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The Consequences of Bullying and Why It's Important to Prevent It

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Many parents and people in general think bullying is a normal act of adolescence,and it is just matter of time and age. What they might not know is that Bullying is becoming a big deal and a worldwide problem in today’s society, and yet it is one of those cases that receive the least amount of attention which leaves many youths to face daily at school, through technology or in any other place away from their parents’ view and safe environment, which can have many negative effects on children and teenagers, therefore; there is a definite need of finding possible solutions to let youths leave in peace and with no fear. As Rigby has stated, “Bullying is intolerable since it is cruel and repeated oppression, psychological or physical, of a less powerful person or group of persons, without any justification at all.”(11). There are several consequences of bullying that all adults and teens should know about before hand and why it is important to prevent bullying from being continued.

There are several influences of bullying that must be fixed before bullying can be prevented, which includes watching violence on TV (physical and verbal ways), families with low income, and familiarity with bullying. All youths and adults should know that “bullying is anything that has comprised of direct behaviors such as teasing, taunting, threatening, hitting, and stealing that are initiated by one or more students against a victim. In addition to direct attacks, bullying may also be more indirect by causing a student to be socially isolated through intentional exclusion.“(Banks). However, there are many types of bullying such as, physical, verbal, indirect, social alienation, intimidation, and cyber-bullying that’s why people are usually not familiar with all of them. Thus, the consequences may be very devastating, since the victim often gets very hurtful and may lead to many health and social problems in the long-run. The consequences may vary in depression, loss of appetite, stomach ache, nightmares, and low self-esteem. Any youth who gets bullied constantly, “either physically or emotionally, suffers from lowered self-esteem, resulting in more inappropriate responses to the bullying behavior. This results in more bullying victimization followed by peer avoidance. The victim of the bullying may begin to feel that the victimization is his or her fault and there is nothing that can be done to stop the bullying. This can result in sense of hopelessness, more bullying, and possibly violence against self or others.” (Urbanksi and Permuth 18)When saying possibly violence against self or others, it can refer to worse of all, committing suicide, which might be caused out of revenge or just out of need of putting an end to bullying. Such as the incident on May 8,13 according to the CNN news when “A twelve year old, Gabriele Molina’s body was found hanging from a ceiling fan and committed suicide because she was bullied at school.” (Boyette). Therefore, the best way to let teens know and expend their knowledge about the effects and consequences of bullying should be by having a mandatory lesson on bullying in school. This lesson may get familiar to students and they might even protect others when they recognize this action occurs.

However, bullying has been part of school territory for years, but lately this behavior has been expended by students being exposed more and more to technology and social medias. It is an awful form that can destroy someone’s reputation in so little time without the need to be face-to-face even. As was mentioned “in a survey by National Children’s Homes and Tesco mobile in 2005, 20% of young people aged 11 to 19 years said they had been bullied or received a threat by e-mail, internet chat room or text message.”(Types of Bullying) Also, students who were bullied in cyberspace only, and students bullied both in cyberspace and at school, experienced difficulties at school such as low marks, poor concentration, and absenteeism. These results suggest that bullying that occurs either at or outside school can have an impact on school learning.”(Beran and Li)This type of bullying occurs usually in websites like Facebook, Thubler, and Formspring which allows people to open fake accounts, send awful messages to different people 24/7 and in some websites allow to chat and send messages anonymously. Therefore, all teens should protect themselves by not posting any personal information nor sending any private pictures (not even to those who might be most trustworthy) since, no one knows who will accidentally or not accidentally see it and will explode the information. Always make sure that the email address is private, since there are many hackers out there that may use this email address to hack students emails and students should be aware of them.

Lastly, as Hall has stated, “The serious consequences of bullying and social isolation scare most parents. Cyber bullying and emotional bullying cause significant emotional distress to youth.” Yet, parents should be more involved in their kids life by knowing who are their friends, classmates, and teachers. Who can play a big role in knowing things about the kid and if anything is wrong, parents should be there and teach the kid how to handle the bullying especially if it is through cyber-bullying then parents should suspend their computer or cell , delete the account and tell the kid’s teacher of the concern of the child being bully. Parents should have a daily conversation with their kids about their day at school and out. “Frequent recommendations are to provide information to children about bullying, teach what to say and do if they are bullied, and encourage them to tell you about any bullying that occurs. But giving information does not mean that your child can or will follow through.” (Hall ) But parents should still talk and show their kids movies against bullying just to expend their knowledge and if the child witnesses bullying, he would know he should alert a teacher or any other adult around, because it will prevent someone from getting hurt. Parents should be aware of signs since usually teens are afraid telling and reporting that they are victims of bullying because they are feeling ashamed and don’t want to show their weaknesses to people who might not see it yet. Therefore, parents should make their kid feel free to talk about everything even about their weakest spot. Parents should always have their child’s password for every social network so it will be convenience for the parent to take a look and keep an eye to make sure everything is in order. Most importantly parents should set an example and not call names nor gossip next to their kid since kids look at their parents as the best role model and they try to act like it. Yet don’t forget to teach the kid the importance of being empathetic and when they don’t behave put them for a time out or take something he or she likes for few days.

As a result, the meaning of bullying may vary, but the main act is the harm of others and usually it is the imbalance between the stronger against the weaker student who has low self-esteem. As Lite has stated, “The bully gains power while crushing another human being’s spirit. He or she increases his own self-value and satisfies his need to control others as he steals his victim’s self-esteem rendering them with feelings of worthlessness.” The harm can be physical, verbal, or cyber bullying which can be very devastating to many teachers, guardians, parents, and mainly to teens. All teens deserve to attend school, walk on streets, surf on networks, and text freely and with no fear. Same to all parents who send their kids to school or and believe they are secure and then find out they are completely the opposite. Yet, the best way reduce bullying and cyber-bullying is with the help of parents, teachers, and witnesses. It might take awhile but with the knowledge and help it might save life of many innocent victims.

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