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The Issues of Racial Disparity and Racial Profiling in The Criminal Justice System in America

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The criminal justice system is more likely to convict an African American or Mexican on more severe consequences than a Caucasian. Racial disparity is a major issue in today’s world as often individuals are often not held to the same standard across the board. Often race plays a huge factor on how one may be convicted or what kind of consequences they may suffer. Often individuals are pulled over more frequently if they are African American as opposed to Caucasians. As it has been proven that African Americans do commit more crimes however this is a stereotypical judgement as there are many great individuals that are blacks that do not deserve this judgement of race. Racial Profiling is also a major problem in this world whether it be against African Americans, Mexicans, Caucasians etc. Whether as human beings we actually realize it or not we all judge one another.

Often individuals who are pulled over in a traffic stop is more likely a male than a female. According to Bureau of Justice Statistics “African American is more likely to get stopped at a percentage of 13% as opposed to a 10% of Caucasian and 10% of Hispanics that are pulled over”. Overall criminal law officers target minorities as they feel more threatened in their daily lives by an African American. This is due to the revolving factor due to that African Americans on multimedia are often perceived as no good people that always get in trouble. This shows us that the American criminal justice is very unjust and racist toward individuals of different races and gender. A study that was conducted in New York city showed that blacks were more likely than whites or nonblack minorities are put behind bars while they await for their trial to be heard. The research shows that this disparity is since often black defendants cannot afford to pay their bail bond that was set in place. Often blacks are more likely to be offered a plea deal to plead guilty to a case that will include some jail time. The study showed that 13 percent blacks were more likely than whites to be offered this type of plea to suffer less time

African Americans are more likely to commit crime in the united states as opposed to a Caucasians and other races such as Asians. Asians have the lowest rates of crime conducted within the United States then followed by whites and Hispanics with blacks having the highest rates of crimes. This pattern stands true to all age groups whether it be middle aged or teenagers. According to a study conducted in 2013 an African American was six times more likely to commit a murder than a non-black and twelve times more likely to murder someone of a opposite race. So as a society even though African Americans do commit a crime it becomes a stereotypical race in the eyes of law enforcement. So often times cops jump to rash decision before giving the person a chance to abide.

America today is a world with a lot of racism today whether it be towards ethnics, religion, As a world we all profile everyone whether it be us talking to them or just crossing by in the street. We all view people and even though some are against colored people which is a huge problem in today’s world. Often minorities such as African Americans according to the New York Analysis black drivers were between 1.5 and 5.2 times more likely to have their cars searched than Caucasians. This suggests that often cops are warier of African Americans than Caucasians. Cops often jump to rash conclusions before giving a person of a certain color a chance to surrender or not cause drop. For instance, last year there were two African Americans were shot for no apparent reason in Georgia and Minnesota. For that reason, many African Americans became enraged and started rioting against cops that led to some of them that were shot and killed. This then caused African Americans to believe that cops were racist toward colored people and that those individuals did not deserve to be shot. So as a society we are all subject to profiling whether we think we are or were not. As often times individuals think that only whites profile while that is not the case as African Americans can become racist toward a group of people in the law enforcement. Another well-known case in the Travon martin shooting by George Zimmerman. This is an interesting as Mr. Zimmerman is a neighborhood watch volunteer in Sanford Florida. One night Mr. Travon is passing through the area late at night in a neighborhood that had been victimized by many robberies that year. In Mr. Zimmermann case, he claims that Trayvon assaulted him therefore he pulled his pistol on Mr. Martin. This suggests that in Mr. Zimmermann’s eyes a African American is walking through a neighborhood with a lot of crime late at night in a black hoodie will be categorized as someone that is up to no good.

As a developed a part of the world there will always be racial disparities in this world whether it be against religion, color, and such. Thus, this is due to human being nature we all profile whether one may think so or not. Some individuals just show it better than hiding it. Whether someone is a cop, African American, Caucasian etc we all judge whether it be against a certain religion, color, belief we all judge and criticize others as they stand out to an individual as awkward.

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