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The Impacts of Drought in Canada

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No one can deny the fact that Drought is the main hazard in Canada which creates many issues whenever it occurs. Drought is the main concern in Canada and in Western countries which damage several industries, homes and main cause of the death every year. There are three types of hazards which is happening each year – Tectonic hazards, Gravitational hazards, Climatic hazards. Canada, the second largest country in the world, is subject to every hazardous natural process on Earth – large earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions, landslides, snow avalanches, floods, hurricanes, tornados, severe storms, drought, and sea-level rise. The major considerations within the health of the people were the diseases associated with water, food and shelter. The main motive of this paper is going to analyze the impacts that occur on the health of the humans with relevancy the Drought within the Canadian context. It will additionally give insights relating to the choices to adapt so the human settlement will defend their health throughout the conditions of Drought. It should therefore come as no surprise that losses from natural disasters, both globally and in Canada, are increasing.

Droughts in Canada

No one can deny the fact that massive area droughts are one in every of Canada’s major natural disasters and may have large scale impacts on various sectors as well as human health and society, agriculture, forestry, industry, municipalities and recreation. The impact of drought has resulted within the depletion of reservoir levels together with the flow of streams and groundwater levels. There will be major impacts on the environment because of drought such as loss of wetland and risk of increased wildfires. Myers et al., (2013) stated that the dimension of drought is different and is dependent on the factors such as the level of intensity and the time period. It may also create shortage of water, which may lead to other complexities as well. Droughts are different from floods because they last longer and cannot be identified early and easily. Drought is totally different hazard from other hazards due to last longer and cannot be known early and easily. In 2014 and 2015 many streams experienced droughts that were more severe than any on record.

History of Drought in Canada

This study is that the initial of its kind to show dominant periodicities in drought variability over the entire of Canada in terms of once the drought events occur, their length, and the way usually they occur. This study provides a comprehensive analysis of historical droughts over the entire of Canada, together with the role of large-scale teleconnections. Deschenes (2014) stated that the country is known for its abundant resources of water but are distributed in an uneven manner across the country. Furthermore, this can be nearly 98% of the population living in Canada are primarily based in south and have access to around 38% of water resources. According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report, instrumental observations over the past 157 years show that temperatures at the surface have risen globally, with significant regional variations. With regard to the northern half, it is seen that there is more availableness of water resources per capita to the people and provides water to the prairies and therefore the Great Lakes in addition however has minimized between the amount of 1971 and 2004. In the period between 2001 and 2002, the flow of streams was below the typical level and it had extended from the western Canadian region of Ontario thereto of the Atlantic Provinces. The Ontario watersheds gets the resources from Nunavut along with the different US states, which is almost equivalent to one-third of the place in Canada. Moreover, the Prairies land consists of 3-12% of whole water yield to it of good Lakes. During 20th century, the dimensions of meteorologists’ outline that there has been appreciable quantity of warming throughout all seasons. But, studies shown that, foremost occurred in winter and spring times.

Impacts of Drought

There are numerous impacts of drought on various sectors such as, price of food, health risk, quality of water, food borne diseases, vector borne diseases, respiratory problems, socioeconomic factors impacting human health and population vulnerable. This all issues we will discuss in the following paragraphs of research paper.

Food borne Diseases

Food borne diseases are the main of cause of human deaths because of drought. The drought conditions additionally produce an effect on the diseases that are connected with food merchandise and some dry conditions that are gift within the region end in the rise of the food pathogens that will produce issues when intense the food by the folks. Within the Canadian state of affairs, it is often seen that there are virtually eleven million cases that results because of consumption of food merchandise containing pathogens. The Government of Canada is supporting the World Food Programme (WFP) in its effort to provide food assistance for an estimated 11.5 million drought-affected people in Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia. The food safety organizations consider the water sources within the corporation and municipalities, special squads of the food safety department can ceaselessly monitor all the non-public tanker lorries supply water. The Canadian provinces that are dry breed bacterium like C. perfringens that conjointly infests the food merchandise that are consumed by the traditional individuals. Within the drought state of affairs, the consumption of shellfish and cultivated crops conjointly increase the chance of infections among the human population. According to a new report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), between 2005 and 2015 natural disasters cost the agricultural sectors of developing country economies a staggering $96 billion in damaged or lost crop and livestock production.

