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The Existence of God Within and Around Us

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The question that everyone asks is “does God exist?”. It takes a glimpse of hope to see and know God. People in this world are more realistic to physical facts other than having greater faith in believing in spiritual beings. According to Gallup poll, eight of ten Americans are considered believers who mean that almost the whole population in the United States is believers of Christ. There are more churches and religious altars to worship in America compared to any other country. There is physical proof in the Bible that supports the argument; God exists. A Chariot of horses took Elijah to heaven, Jacob fought with God forcing him to bless him and his descendants and finally Jesus Christ as a living proof more than 2000 years as the son of God through His miracles and prophecies. Today there is more evidence that proofs existence of God is real and divine because of His Creation and the order in the universe that doesn’t complement philosophy’s theory about the big bang theory. I heartily concur and agree that God exists in humanity and the world.

The universe contains a logical order for human existence; hence it contradicts the big bang theory that philosophers argue the question of God exists as inaccurate. Big bang theory suggests the universe got created out of chaos, but the world is more complex beyond mere human understanding and imaginations. Biblical, we are part of God’s creation. Unfortunately, we as humans should look inside ourselves to see God instead we seek the wrong things by looking at the surroundings. The world is in a mess because the human – effect; hence people tend to understand and conclude that God cannot exist in such chaos since He is God of Order. Humanity tends to forget we are part of God and we bear His likeness and image.

There are reasons as to why the thesis question is a confirmation that the debate of God’s existence is evidence of His presence. As humans were born with an innate knowledge from God to decide right from evil; we seek God’s intervention and forgiveness which is a form of balance that allows us to understand why His mercy is necessary. Humans have the desire for love, and through His son Jesus, our souls filled His divine adoration. We tend to use the money, sex, illegal drugs to fill the empty hole inside that only that God we can get eternal life through our acceptance of His Son as Lord and Almighty Savior. This argument proves that God exists within and as Jesus Christ hence a piece of reasonable evidence that He exists: Jesus was not just a man but God. His miracles of walking on water, calming a storm, or rising the dead are not scientific but divine. In the Bible, Jesus Himself was able to conquer death and ascend to Heaven in broad daylight which is a fact concerning the existence of Heaven. The impact of Christ’s life, death and resurrection have positively shaped the world and changed beliefs of people concerning a higher spiritual power above man. However, philosophy suggests that universe and human existence are based on the fact we choose to perceive His presence. It urges that we exist in another dimension or a different plane that we cannot comprehend. A more in-depth view and spiritual searching of God’s creation would reveal His existence and that He is real.

According to NKJ (Romans 1:19-2), that explains the possibility of God’s existence whereby the Bible says that people in the world have physical and sufficient evidence about the truth but have suppressed it. The verse emphasizes if we seek God with all our hearts, we will find Him. Naturally, we would want to know God and understand the facts that surround His existence. There are statements to fully grasp the complexity of earth’s design and how it sustains itself until today. Examples that explain God presence is through our planet’s complexity design seen in the Earth’s size and gravity that holds the gases which support life compared to other worlds. Why do you think other planets like Mars or Venus have no life support for any living thing? This question is answered through understanding Earth’s capacity to sustain its atmosphere compared to a smaller planet like Mercury. For instance, Earth would contain hydrogen if it was larger like Jupiter, but it is the only planet with the correct amount mixture of gases to sustain all the plants, animal and human beings. Its location towards the sun, the controlled temperature that ensures freezing and overheating don’t occur explains that the universe did not get created by a random fusion (Big bang) but a planned sequence and order of creation. God’s divine love and attention to human life are undying thus creating Earth especially for human life and not anywhere else. The earth’s rotational speed of 67,000 mph ensures that cooling and warming daily. God’s existence mostly is associated with Jesus miracles during His lifetime whereby He cured rare diseases, raised the dead, multiplying food through to feed 5,000 people, commanding a storm, walking on water are all actions that explain God’s existence. God reveals Himself through unexplainable circumstances and situations hence making it difficult for others to believe His presence.

In Good News Bible (John 14:11), God is portrayed as gentle, loving to all sinners since as humans we have shortcomings and centeredness. God took the form of man to come and deliver us from sin hence demonstrating His agape love to humanity and the universe that He created. The new life that Jesus Christ gave through Hus death shows how God intervenes by building a relationship with man through religion. God created us to know His existence and to worship His greatness; this indicates that His presence is real in our daily lives. In terms of an order, God gives an elaborative explanation for certain abstract notions that involves numbers (days He created the world), formulae (how He did it and why), natural laws (right and wrong /good and evil), and mathematical properties (balance of procreation and death). The existence of God is evident through what we see, feel, smell and touch since He is within and around us. The environment is part of His presence since it defines His true nature as God of order. Causation is another aspect that reveals God is real and indeed exists. It provides a good explanation of how everything came to be, how the universe and humanity got formed contradicting the alternative big bang theory that suggests the world came from ‘nothing’ and an explosion resulted to everything which sounds un-logical in the sense that how un-orderly creation of something can lead to a perfect synchronized universe? How God designed the world proves that the complexity order in the cosmological, stellar, solar planetary came to be because of God.

