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The Benefits of the Ioe on Enhanced Citizen Experiences

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There are many benefits that the IoE has on enhanced citizen experiences. One benefit would be traffic control and parking. Most are aware that GPS systems can provide multiple routes based on the level of traffic within the area. Digitization of traffic controls uses information from traffic feeds, road constructions and closures to reroute traffic for a shorter travel time. Also, they can adjust transit schedules to account for more accurate arrival and departure times.

GPS and sensors are being used in cities to update transit schedules to encourage the use of public transportation. This can help to reduce the amount of traffic congestion on busy roads. Parking garages can monitor how many available spaces there are which can reduce the unnecessary time spent searching for a parking spot. In some cases, these systems will be able to interact with your car and lead you to an available space. Another benefit would be green living and Sustainability, more than half of the population is based in urban areas which is creating ecological problems. Reducing the amount of excessive carbon emissions from transportation and higher energy use are a focus for governments worldwide.

IoE enabled assets can connect through the internet to a utility, which can then optimize power use during non-peak demand times. An example of this would be I Chicago, it has put in place a set of sensors to track the air quality and sidewalk traffic block by block. Another example is in Glasgow, tracking crime and traffic issues to improve the safety of citizens and congestion on the roads. These sensors can also track noise and foot traffic to decide areas that need improvement.


There are many IoE technologies that have been specifically designed to address environmental issues and can also contribute to slow down or even reduce the impact from climate change. A recent study has found that IoE devices could potentially reduce the energy consumption by 10%. Thermostats in homes are connected to the internet which can allow them to automatically turn off when it senses that there is no-one in the home or reduce the amount of power it is using when it isn’t needed. You can also download an app on your phone which allow you to turn it off or on. So, if you are out and you have forgotten to turn it off then you can use the app, or if you will be home soon and you want it to be warm when you get home.

The IoE is helping to protect endangered species and monitor wildlife. Collars (and maybe one day sensors placed under the skin) equipped with IoE technology can help us study endangered animals, their habits and learn more about how to protect them. There was on project that used these collars to track lions and alert cattle farmers to their whereabouts to avoid deadly run-ins. There has also been the use of drones to keep an eye on them to protect from poachers. This is an approach which is less invasive than others, it will make it easier to constantly monitor animal populations.

The IoE has the potential to help protect our environment. For example, monitoring air, water and soil quality, tracking wildlife or reducing energy usage.There are some environmental concerns that are present in the IoE. One of the main concerns is e-waste (waste of electrical and electronic equipment), more and more IoE devices are being introduced into the world leading to old devices being thrown away and ending up in landfills which, if left for a long time, may increase chemical emissions polluting the air. Another concern is the amount of energy consumption. IoT networks need large data centres to process and support their desires. As a result, the energy consumption by the data centres is huge. The resources required to supply that energy can add a huge burden to the setting. Though massive data centres are attempting to use as very little energy as possible, it’s still reaching to influence the energy sector. Additionally, the energy and resources used to manufacture lots of and thousands of recent devices is another supply of energy consumption caused by IoT.


A major benefit the IoE has on the economy is that the new jobs it will produce. an example would be an information security professional, these specialists ward off data loss caused by malfunction and in addition arrange to stop or mitigate purposeful attacks by hackers. With thousands of devices being introduced this implies that security specialists can have lots to do. There are major consequences for data mishaps. Targeted attacks would possibly take down the internet of entire countries or, on a smaller scale, just interrupt the usefulness of a private medical device, placing someone’s health at risk.

Data security specialists must be compelled to understand the convolutions of the internet and protect connected devices from attack. They must be able to analyse data trends and develop plans of action to defend every type of digitized asset, whether it’s your on-line fitness records, smart traffic lights or your power company’s equipment. These professionals ought to be continuously analysing and measuring rising threats and vary their efforts to combat those threats. And finally, within the event that a data breach happens, they always have a disaster recovery set up.Another example would be agricultural technologies, they work to feed the planet by maximising the food we tend to get from our plants and animals. These technologists may specialise in soil analysis, stock care or crop yields.

To best do their jobs, these workers want data, and lots of it. Farmers will track all their vehicle locations and fuel levels and see what quantity fertiliser or weed killer has been applied to specific components of fields. Throughout harvests, farms can get time updates on yields as combine harvesters usher in crops. Areas with lower yields may even be marked for additional fertiliser the next planting season. Technologists must be compelled to keep digital eyes on livestock. Sensors integrated into herds of cattle track the health of each animal. If a cow falls sick, managers directly acknowledge they must contact a vet to keep the animal from becoming worse and to prevent it from spreading an illness to others. Various sensors may track milk production and even the nutrient levels of milk from each cow. All this combined means that agricultural professionals have a clearer image of the way to improve efficiency on each property.

With the help of technologists, each farmer can maximise profit and keep in business for the long-term.However, there are some negatives of the IoE on the economy. It may be difficult, and it may take some time for people and businesses to update to the new IoE technology. You will need to invest in each IoT-enabled device and the software system that’s required to assemble and analyse the info you’re assembling. Depending on what you would like to obtain and therefore the technology needed for this might be a big capital investment. In a business the staff are going to need to adapt to the new IoE devices therefore they will need to be trained to use the new equipment, which will incur more costs. A business will also need a greater storage capacity if they are wanting to collect and analyse major amounts of data. To do this, they will need to create their own data centre which will be very expensive.


The major issue the IoE has on security is hackers. There are lots of them that steal personal details and even cause harm to other individuals. An example would be smart car hackers, they are able to wirelessly control them by dissecting the computerised system inside which makes the car vulnerable and then managing to gain control of the functions of the car using the internet. This means that they can control the car no matter what the driver does, which may lead to more accidents on the roads. Also, people are going to have to get their cars fixed which is going to be expensive, especially for a smart car.

Hackers also like to get into mobile phones. As an example, there was a phone-hacking scandal back in 2006 where Clive Goodman, a news editor, and Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator, were said to have intercepted into people’s voicemail messages, they were convicted and jailed in 2007. Mobile phones used to be provided with a default factory-set personal identification number that might be used to access voicemail from another phone or abroad. Customers were inspired to alter that Pin, however only a few did. That meant that anyone might call the phone and if the owner failed to answer, the caller might use the Pin to access the voicemail and any stored messages.


The manner within which a business using IoT manages the large amounts of data that those engaged objects produce will need to be filtered. This can be a challenge for developers to make sure the system works as efficiently as possible, also as having data protection implications therefore unsuitable data isn’t collected. Precautions against data security breaches and misuse of data ought to be designed into IoT solutions. Another risk known is that data is also re-purposed. This addresses the need to safeguard data subjects by guaranteeing data is just used for the aim that it had been collected and originally contemplated. With several IoT applications operative together and communication with one another autonomously, data subjects are going to be unaware of all the processing happening. This can impact the power to present the proper consent and exercise their rights in respect of the information collected.

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