The Influence of Andy Warhol and Yayoi Kusama on Jeff Koons' Art

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Published: Aug 6, 2021

Words: 2330|Pages: 5|12 min read

Published: Aug 6, 2021

In the current era, more and more people pay attention to design and aesthetics. Design is a process of continuous improvement, and it is obvious that design is influenced by previous designs. “Every revolutionary movement that I‘ve known of has some type of revolutionary art.” In modern day, most of people think of the Pop art is not like other type of art form. In the early times, art are only for upper class but Pop art give people different impression for art and design. It is not only about the feeling and souls from the artists. Most of them are base of business and kinds of marketing. Author David Hilary reports in awe the way how the businessman from Cologne, Rudolf Zwirner, recently bought a huge painting by Roy Lichtenstein (wrongly called 'One stroke') $75,000 - 'This is the highest transaction price in the history of American artist works'. Pop art is popular all over the world. Therefore, it is said that pop art are represents modern popular culture. By the influence of the pop art, more and more designer they think of how to sale their works, not only just for aesthetic. The artist who is mentioned in this essay can represent this phenomenon. Andy Warhol was the beginning of the art marketing. The most popular female pop art artist Yayoi Kusama and the new pop artist Jeff Koons. They mean the different type of pop artists and both of them got huge success in this area. The public defines pop art as a target group that is based on the people and can be consumed, and it is a youthful and exciting design style. Nowadays, pop art is more a combination of commerce and aesthetics and more symbolic. Most pop artists have their own distinct artistic style. This paper will discuss the influence of the artistic thought of pop art period on the current design from the comparison of the works of three artists. 

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With the development of Modern art, artists began to be dissatisfied with the simple block style, they want to jump out of it and create new trends. Andy Warhol was the most prominent one. Andy's art is a normal art. He was also the least pretentious artist. When we look at his artworks, it's easy to say 'me too.' He is averse to all manners. Because posture is not basic, posture is the essence of the virtual framework. When we look at Duchamp, for example, you can still see that he was a sculptor, a painter, because he had that professional feeling. Andy summed up and influenced the expression of everything in our time. This kind of summary, it is oneself life and character also take together go in. It is unworthy of appreciation, worthless, unsubstantial, and unbeautiful. If you are appreciating beauty, you are mistaken. If you really want to enjoy, you are appreciating some American poster style of 1960s, what is advertising colour, what is exaggeration, what is selling. He also said that his own things have a characteristic, is worthless, ironic. Andy understood the merchandise. The essence of a commodity is duplication. Goods are, first of all, goods, and goods are very superficial, so are goods of exquisite design. Nobody can read things. Andy can only correspond to Andy. Because there is no word descriptor that can match him. He dissolved the language. No words. What happens when an artist loses his job? Since impressionism, art has entered the realm of true philosophy, until now. Now when we evaluate a contemporary work of art, we usually understand its thought process, which was unimaginable before. Jeff Koons is a winning general. Yayoi Kusama's work is the same. Nara has been painting children. Andy Warhol's art is mostly repetition. He gave value to his art and used marketing to link business with art. He mass-produced art so that it was no longer sacred and remote. He kept outputting his concept that art is daily life. Pop art is not just pop art, it's normal. 

This 'Marilyn Monroe' is the most typical masterpiece, it is finished after the dead of Marilyn Monroe. Even though there are lots of similar work from Andy. But this one is the most popular one. It is the first one that Andy started to try to use celebrity portrait. It is totally different from the portrait we saw in modernism times. Even now there still lots of poster to use this type of painting way (use same photo with lots of different colour to painting). It is very strong feeling and make people memory it easily, some of the party would use this way to design presidential campaign poster. Andy making the alignment inaccurate, resulting in colour registration Misplaced to strengthen the nature of its trough. The proliferation of the film Red Star Marilyn Monroe's photos, like the proliferation of Coca-Cola's ads. The artist keeps making artwork similar and then make you feel bored. After that they would find a new way to show their work in marketing. Campbell’s Soup Cans is a must-see for the New York Museum of Art. It contains 32 small canvases representing 32 different flavors offered by famous food companies in the US market. It is worth mentioning that the completion of this can is earlier than the silk screen technology he marked, that is to say, this is his hand-painted finish. Although the production process is different from traditional painting, Andy uses a projector to zoom into the canvas and draw one by one. This produced a unique painting that was filled with mechanical reproduction without the artist's play. He even had to paint more carefully in order to make himself look more mechanical. Andy raised normal product into a very high art level. He used to put the people feels very close to the art. The art is not for upper class, it is for all humans. It usually get this information from Andy Warhol’s artworks. In Warhol’s early time, Andy’s mother give him lots of chance to looking Catholic iconostasis, it give he some early acknowledge about colour and thinking about iconostasis. In Warhol’s early year he cannot read the books very well so it give him a chance to do the drawing and painting in different ways. he had to realise from the first that he would communicate through images. This makes the durability of some of his cryptic sentences the more remarkable for their brevity and pith. Not just..I want to be a machine.