The philosophical argument that God does not exist merely based on notions that His physical absence as a divine being explains their scientific theory. In realizing that morality is part of human existence that defines values and ethical reasoning in our daily lives proves that God is real. This aspect provides an adequate explanation of the existence of such objectivity and moral value. Draper & Paul (2017) contend that atheists and agnostics believe that if God indeed exists why does He hide from us? God has proven countless times His presence and existence to us, but we are so blind to the fact we cannot see beyond our human eyes. A way that explains His manifestation is the Bible which is accurate documentation of divine truth based on past, present and future events describing why and how humans are essential to God. The revelation of the Bible elaborates how God has done so much for us and why He created us in the first place. Evidence that proves God exists is the physical show of the universe that shouts elements of His existence through logical order, beauty and complexity that the alternative theory cannot relate to in any way.

In NKJ (Romans 1: 20), the Bible explains how God’s invisible qualities, divine nature, and eternal power are understood and seen. Through understanding the Bible on a deeper level, one can see God and know Him better. Jesus Christ is an image of the invisible God as explained in (Colossians 1: 15) whereby Jesus is God and also the man. There are no chemical or biological explanations of how God can manifest through people and nature for us to realize that He exists. Science contradicts with publication explanation of God’s existence where love, happiness, and beauty are measured not in the laboratory experiment but our hearts.

On a philosophical point of view, philosophy suggests that supernatural events always link to the existence of God hence creating the belief what God has done is associated with evidential propaganda. The evidentiary point of view, explains that any divine action ties to God’s invisible existence which is still a theory because of lack of physical proof other than divine invisible presence to the believer. Philosophy sees Christianity as any other religion that based on supernatural powers and belief of a higher power without actual manifestations. Acceptance of material explanation and priori adherence are aspects that philosophy tends to use in discrediting God’s existence because of lack of material causes. The critical search for the ultimate truth whether we can accept no divine presence controls the universe and the earth. The open-minded people see the possibility that Christianity is just a religion and the claim that God exists within has no metric or measure. In searching the objective truth concerning the existence of the universe and who is responsible, it’s imperative to support the thesis question that God exists because of the following astronomical conclusions: the astronomy discovery that the universe had a beginning and God was responsible for the single moment of creation. The world is controlled by natural laws of order which beg to answer the question of which rules came up in the first place and by whom. This argument shows that there was a single time, proof of a beginning to something even the Big Bang has its start (who/what catalyzed or let the bang occur, why that time?) In relation to the universe origin, there are explainable aspects that show how God’s existence resulted in everything in life.

Philosophers tend to agree that the transcendent Law Giver elaborates the standard moral objectivity — the plausible explanation of right from wrong in the world usually based on a scientific law. But critically analyzing the code, it is evident that people have a reason and choice to think or choose right from wrong. Where did your conscience come from and why it exists? These questions clearly show God was in the beginning hence making every relevant laws and action to existence (Clark et al., 2017). People from different cultures, races, and affiliations have at least once had a personal experience with a supernatural situation or manifestations which clearly and profoundly shows that God exists. These experiences might have come through mysterious phenomenon, answered prayers, prophetic revelation, and divine healing at some point in our lives. This proof explains that God is within humanity and is solemnly responsible for universe existence. Materialism usually considered absolute which allows no form of the divine notion of God’s’ presence. God was there at the beginning of the universe. Vilenkin & Alexander (2017) contend that scientific evidence was the cause of the existence of the world which most philosophers use up to date.

According to Gallup polls in 2016 where it stated that 89% of Americans believe in God’s existence as described in the Biblical accounts. In 2018, the survey posited that nine out of ten Americans accept that God exists. The raising questions are what do they believe? What are they rejecting when only they think of God’s existence? In America, a third of the population does not believe in God existence, but they know there is a higher power but not God. According to the Pew Research Center survey, it showed that Americans who truly believe in God’s existence as per the Bible understand there is an all loving, powerful deity that controls everything in the world literally. However, people who believe in supernatural/divine powers other than God understand the presence of an omnipresent, all omniscient, benevolent and active deity connected to human affairs.

