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The Description of The Technology Industry

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Industrial technology is the utilization of building and assembling period to make creation quicker, less demanding and more noteworthy Green the business age discipline utilizes inventive and in fact gifted people who can help an undertaking accomplish effective and gainful productiveness. Mechanical period bundles regularly comprise of preparing in enhancement thought, human components, authoritative lead, modern procedures, business arranging methodology, PC bundles, and record and introduction instructing.

Making arrangements and planning creation systems and gadget is a noteworthy thing of being a modern technologist. A business technologist is routinely in charge of implementing beyond any doubt outlines and methodologies. A few endeavors are related with records innovation, alongside PC equipment, programming program, hardware, semiconductors, net, telecom device, e-exchange and PC transporter. In a business setting, the information age relationship of America has depicted information innovation as “the examination, outlines, improvement, programs, usage, help or administrations of PC based absolutely data framework”. The commitments of these working inside the subject incorporate network organizations, programming program advancement and establishments, and the arranging and administration of a business period presence cycle, by utilizing which equipment and virtual products is looked after, redesigned, and refresh. A note worry of study is industrial Technology in big business. This has been portrayed as:

  1. The formation of new hardware and procedures for acting given obligations underway, circulation, insights handling (and so on.);
  2. The motorization of the creation way, or the achievement of a condition of more self-governance of specialized assembling structures from human oversee, obligation, or mediation;
  3. Changes in the nature and level of combination of specialized assembling structures, or more attractive reliance;
  4. The change, use, and use of ongoing restorative thoughts, standards, and data in assembling and different procedures;
  5. Improvement of specialized execution abilities, or blast in the effectiveness of rigging, framework, and strategies in performing given assignments.


Brainstorming is a group problem solving problem that involves the intuitive contributions of creative ideas and solutions. This technique requires a deep, independent discussion in which every member of the group is encouraged to think on a large scale and suggests as much as possible on the basis of his diverse knowledge. The impact of technology in our lives and the future of technology:- In the past 2 to 3 decades, technology has become a part of our daily lives, at which point he has taken our life. take a moment; Stop reading this post and look around you. what did you see? Do you see tech, gadgets, computers, video surveillance? Note how gadgets and technical equipment are surrounded by our lives. PCs on your desk, cell phone, Wi-Fi router, even your thermostat – next to your bed – are all examples of how technology has changed every aspect of our lives; For some good and others may not be so good. In this essay, we are going to see some of the latest feats in technology and are going to analyze their positive and negative impact on our lives.

Smartphone Revolution

It was only a decade ago when cell phones were primarily used to call and send texts. Today, the use of cell phones runs gamut. The phone does everything from taking a high-resolution picture to see a pixel-perfect video, which browse the internet to play graphic-intensive games to monitor your movements. It is amazing how in addition to meeting basic communication requirements, how can this small device demand work be handled. The arrival of smart phones has made our life extremely simple. People now connect more often and easily to their loved ones through video calls and instant messaging services. Works like creating slides, reading emails, and documenting do not require a PC anymore. In a nutshell, the way the Smartphone and apps worked, the communication and the game have changed. In addition, the rapid expansion of e-commerce and Internet-based companies is directly proportional to the rapid spread of the Smartphone..

Less-Active Lifestyle

The Smartphone revolution has made our life easier, it has made us lazy. Today, the whole world is at our fingertips, and thus we do not need to work or roam as we did earlier to work. Our impotent lifestyle and lack of physical activity can be partly attributed to more reliance on smart phones. This is especially true for the younger generation, who constantly stick to their cell phones. In the modern era, cell phone addiction is putting a negative impact on our lives. Care should be taken to deal with this issue in an effective mannerIf technology is to make our life easier then why are people working for a long time: – Two words: Industrial Revolution.

What you are seeing is one of the symptoms caused by this root cause. Every year, countless engineers are designing jobs. Before someone tries to say that when we prepare jobs, we create more jobs, it shows that companies will not buy those products unless they are cost-effective.Employees are a major expense, and before companies invest, they want to see that they will get a good return on their investment. Generally reducing the cost of new equipment in a few years. do the math. If more employment (years) has been made than replacing the new ‘cost savings’ product sold in the industry, then the net cost of the product will be bigger than the cost savings. Companies will not pay for it.

Once upon a time we had a lot of resources and horses were the first jobs of animals. Then it was agricultural laborers who were displaced in the cities. The reorganization of wars and the economy (for example income tax) continued things. International trade also helped in that phase. Factory jobs are getting automated, but there was enough market for the goods and goods growing goods. Coming with the computer and now white collar jobs were removed, for example, in the beginning, the Secretary and Draftsman and many others later. When international phone lines were upgraded with fiberoptics and the travel became cheaper and shipping became cheaper, suddenly outsourcing cost became cost effective (at least on paper, but this is another topic).

Now, not only has more manufacturing jobs gone, so a lot more white collar jobs (for example, all phone support jobs).The end result is largely unemployment with unemployment and unemployment which constantly stops to adjust the pace at which jobs disappear. We all know about the speed at which the money spiral is on top. The industrial revolution is part of the reason that is happening.Finally we have fewer and fewer people participating in the economy. Definitely, there is a social security net, because some options will be very messy (remember what happens in the population when a large part becomes desperate and it seems that they have nothing to lose) but still Less in a useful way are taking part and the economy keeps shrinking.With this economic spiral, the trend is weakening and decreasing because the companies put pressure on the fact that employees are pressurized to become more efficient in using the latest equipment. Most companies are under pressure because the customer base is being poor and poor (even the governments), and they definitely pass this pressure down.