Yayoi Kusama's work looks different from Andy Warhol's, but there are plenty of similarities. Their marketing is so similar that Yayoi Kusama once said, 'Andy is imitating me.” In the creation of Kusama's life, 'sex' is an important theme. She constantly depicts sex, promotes crazy sexual liberation, and visually uses sexual symbols to dissolve her inner world. 'My upbringing and experience from childhood to adolescence may have been at the root of my aversion to it,' she writes in her autobiography. I hate SEX, for me, are the object of my fear. I desperately try to make those horrible, horrible bodies that I hate, that I don't like, and then transcend them. After 1971, Kusama gradually turned his attention to novel writing and stopped his radical behaviour. The vivid graphic patterns of Yayoi Kusama's recent work are deceitful, persistent stares at her work that instantly hypsoze you into her familiar darkness and blinding abyss. Yayoi Kusama has given a definite form to her absurd fantasies, and once again proves that creativity is enough to overcome the degeneration of the self. The picture is interwoven with abstraction and concreteness and arbitrarily transformed. She has expressed many times that she would have committed suicide if it were not for her dedication to art, and how much she loves art and how deep she thinks about philosophy. Maybe this sentence 'my eternal soul' is the answer. This yellow pumpkin is rated by most artists and curators as the best outdoor contemporary work on island. College it is extended to the end of the road stood quietly in the ocean, if visitors are few and far between, the moment quietly watching and experience, may realize the artist wants to express 'hug at the end of the world'. It should be noted that if you want to take photos, you'd better set out early in the morning. Taking photos in the afternoon may cause backlight and affect the effect. Yayoi Kusama is always full of compassion and awe for the fate of mankind, all life and the universe. In her art world, the wave point is often used as an expression medium. The repeated image composition seems to blur the subject matter of the work, but the emptiness created in the repetition finally materializes into the work itself, showing the audience the contrast between minimalism and abundance, complexity and complexity, simplicity and desire, limited space and infinite universe. Outdoor art works like yellow pumpkin, in a natural environment, are more likely to bring viewers a sense of detached reality. Yayoi Kusama uses a huge number of the dots to show her inner world. Since she was in young age she is doing the dots painting very early. She thinks that the dots are the continuity of the world. It is the original stuff of the world. The whole world is a net. She keeps doing the easy and simple work to draw the dots. 'I think the earth is a dot, the moon is a dot, the sun is a dot, we are all tiny dots in the universe,' Kusama said. That's our life and that's what I want everyone to feel.' In her artwork, it brings people gets into her infinite worlds. It has influenced her to be the famous female of the Pop art. In her shows, she is doing the drawing very fast. She keeps selling her work even she is very old. It still can see her works been selling in this times. The marketing of her works is to draw a lot. In our modern day, it still can see lots of artist asre doing the same things likes Kusama. They painted a lot. They sale for company or individual person. They hope the more they draw the more possible they would have. 

Now people are used to talking about Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons together, and rightly so. Koons is definitely Warhol's heir. Andy Warhol's commercial art form and repetitive and stereotyped works greatly influenced Jeff Koons' works, which can be reflected in Jeff Koons' continuous creation of balloon dogs. They market art as a commodity, branding individual names. When it comes to evaluating Jeff Koons and his balloon dog, I think we don't have to divide it into market value and artistic value. After all, his route is 'celebrity artist.' We have long understood that the name of the artist is far more important than the art he is associated with. Jeff Koons' work delighted me, and he did manage to make ordinary people happy talking about contemporary art (his puppy). Jeff Koons' conceptual work will indeed influence many later artists, and I believe he can leave his name in the history of art. No matter what the outside world says, Koons' balloon dog is an inspiration to people, and toy designer Jason Freeny has inspired his anatomy series, which has made him an Internet sensation. Works of art can bring spiritual meaning to people in terms of connotation, can be visual experience to people in terms of vision, and the value created to the society is also an important value of works of art. From above, Koons has more or less fulfilled all three. So apart from the artist himself, the balloon dog is a qualified piece of art. “the audience can have confidence in their own judgments and tastes... I am trying to eliminate the guilty feelings and shame of the bourgeoisie in response to mediocrity... I am telling the assets Classes embrace the things they like. Don't let yourself get out of the real self, embrace it. Don't try to erase it, because you have a certain social status, you have ambitions, you want to be a high society. All this is incredible. Contradiction - his work certainly does not affect the taste of the middle class. Those very wealthy people who can afford his work do not appreciate its mediocrity, but enjoy the ironic game he is playing, they thought they were the taste is more elegant.” Many health problems in rich European countries are directly related to excessive consumption. Smoking is just a boring example, and Queens turned it into a glamorous advertisement for the fictional brand 'Merit.' Some of his recent works have dealt with the appeal of food photos, perhaps foreseeing the new normal of obesity. Wealth has become a paradox for public health, especially since all these health-damaging lifestyles have been concentrated in lower socioeconomic groups, especially in countries like Norway.

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In conclusion, in modern art, there are still many artists influenced by artists in the pop art period. They formed their own unique logos and their own brands, so that when they saw their works, they knew that they were the result. Both Andy Warhol and Yayoi Kusama are great artists of that era and have successfully influenced Jeff Koons.


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