely powerful dictator to rise. The problem with France was they had many brutal and mad leaders, such as Louis XIV or Louis the Sun King, Louis the Sun King had an overbearing approach to foreign policy, he invaded Spanish Netherlands, he started the Franco-Dutch war and he also formed the Grand alliance then fought with them right after. Louis the Sun King also forced all children to be Catholics and destroyed all Protestant Churches and school in France. And these kings/emperors aren’t even considered dictators even though they fought many people for the only reason to try to take over Europe and instill their beliefs.

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