Most United States adults believe in God because of the results that God’s divine powers have and also the strict past upbringing compared today’s American youths. Americans have different types of belief about universal spirituality and God. Some of them believe in deictic beings; others are Wiccans who believe in two gendered beings (Goddess and God), Zoroastrians are people who think in one god example of Mazda who created two spirits namely Spenta Mainu and Angra Mainyu (Campbell & Joseph, 2015). Even though Americans are diverse in their beliefs of a higher power, some religions are related to God’s existence but not on biblical accounts. Religions such as Judaism and Islam believe in God, but have a different form of worship hence supporting the claim that God exists. Due to high animosity and the change of American cultures, the Agnostics and Atheists are decreasing comparing the 2014 (89%), and 2018(80%) of Gallup polls show that secretly some people are undecided whether to believe in God or even a universal spirit. The open criticism of nonbelievers shows how spiritually cultured America is today.

Modern philosophers have different aims like proving what had already existed. In the past, default view and rejection of God’s existence especially in Europe and American was rather absurd since God’s presence usually characterized by His super intelligent, the aspect of transcendent together with creative power. According to René Descartes (1596-1650), he believed that the perfect God has no deception to the world because of the reality of the external universe that exists. He further contends that God is real and the world depends on a higher being. Contemporary philosophers make God’s existence even more probable because of the level of confidence in their proof. Comparing the past philosophy that focused on the raw- traditional trends of scientific facts that contradicted with the worldview notion that God exists is true. The worldview suggests that most people believe in God according to the biblical accounts that talks about Creation. It is essential to understand why philosophers argue against supporting the thesis question that God indeed exists. I strongly agree that atheists usually undermine the biblical proof of God’s existence.

According to Coyne & Jerry (2016) avers that religion and science are incompatible in many ways through the massive ideologies from both that contradicts each side. The understanding of each argument has its basis and weigh regarding points concerning the existence of God. The discussion that God exists or not on a biblical concept and philosophy claims cannot end because of the increasing ideologies and explanations that back up whether the existence is a fact or fiction. The thesis question, does God exists is true and a conclusive that He was there before the creation of the universe and up to date.

Reasons to support the thesis question rather than backing the philosophy claims are because God’s existence is manifested spiritually in that believers of the religion have the benefit of reuniting with their creator in Heaven. It may sound a myth that God only can reveal Himself physically when our souls ascend to Heaven after death but His divine spirit in the form of people’s good deeds; unexplainable events are all His doings. Another rationale as to why God’s presence is real is that science and philosophy cannot explain how human emotions and spirituality grows. Philosophy has no evidence whatsoever to link their claims on God’s existence with psychology. The way humanity reacts to events and situations mostly based on our emotions and reasoning. God is real since He can control these aspects through fasting and prayer. The fact that psychology explains human behavior proves that God indeed exists in our minds and emotions.

The word view claim that increases the credibility in supporting the claim that God’s exists can be explained through the biblical explanation of Creation story accounts. The world as it is known to have different views regarding the origin of the universe. Philosophy argues that the universe abruptly formed through science and not creation. The world view support of the thesis is overwhelming since nearly half of the world population believes in God’s existence compared to the number of atheists and nonreligious affiliations. The population evidence gives weight to support that God indeed exists and the notion in almost everyone’s minds is that there is a supernatural being responsible for humanity and the world’s existence. The world view population claim, spiritual growth, and psychological explanations are all evidence that supports the existence of God. It is imperative to understand that both philosophy and biblical views on whether God’s exists based on assumptions and factual hypothesis.

In conclusion, by supporting the thesis question that explains God’s existence within and around us. The reasons and the proofs that support this claim are overwhelming since God reveals Himself through nature, Jesus Christ and within us. The argument that philosophy tries to undermine the creation of the universe and materialism account which promotes their claim is inaccurate. Jesus Christ is one of the evidence that shows God is real through His earthly miracles and also biblical verses. The views that the universe was created by a superior being, not by chaos as suggested by the alternative theory of the Big Bang are more believable. The divine power and the spiritual manifestation of God in our live proof He plays greater sustaining humanity and the universe. They believe in divine power and that God’s existence has a purpose for us humans; we can choose any religious or universal spirits.

Today there are numerous altars and places of worship for every religion; this fact shows that diversity in religious beliefs is gradually growing. The views that people have on higher and divine affiliations they are involved does not determine their economic or social prosperity but a spiritual fulfillment. The evidence that God exists and He is responsible for the creation of the universe, order of earth is understandable not by faith but reason. The scientific polls like Gallup correspond and show that the number of believers in America is relatively impressive due to an increase of church and fellowships in the country. Even though there are threats that affect proof of God’s existence like demonic powers and satanic manifestation in the universe, still concur that God exists and will always do.  

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