The Importance of Living with The Present and not Regret The Past

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Published: Mar 18, 2021

Words: 1613|Pages: 4|9 min read

Published: Mar 18, 2021

Living with the present, saying it is easy to do is not easy. On the scientific side, it is perfectly reasonable to arrange a time of 'what time is it'. However, only regret is that our habits often do not follow such rules. Now it has been difficult, living as a master, being aware and aware of all that is happening to us and even harder. For people who do not or at least practice mindfulness meditation to forge a mindful life, this becomes extremely difficult. In the normal life rhythm, living with the present is not easy, but when external factors have an impact on their lives, keeping mindfulness to stay in the present is all harder. A person who has the ability to keep his mind calm with his inner strength so that he is not led by the past, is not dominated by the future and is not swept into the new vortex by the present sex.

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The psychology of people who love to take pictures and go to catch balls, reminiscing about the past is dreaming about the future, but few will live with the present. Our mind has a habit of being drawn back to what has gone into the past that we consider to be better than the present with the mind of regret; or dream of reaching out to the distant future with visions that we hope will go far beyond what we have. These thoughts create a pleasant illusion for a moment like a sedative that makes us excited, and especially it helps us to avoid facing the difficulties that are happening in the present. Therefore, we are not surprised that when we encounter many difficulties, it seems that people think more about the past and dream of a more prosperous future as a way of hiding to avoid the present that they arguably not beautiful. They think this is a solution to get rid of difficulties and deadlock in life they are facing. However, the past is over, and the future has not come yet, and surely what hope in the future can bring about reality? Both are illusions, nothingness. One has passed into the past, we cannot turn back time to live with it. The one we look forward to, but there is no guarantee that it will come. Most of us put life on those two floats, both of which are fragile bubbles. And now is the true life, the most gifted color that many people refuse, deliberately avoiding because they think 'it is too cruel'. So is the true life drifting through your fingers. Buddhism pays much attention to the present life, now and here. In the treasure of Buddhist scriptures, some texts convey the content of living in the present, not reminiscent of the past and dreaming of the future.

Often in life, people spend a large amount of time to live with reminiscences about the past with regret. Who, though more or less, when he is old, he has a review of the past he has experienced: there is a past and a glorious time of pasting, there is a past of a sorrowful god, a dreamlike past, but There is also a miserable past like nightmares, each with each stroke, each stage. But collectively, because it has created a trench in the mind, the past is always the 'love mark' even though it is full of pain and traces, it is still what we choose to respect. We often think about the past when we are dissatisfied with the present, remember the past with the unremitting regret of the 'once in a while'. Even if it's beautiful, we can't turn back time. Well, whatever it is, just let it go, don't take it to heart, and hundreds of thousands of other things to worry about. Every time I remember, I have a feeling of lightheadedness in a moment and then, when I return to the present, the mood is more depressed and sad. That is what the Buddha said 'thinking like that and starting to attach to the past about what is in the past, then he is looking to the past'. The past is no longer available, there are still memories, that are images, feelings, unrealistic feelings, just a shadow of what happened that in the wake of consciousness called 'lost weight death. However, the silhouette of the past can cause the mind to fluctuate and become uneasy if it is directed towards it, causing the afflictions to arise, which are attachment, regret, joy, joy, or sadness, regret, hatred, anger, etc. All these afflictions are manifestations of craving and attachment. Therefore, the shadow of the past is not true but is the cause of the growth of craving and attachment, it can be said in other words that the growth of greed, hatred and ignorance in our mind is true and suffering. The burden is real. Remembering the past is nothing wrong, but being immersed in reminiscing, diving in reflection is wrong. The past has given us experience, and the majority of human society is well organized thanks to experience, we are more mature because of learning from our own experience. However, the important thing here is that we often cannot distinguish between purpose and means. Past experiences are the means to help us live better, but life itself is present. The advice of English writer Charles Dickens is: 'Think about the lucky opportunities in the present - something that everyone can receive; not about the past - which people only regret’. Present packages of past in the heart and embrace the future in the stomach. Currently hold both clues of the past and the future to make the timeline link the old, present and later events. Therefore, remembering the experience and lessons from the past is enough to make a platform for us to step firmly in the present, it is a good thing to do, but often in fact, we do not know to stop at this red line but go too far.

No future aspirations are not dreaming, but forgetting that the future must be built on the current foundation. Letting the mind worry, yearning for what has yet to come or may never happen is an unrealistic thing. Just because we are too anxious or longing for everything to happen as we wish, imagine how far away it looks. The sutra Sutra teaches that, don't expect the future I will be like this, that way, or not like this, that way. Do not expect in the future to be exposed to anything, what kind of content, what flavor, taste, touch, what. No future aspirations are undesirable for those things, nor are there any notions of boredom, boredom, fear of being exposed to what you don't like, don't want to be exposed to. The future is often unclear because of the interrelatedness of these relationships, each event and phenomenon is influenced by many other factors in life, so we can reserve the right to win the future. Only the present is at our discretion. Saying that doesn't mean we have no plans or plans for the future. The distant future, lack of reality is illusory, but the future orientation based on the foundation of real life is part of the current work. That is the connection between the present and the future. No one can predict their future, but everyone needs to plan their actions right now. That will help people less feel insecure and can be more active in action. The plan will be a map of the journey that will take us in the future, even though we still need to regularly adjust to the new developments. Do not let the past pull back, do not let the future drag on, it is not necessarily that we can live with the present color if we let our mind wandering and wandering into the sensory gates to express the mind to be immersed in such pleasures. To come to forget, forget the present, forget your true life. Living with the present is self-reliant, self-centered, free from the afflictions of immersing in the colors of the ceiling. Eyes like beautiful colors, good ears, good smell of nose, tongue taste delicious, friendly body touches, mindful of pursuing French, we are confused about what we are doing, we don't know ourselves Who is it, that is not really living. Destroying your life and hurting the people around you is not good, nor is it living. We always have 'bases' looking at 'the ceiling' and then feel through 'the consciousness' and bring forth craving. Every suffering in the present life and rolling in samsara is also from here.

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Every day we each have 24 hours to live and work. If you don't use it effectively, it will be lost. For example, when promotions on the phone and registration cost 2,000 VND, you have the right to use 25 minutes of in-network calls within 24 hours. If not used up, after 24 hours, that time is naturally lost without reservation. Also, every morning opening the new day, our time account is 86 400 seconds. If you have not used it before, it will be deleted on your own in the night, and it is you who are disadvantaged. If you know that living in the present is equal to the amount of time you have been sent today, we find life meaningful when doing many things for yourself and others for 24 hours. Therefore, life is still on every day, life 'promotion' gives us 24 hours, invest time of each day wisely to benefit the most health, happiness, and success of yourself.

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