The Lessons We Learn From Lee Chong Wei – A World Badminton Star: [Essay Example], 2484 words GradesFixer
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The Lessons We Learn from Lee Chong Wei – a World Badminton Star

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In this group assignment, this movie was chosen by our group is Lee Chong Wei: Rise Of The Legend. This movie is based on the true story of Malaysian badminton player Lee Chong Wei (LCW). This movie is telling the inspiring story of his growth from an ordinary small-town youth to a world badminton star. However, the movie tells an inspirational story about never giving up. LCW has been fond of playing badminton since he was young, so he has set his ambition to represent Malaysia to play badminton.

However, his poor family and his father’s opposition make his dream of playing badminton a luxury. He persisted in his dream. LCW tried to hide from his father to practice badminton and being utilized by underground casinos. But in the end his perseverance finally touched. LCW began regular badminton training and was selected to the Malaysia national badminton team. However, it was no longer after the lucky day, the difficulties came one after another, teammates dislike him, and emotionally lost. LCW even encountered enemies in the international competition and lost frequently. LCW, who is under heavy pressure, faced a strong opponent and chose to start again. The movie did not shape LCW into the tragic hero that people are familiar with, but by showing the growth process of an ordinary child, it really reflecting the bumpy experience he has come all the way, telling the audience how to rely on the spirit of talent and never give up the underlying children growing up step by step. The father’s silent encouragement, the mother’s careful care of his dreams, the instruction of the coach, and the large amount of Chinese dialogue, the warm interaction between Chinese families, made the movie full of warmth. In fact, there are no real bad guys in the movie, but everyone is using gradually pushing LCW towards his dream badminton court in his own way. This is a movie full of hope: if you never give up, life is full of miracle.

Good personal values, emotional stability and self-control – these concepts are relevant to this movie. There are two chapters from our course that are most suitable to this film. The first one is Personality and Value. From the storyline we may know that Lee Chong Wei (LCW) did his achievements in purpose of gaining a glory to his country. He wanted to win the competitions and make an honorable victory for his country. What tells us about his conscientiousness and desire to perform. He is responsibly organized and dependable from sports. This shows us his proper approach to the tournaments.

We also may see him showing his personal values when he lost for the first time at the Asian junior championship in 2000. His opponent was Lin Dan (Lin), after the Lin comforted LCW and told him what he had wanted him to be a convincing athlete. He didn’t give up, what tells us that he has an Emotional Stability. It defines as a person`s ability to withstand stressful situations, think adequately and take right decisions in stressful conditions. People with emotional stability tend to be calm, control and secure, we can see that LCW have this personality trait, and he also has importance value. LCW had a big expectation from the country when he got the opportunity to fight for an open badminton tournament in 2006. Miao Zhu excited and LCW cried, he gets his want. Here LCW has shown us his other personal values. In this part of movie, we can find him as an aggressive, ambitious and loyal. At that time his opponent was Lin, so it was also about a personal or private score. He wanted to win him and moreover to bring a medal to his country.

When he won, he felt happiness that he became a more successful person, than he was before, so emotion will not affect intensity a lot. LCW shows us a perfect Emotional control and self – confidence. He has stress from family from media and news because he is athlete, and they must be training psychology. Therefore, he knew how to reduce the stress and do exercise that will improve the moods. Emotion regulation is to identify and modify the emotions you feel. Strategies to change your emotions include thinking about more pleasant things, suppressing negative thoughts, distracting yourself, reappraising the situation, or engaging in relaxation techniques.

Emotions provide valuable insights about behavior Emotions, and the minor events that cause them, should not be ignored at work; they accumulate, when the athlete is competition. The emotion is crucial, a good emotional always the key to success .the current and past emotions affect job satisfaction emotion fluxions over time create variations in job performance so if LCW lose gold medal it will be influence he next time performance, and emotion driven behaviors are also brief and variable. Both negative and positive emotion can distract worker and reduce performance we can see LCW win medal he will be complacent after he was defeated by Lin.

So it will reduce he job performance, he coach just like his manager when he lose this competition the coach encourage him don’t give up and your team need you so ignoring co-workers and employee’s emotions and assessing other’s behavior as if they were completely is wrong. The manager must know the employees emotion and know what are they think, so the people can’t divorce emotion even though LCW, but the moods will improve their ability, in the competition the athlete moods is importance, when athlete feel passion and excitement we can see that the potential of sports will be motivated and miracles will happen like 2006 year LCW take model. But it also inseparable lee’ personality of perseverance and hard work.

Firstly, the movie portrays young Lee Chong Wei (LCW) as a rebellious child in a moderate family who constantly tries to go against his father advices to pursue his passion for badminton. Even after being scolded and beaten to the point of losing hope, the child never gave up and continued to strive hard for his passion. This part of the movie inspires the people to never give up in your dreams no matter the obstacles that stand in their way.

Another inspiring moment is when Lee Ah Chai(father) finally accepts his son’s passion for badminton and sends him to the training academy. LCW performs so well but wasn’t accepted for the national team because he was still short and unmatured. Out of depression forms determination to make things right. LCW takes his determination to a whole new level by drinking potato soup and jumping high daily to increase his height. After several years, he is at the optimum height and was selected by the national team. This part of the movie is inspiring because it shows LCW i disregarding negative emotions implied on him to find every opportunity to move forward and reach the goal he intended to. Instead of succumbing to the loss, he gains courage to strive for victory.

