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The Main Problems Arising in 21st-century Society in The Movie Sing Street

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This film is a story about a Dublin little love story of a Conor and Raphina, a teenage schoolboy and a teenage girl who is lost in a country which has nothing to offer for them. Conor is from a family who is in the purge of a crumbling marriage and was sent to Christian Brother school at Synge Street where he was bullied in the rough and hectic school after his father hit a brick wall in the family income. One day he saw this beautiful girl outside his school and try to get her number but he lied about having a band and need her for the music video to get her number. That is where is started, a quest in finding people to form a band which eventually called “Sing Street”. With the influence of Conor big brother who has acknowledged in the popular music, Conor set out to make music and music videos based on Raphina with his lads to just impress Raphina and fight for Raphina love. Over time, making the song influence them in the pop culture and find their true self. The band eventually performs for the first time with exceptional reception. Conor and Raphina took a leap of faith to follow their dreams and set out to leave the country to Britain and leaving everything behind together.

This film intrigued me as the character reflected the problem that is in the society whereby most students are not archiving their dreams that they always wanted. Most Singaporean, including myself, are too concentrate on having a good future for ourselves that we have forgotten about our true dreams like Conor sister, Ann Lawlor. His sister loves to paint and draw but stop because she went to law school so that she will have a better future. Like her, we are afraid of not having a good income to support ourselves in the future and forget to follow more on the artistic and athletic dreams which can be reflected by Conor brother, Brendon Lawlor who planned to follow his dream to be an artist but did nothing about it and now with no job. In the society now, the word “dream” that being implemented in students is to have a job with a high paying salary. But for those with dreams that are more artistic and athletic, their development in that area is lacking by the school and government who do not really support in them with better resources which cause student to change their dream to the typical “dream jobs” which result in Vast Majority of Singaporean not happy in their jobs. This is because Singapore is growing and everything getting more expensive resulting then future generation to risk everything to follow their artistic or athletic dream for more supportable jobs for them and their families. Like Conor and Raphina, there are a few people who risk everything actually follow their dreams that they are happy even though they don’t have a high wage as they know one day they will make it. They rick it so that they would actually be doing something the love for the rest of their life. The problem arising in the society can be reflected by the characters in the film.

The film is based on the theme of risk which is shown a lot in the film. To me, the risk is about doing things that lead to or have a high percentage for failure, but it will also lead to happiness, success or open an opportunity. Conor making the choice of making a band is a risk that he will take with no knowledge of anything is like doing an exam with a blindfold. All that risk opens an opportunity, friendships and being happy for Conor because best things in life are behind fear and taking the risk is basically taking that fear of failure out of the head and know that you will get rewarded one way or another. That why the Conor little decisions in the movie revolve around the theme Risk.

The film relates to me in a way as it shows I should be confident and take opportunities in life instead of staying in my little bubble. Conor took a risk of confronting the bully and risking of getting beaten up or asked for Raphina number. This can be reflected by how I feel when I took up an opportunity even though it makes me feel uncomfortable. For example, I had joined in helping the freshie in the regatta and also represent Engine School in the cheering. Like Conor, I manage to overcome my fears and pulled through and won a trophy during the regatta. This makes me feel that I should live my life to the fullest and take risks and opportunity when is given to me like how Conor took many opportunities and being confident throughout the movie. Therefore, I feel that I relate to the movie on a personal level.

The director’s intention of having a big brother in the movie is not unintentional. The character of the big brother reflected in his own life of having a big brother who influences him in the music taste he has that is clearly reflected in the entire movie which bands such as Duran Duran, The Cure and many more. The perspective of having a sibling in the movie is that the see you differently whereby they try and make you happy so that you be happy in life, but parents tend to make you into the best person you can. This intention of the director was not thought of during the movie. As people nowadays tend to neglect their siblings and that makes me realize how we should appreciate our siblings and treasure them as they just want to see you happy no matter what you do or what is happening in your life. That is why the director places the character as a form of unconventional love by a figure in your life that guides you and make sure you are happy.

The mis-en-scene that’s used a lot is sound like non- diegetic, background music and background sound. This is to give the vibes of certain feeling the director what to implement during that scene. For example, of the element of sound, during the school scene at 3.40 minutes, when the Conor is going to school, the non-diegetic music is fast pace, loud, busy and a have the hectic type of atmosphere. This can be implied by the type of students in the school who is very mischievous and disobedience. The music sounds like a rock and roll to give the audience the vibes of being rebellious. The sound of head-butting and the shouting of the students set the atmosphere of the school and how the reputation of the school is very bad with kids smoking and fighting each other. The constant comments that being yelled and the rat that is being thrown at him and the costume being used by him which neat and tidy while the rest was messy suggest he is the outcast of the school. The feeling of being the “good kid” in a school of rebellious kids can feel in this scene. The behavior and body language of his character that shows he is afraid and vulnerable in the school. The music placed can change the atmosphere to how the director wants it that why I feel that the most significant and most important aspect of mis-en-scene is sound.

In my opinion, I strongly feel that the movie “Sing Street” can be related to the arising problem in the 21 centuries of Singaporean society even though the setting of the film is totally different and was during the 80’s. The film has made me have realized the true importance of being happy with your life and taking opportunities in life to pursue my dreams or goals. In conclusion, the movie gives everyone the will to follow our dreams even if sacrifices must be mad because “you can never do anything by half”.

infoRemember: This is just a sample from a fellow student.

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