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The Humanity Rights & Discrimination

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According to the argument of Crane and Matten, 2016, the discrimination is considered as the preferential treatment which the employees gain without regarding to the qualification and the job performance of the employees (Crane and Matten, 2016). In the context of the contemporary business, the diversity managing is considered as the prominent feature which is the extensive legislation of the all contemporary business (Crane and Matten, 2016). As the result, the woman involvingin the top position of the firm is increasing in recent years.

According to the argument of the Alexandra et al., 2017 and Tracy, 2016, will bring the parity in the working environment of all kind of organization. The event of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appointed fifty percentage of women in the new cabinet in which the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau argue that it is the right time for the women gain the fifty percentage of the power because they are representative of a half population (Alexandra et al., 2017). It is the time to present the restructure of power in the public area of all countries across the world (Tracy, 2016).

In the across the world, there is existing of the racial among the countries which included in the gender, ethics, background (Tracy, 2016). The racist is presented in the quotas of the country. The quotas is employed as the tool of the affirmative action to involve the schools in the racial rate to the community or to assign the government contractors of the minority status (Van et al., 2003). Besides, the quotas is also the tools to the present the discrimination in the Supreme Courte and the Government body (Wolfinger et al., 2008). In the past, the women accept many disadvantages such as such antidiscrimination law, affirmative action and the gender quotas. Therefore, it is necessary to consider the role of the women in the society (Kadera, 2013), (Wolfinger et al., 2008).

The women is required to be treated equally. For example, in US which is considered as the most developed thought in the world, the women make up more than 50% of the population, however, in the law major, there is 47% women students in which there is 34% of lawyers, 18% of equity partners, 25% of judges, 25% of lawmakers and 20% of law deans (Dixon et al., 2011), (Quereshi, 2012), (Kadera, 2013), (Wolfinger et al., 2008) . Besides, there is more than 57% of women gaining the bachelor degree in which there is 50% of science degree. However, there is only 25% women who is the STEM labor force (Quereshi, 2012).

Moreover, there is 47% women as the labor force. There is 55% women as the business consumers. There is also 40% of the women gaining the MBAs, there is 40% women as the business managers. However, there is only 20% of the women taking the position of the corporate boards and the 15% of women taking the position of the Chief Executive Officers (Quereshi, 2012). The discriminatory cause many negative impacts of the gender imparity in the education, employment, religion, pregnancy, marriage which has lasted for long time since establishing the country (Quereshi, 2012), (Wolfinger et al., 2008). Therefore, it is the good time to consider the and conduct the feminist legal reform (Quereshi, 2012).

The quota should be conducted with the equality, effectivity which will present the equal gender in which the women also gain the power as the proportion of the population (Wolfinger et al., 2008). In the population, the women gain the 50% of population which means there is also 50% women playing the important roles in the organization and the society such as manager, CEOs, politicians and the lawyers (Quereshi, 2012), (Wolfinger et al., 2008).The unequal treatment will create the unfairness among the genders and the ethics and background as well (Alexandra et al., 2017), (Tracy, 2016), (Quereshi, 2012), (Wolfinger et al., 2008).

The problem of the race also creates the imparity in the treatment which will restrict the color and black person to find the jobs and involve in the community of the developed countries (Alexandra et al., 2017). These people find it is hard to get employed in US, UK (Alexandra et al., 2017). These will collapse many chances of these person who want to contribute for the person. Besides, the country, organization also loss the high qualified employees who are the color and black person (Tracy, 2016). Therefore, the diversity will offer the good chance to reform the power structure of the organization and the countries (Quereshi, 2012), (Wolfinger et al., 2008).

There are more qualified persons involving the important roles of the organizations and the country (Tracy, 2016). There is the fair competition in the society and the organization which will push the organization and the country to develop (Quereshi, 2012), (Wolfinger et al., 2008). Moreover, each individual has the humanity right in which there is the equal treatment to the individual in the employment, education, marriage, pregnant (Quereshi, 2012), (Wolfinger et al., 2008). All organization, society must comply with the humanity right to present the equal treatment to individuals in the society (Tracy, 2016). Hence, it is clear to state that the application of the affirmative action is appropriate for the case of event of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Tracy, 2016).

In the private sectors, there is also fairness in the treatment. In the context of the private sector, the firm and enterprise is carried on to earn the profit which is considered as the main purpose of business activities and operation (Martin, 2016). Therefore, the capacity of the employees and the manager are the important factors of the firm which will decide the success of the firm (Martin, 2016). The equal treatment will create the equal chance for all individuals to present their ability which will bring the benefit for the firm. Therefore, the diversity of the gender, ethic will create more chance for the firm to employ the high qualified employees which will become the competitive edge for the firm when compared to competitors (Martin, 2016).

According to the survey, the imparity will restrain the development of the firm and business, in which the high qualified employees will lose the motivation to contribute for the firm (Bates et al., 2012). Nowadays, in the trend of the globalization, there are many multinational countries such as the Unilever, Pepsi, P&G conduct the diversity policies in the firm (Bates et al., 2012). The firm is operated across the world in which there is the diversity of the national risk, diversity of the labor force and diversity of the ethics (Bates et al., 2012). The diversity of these firms results in the high profitability and the success of these firms. Therefore, the diversity is considered as the necessary issues in the private sectors (Bates et al., 2012).

In the past, the women accept the unfair treatment in the all sectors such as the employment, education, marriage (Mershon et al., 2015). Besides, the unfair treatment makes the women to be the victims of the sexual harassment in the public places. The unfair treatment is on the high tension which create the strikes of the feminist (Mershon et al., 2015). These participants want to gain the fair treatment among the genders. The women and men should be offered the same chance to present their ability in all sectors (Mershon et al., 2015). Besides, there is the campaign of the “Finding Feminist” (Mershon et al., 2015).

Meanwhile, there is the evidence that there is equal ability among the women and the men. Therefore, the women should have the chance to show their ability (Mershon et al., 2015). In history, there are several women who can lead and take the important roles such as Queen Elizabeth (Mershon et al., 2015). It is required to break the barriers among genders in which the women can have the good chance to participate in all sectors of the society and the public sectors. It is the suitable time to conduct the parity in the genders (Mershon et al., 2015). In conclusion, basing on the argument of the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it is appropriate to apply the affirmative action in the diversity in the public sectors. Among the public sectors, it is necessary to conduct the diversity strategy for the private sectors. Finally, it is the good time to conduct the parity in the genders.


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