Furthermore, another inspiring moment is when, Misbun as LCW’s coach gives a motivational speech to him stating that “I can help you achieve your dream” and giving him an option to sacrifice his time and energy so that he can achieve the goal. As LCW agrees to Misbun’s demands, he trains harder than all the other candidate at the national team beating every record held and becoming one of the best in the team. Sooner, he gets selected to play in the All England Championship as result of his determination. LCW portrays great personality as he puts in handwork and persistence in reaching his goal as world number one.

Yet another inspiring moment is when LCW faces downfall both physically and mentally. Instead of giving him hope and courage, Misbun punishes him for being arrogant and acting impulsively. LCW reflects on his decisions and sets aside his confusion by taking Misbun’s actions as a lesson and motivation for him to strive harder in achieving his goals. Their relationship as a coach and student is strengthened even further providing greater values in his life.

Lastly, the most inspiring moment in the movie is when LCW continuously faces losses against Lin from China and reaches a breaking point to having disappointed the national team. His coach steps in to provide support with and motivational words stating, “You pressure yourself in becoming number one”. LCW keeps those words as an energizer and work even harder every day and night to win Lin in the upcoming finals. During the match, LCW is pressured by lower scores and during that moment he gets a flashback all a the hopes, advices and trust that is laid on him and uses it as determination to win the first place medal and beat Lin in the finals.

After watching this movie, we can learn the positive moral value and use it on our workplace. As we mention in the question B, LCW has the personality of emotion stability. When he first time lost the Asian junior competition, he is not given up to playing badminton furthermore he withstands stress and working hard for achieving his goal. At the end in year 2006 he is winning the competition and he got his first gold medal. So, for our workplace we must have emotion stability personality especially entrepreneur. For example, Alibaba founder Jack Ma and KFC founder Colonel Sander. They are experience the failure at least 10 time but they still see the hope of their target same in the movie LCW lost his competition and he still see the hope. Now, we can see they are successful in their business. Because they have the emotional stability personality. It helps them to face their failure and work more harder to achieve their goal and it is happened in our society.

In the movie we also can see that When LCW lost his competition his emotion and mood was bad. He feels anger, fear and sad. He also feeling stress because he is Malaysia athlete. He is representative Malaysia so he is getting the stress from the family and social media. Therefore, he knows how to reduce the stress by doing the exercise to improve his mood. So, in our life or workplace we can see many people are having depression. Depression is causes by our mood and emotion. Depression people mostly is negative mood and having a lot of stress. So, before it happened, we must keep ourselves having the positive mood and emotion. If we are having a negative mood, it will make ourselves don’t have the motivation to do for anything and slowly it will become depression. If we feel negative mood or emotion, we can find our best friend to talk about the problem it will help us release the negative. we must know how to overcome the negative mood and emotion.

For the first lesson, perseverance, it wasn’t a simple voyage to go from a normal people who like to play badminton become national player and even grateful, world champion. In the story, Lee Chong Wei (LCW) is disagreed to play badminton by his father due to there’s some incident happened before LCW is born. However, LCW doesn’t stop playing badminton and he tried to use pan to play badminton. Propitiously, his perseverance makes his father to let him go for training in “Badminton Academy Malaysia”. He was challenged by a player and he lost even get fling in teeth by the others. He doesn’t give up on badminton and he started to train hard, he was replaced to represent Malaysia but this still doesn’t stop him. With Perseverance, he was chosen for the next “All England Open Badminton Championship”. I can say that perseverance is very important to everyone. Nothing will come easily and as what you expect. You must put afford to achieve what you want and never give up on it. Life doesn’t go easily without any suffer. We must get comfort with the changes of life all the time and be flexible as we could.

Besides that, the other lesson that we learn is no excuses. In the movie, he had versus Lin Dan (Lin) at the finals match for twice and he started doubt himself. He felt sorry to the nation even he tried his best. We had learnt that a victor consistently takes responsibility and not giving any excuses or accuse others. He started to force himself into training and being defeated by Lin wasn’t his excuse to stop in training. The words from his coach “it’s not about win one game but how to be a champion for long journey” had motivate LCW. In the last scene of the movie, LCW had defeated Lin Dan in the final match. Even though LCW had lost the competition or disagree by his father, that wasn’t be the excuse for LCW and it became a motivation. Excuses will never make a person success but a person who willing to accept the failure, improve from the failure, the person will success one day.

The third lessons from the movie that we learnt is become a great and worthy competitor. Competitor can be everywhere, in a working environment, classmates, or siblings. However, in the movie, Lin and LCW had become a great and worthy competitor. To achieve something, everyone must have a goal or target. Lin had defeated LCW for two times and LCW had a target that he must defeat Lin. This had become his motivation to hold his racket again and face his competitor. Finally, he defeats Lin at the end. Competitor is everywhere around us. However, competitor doesn’t mean your enemy that you have to hate them. Competitor can be a motivation to done something or a challenge to cross over. Never ever let your competitor put you down but we must try our best to improve ourselves so that we can cross over.

Finally, from the movie we had learnt the lesson of self-belief from LCW’s coach, Misbun. He had motivated LCW by how he’s going to build himself to have confidence to overcome his difficulties. No matter in life or in sports, we must be confidence to overcome our difficulties, difficulties can be challenging or make yourself down, but with confidence we can tell ourselves “we can do it” and put our best to face the problems. Even though one day if we fail to do it, but that’s a way for us to learn from failure so that we can improve ourselves next time and takes the challenge again. LCW had put a lot pressure on him while versus with Lin and holding the name of the nation, Malaysia. But LCW had found out a way out of his predicament which is “win or lose he has to be brave and push on” and LCW feels that he must maintain that form of his fine performances and finally he turned up the whole match and won Lin.

infoRemember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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