As the increase in efficiency standards spreads throughout the industry. Because people know that their jobs are in danger, they work long hours to keep their jobs and miss lunch.Most owners (or at least many) use the ‘black box’ system of management. They treat the employee as a magic black box, in fact it does not know what the employee does or how they do it. They feed the demands of the box for work and magical work products come out. They feed fast in demand and the product also comes faster. Eventually, this spiral at the point where the employee (in the box) breaks and the employer is stopped, reflects the box and breaks the figures and goes out and receives second (employee).

To leave any other damaged employee either to quit the economy or to become unemployedTo become a boss was often used through ranks, or employees had considerable confidence in the value of the company, or the union was strong enough or the companies were more tolerant than ‘incompetence’ and this black box method was not widespread. , But often the pressure is high today and the employees are so scared and the owners are often not present on the technology or skills of those people, and so take By using the latest technology to work for a long time.By the way: In the 60’s and 70’s (if not earlier) the story was that the new technology was going to relieve people from boring labor and rest them. She never worked. The answer is obvious when applied to the technical corporations purchased for improving productivity.

The people whose jobs were changed were removed. It takes a lot of time on their hands suddenly but not in a good way. When applied to home, it usually meant that the wife was released to work in the workplace. Over time prices adjusted (supply and demand) where the wife did not work, there was not enough money in the house.Meanwhile, technology brought us TVs and movies where we learned that we did not have enough. With this we increased our expenditure, and our need to work is increasing.For some time the investment in internet and computer and satellite TV and cable increased, until they reached a steady position, where jobs could fall again from these activities, while the price was higher ( Because they could, and the companies wanted to pay their investments).

Again, more income and less incomeRemember, economics is local. Where do you buy? What do you pay for? Where do you eat When you do not make luggage for the ship outside your area, then people who provide services for you also cut wages. A ‘service economy’ is the code word for ‘removal of economy in death spiral’, unless you can provide this service to people outside your local area. So far this technique appears to help people in poor countries.There are political ‘reactions’, most of which make the problem worse. There are such government band-aids that can be applied to reduce the pain but they are not popular for various reasons and then there are real solutions but no one (and I mean nobody) is interested in finding them at present.

Regulation and Ethics

Code and Other Laws of Cyberspace

Kama warns us that decision based on the steps of the society of digital technologies is being made on very important issues around us. After that, he asks the readers to identify the values that are being affected and it is determined how to address them. One of the key insights of the book is that we can divide these ideas into four broad ways of regulation or constraint: norms, law, market and architecture / code.· Code/architecture– the physical or technical constraints on activities (e.g. locks on doors or firewalls on the Internet)· Market– economic forces· Law – explicit mandates that can be enforced by the government· Norms – social conventions that one often feels compelled to followAlthough Lecig’s conclusions are relatively pessimistic, anyone can read their book as a powerful call.

As he says, by recognizing the transition that is happening, we can expect that “how can we regain vital values in this [cyber] space, and we can insist on bringing those values which Are absent now. ” They told that the methods are flexible. Given some set of values, one can use the four methods of Leggage as a means of defining strategies for our landscape and action. When we are able to identify radical changes in one or more ways, it is time to decide whether to resist or adapt to this change to continue to promote our values effectively. Although “hidden ambiguities” in recent laws, policies and principles can often be challenging, but they can also provide us open doors in new opportunities.When there is ambiguity in the traditional version of a formality, it gives us the opportunity to try the resolution of the ambiguity that promotes our values.Lessig shows us that modalities can interact with each other in dramatic ways, and often scoring a victory with one can help promote our values relative to others.


Lessig is both a well recognized legal scholar and a motivational author. Although their own political views manifest themselves on the occasion, but they do a good job of presenting many dilemmas, then leaves the reader to solve them.Effect:Anyone who cares about the social issues touched by ICT can get insight from the book of Leicig. By trying to identify and negotiate the four methods described, one can decide which strategy is understood to promote the values of someone. As Liceg points out, the ambiguity in the system will be resolved in any way; To decide, each person has a decision to take part in the process or not.


Business Process-an enterprise way is a grouping of steps focused on the helpful asset of an accumulation of partners to get a strong goal. it’s far a simple growing square for loads associated mind like undertaking strategy manipulate, process mechanization, et cetera. notwithstanding the truth that there may be a majority of expressions composed roughly mechanical agency manner control and it’s miles hard to discover a simple response to the question, “what precisely is an affiliation system?” permit’s mischief it in advance.

The significance of business systems

The want and endowments of an undertaking framework in great agencies are very spotless. a framework makes a assist for any business and empowers in finding out person sporting events and ensures that the assets are located into most appropriate make use of. There are some key reasons for replacing well-defined business processes:

  • Identify which undertakings are imperative for your extensive business objectives
  • Arrange them to enhance proficiency
  • Arrange correspondence between individuals/activities/divisions to finish particular assignments
  • To guarantee responsibility and guarantee the ideal utilization of assets, wherever pertinent, set the chain of command of assets
  • Keep bedlam from crawling into your everyday activities
  • Standardize an arrangement of strategies to achieve those errands that are extremely critical to your business

Steps in a Business Process

A enterprise procedure streams into a straight succession. To attain the predefined purpose, it requires direction and an unequivocal path. A commercial enterprise procedure may additionally appear to be altogether special from the back system, yet there are some degrees which might be normally regular for all commercial enterprise bureaucracy. Task1: outline your desires Task 2: plan and map your process Task3: set moves and assign stakeholders Task4: check the system Task5: put into effect the method Task 6: screen the results Task 7: repeat On the off danger that the technique can accomplish the targets set for it, reproduce it for the destiny approaches. If the process is able to achieve the goals set for it, replicate it for the future processes.



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