Health Issues by Drought

The foremost major effect of drought is on the human health, because it affects socioeconomic areas of the individuals. The prevalence of drought ends up in a rise within the rate of mortality and morbidity. Individuals using rawer manufacture exploitation water, economically deprived people and folks with compromised immune systems may additionally be vulnerable. Fine particulate matter is very small particles that are small enough to be inhaled into the lungs and can cause a human health concern at certain concentrations,’ said Bob Myrick, director of air shed sciences with Alberta Environment and Parks. A proof of this was found within the grassland region whenever there have been severe impacts because of mud and led to water-borne diseases among the people.

Quality of Water and Impact on Human Health

There is often a negative on the potable water on human health due to drought. The standard of water decreases to a good extent and there is a better likelihood of being infected through water because of the droughts that are happening with in the Canadian regions. In addition to the watershed work, a wetland inventory started by the City of Calgary and Ducks Unlimited Canada in 2000 will soon wrap up and give city planners a new tool to conserve wetlands. Researches shows that in 2018, we have a tendency to had record drought over the Southern Prairies, matchless dry conditions forest fires in British Columbia and therefore the range, and unexampled flooding within the nice Lakes- St. Lawrence geographical region that left several Canadians reeling from either light or excessive water. It was also found that the water contained high amounts of nitrates and organic carbon compounds as well.

Vector Borne Diseases

The rate of precipitation is higher in the prairie regions and had led to the rise of Culex tarsalis in the year 2007, which was the major cause for the outbreak of West Nile viruses in the Canadian province. Another main vector disease is called as Lyme disease that was prevailing within the Northern components of America and was rising in the Canadian province in addition. This had to be contained through the process of desiccation that can kill the ticks and by increasing the expense of energy so that the process of rehydration among the ticks can be minimalize.

Respiratory Problems

The changes within the weather conditions provides rise to the particulate matters together with substance particles in the areas that are susceptible to droughts, which may result in negative impacts on the health of the individuals. The rise within the poisonous substance levels thanks to the formation of protectant due to droughts also are the most reasons for the respiration issues among the individuals, because it infects the eyes and nose of the population. According to Deschenes (2014), the conditions of drought is often accompanied with dust storms as well as dry weather conditions that may affect the health of the people.

Socioeconomic Factors Impacting Human Health

The drought in 1987-92 led to huge impacts on the economy of the people, as the prices of the raw inputs for the farmers increased to a great extent. This led to the fall of the agricultural sector present in Canada and the exports were also affected. This is also the main problem which have an effect on human population through socioeconomic factors, because the inadequacy of water creates a control on the agricultural half moreover. In the Canadian province, agricultural field had grown crops and placental value $40 billion in 2010. In between 2001 and 2002 years, Canada fell into loss of $3,5 billion in the agricultural sector due to the drought.

Population Vulnerable to Drought

Drought is the also big problem for population vulnerable. In this, Individuals who belong to a lower socioeconomic standing takes preventive measures throughout the prevalence of those events, as they bigger impact because of droughts. Why these things happened, because of the actual fact that they are exposed to exaggerated rate of injuries together with the diseases that are unfold through water, vectors and food product. According to Portier et al. (2017), the Canadian population consists of many elderly and children who are at the risk of being affected by drought. Apart from them, the pregnant women and the people who are mostly outdoors are also at the risk of being infected by the diseases that are spread through the drought conditions.


Overall, this research paper shows how drought impact on human health and creates big problems in agriculture field, population vulnerable, respiratory problem and so on. Through drought economic value of a country also decreases because of the damage of industries, high number of death rates. In the Atlantic Canada region, most of the communities face issues with relevance water shortage and has put in water treatment plants in order that throughout the time of droughts the water resources may be managed during a correct manner. In addition, different measures like police investigation the leaks which will happen together with the policies of management in order that it will facilitate in managing the risks has been founded within the Quebec region and another region. Consequently, drought is hazard which is so dangerous for human health and damage industrialised sector.

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