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The Main Reasons of Teenage Suicide in America

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The tenth leading cause of death in teens around the world is not drugs or alcohol, or even illness; it is suicide. The suicide rate is so high because there are many factors that cause teens to think about, attempt, and follow through with suicide. Depression affects 20-25% of Americans ages 14 and over in a given year. Teen Suicide is a growing problem with a variety of causes, symptoms, preventatives, and rates.

One of these reasons is depression. Depression is one of the many reasons why people are having suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Depression is a psychological disease that can affect the chemicals in the brain which can cause an imbalance in the brain. This chemical imbalance can affect mood, physical health, and mental health. It can also affect interests in activities that can affect daily life.

Anxiety is normal but can be serious if the person does not treat it or handle it right. Anxiety is a natural body response to stress, it can make a person feel fear about what’s to come. There are many different types of anxiety disorders, like panic disorder, social anxiety disorders, separation anxiety disorder, PTSD. Substance abuse can cause depression and anxiety which can trigger thoughts and emotions that can affect behavior.

Substance abuse can be caused by a bad-childhood or wanting to feel like others, and need to feel happy and stress-free. During the early age of being introduced to adulthood, have problems identifying sex, personality, and characteristic traits. Homosexuals, Transgenders, and Pansexuals will have a hard time and feel depressed about what others think about them. Kids can find it hard to express themselves when others around them are bullying them.

Schizophrenia is a long-term mental health disorder that can make a person feel paranoid and make the person hallucinate and delusional “John Hopkins University”. Hallucinate is when perceptions and senses like hearing, seeing, touch, taste, and smell are not there at all. Delusions are the person’s beliefs or knowing something that isn’t true in reality. Some of these things can cause us to be frightened and scared about the unrealistic events that are going inside the person’s mind. These unrealistic events can be harmful to a person if it is not controlled depending on how bad their schizophrenia is. Another thing that can cause these problems is stress. Stress is a dramatic change in physical, mental, and emotional response to the environment that is in.

Stress is one of the biggest problems in teenage life. There are many problems why teenagers have stress. Parents and other people think that teenagers don’t have stress. Finding the places for a successful future such as getting a job, schoolwork, and homework, finding the right place for college and filling out paperwork, and relationship problems can cause a huge toll for stress on body and mind. Having important people like best friends or loved ones come in and out of life can affect a person as well. A dysfunctional family can have some effects on the mind. Having parents that are abusive physically and mentally can affect a teenager’s mind. Divorces could lead to the person that can think that it is their fault. Changing in friendship can lead to depression because the person could be close and they can hurt them. Problems in school would be having bad grades, or most reason is being bullied. Most people in school have problems of being bullied can lead to thoughts about suicide.

Body change can include in this, by having body weight a figure be the way the person doesn’t like it. Being bullied by the person that can make the person feels afraid and do not want to be in that place because the school is not safe when it is supposed to be. The teenage years are filled with major decisions in life. A decision like where a student wants to go to college, ACT score, FAFSA sheets, scholarships, going to live shortly, careers that need to be decided, and a good job to help pay for the items they need to survive in the world.

There can be a lot of symptoms that need to look out for in a person. Men and women can have some mood swings. Mood swings are normal, but it is a disease when feelings become disproportionate, extreme, and can affect daily life. How to describe the mood swing is when a person is not coming out to be not normal than regular, the mood can be an outburst of emotions. Negative emotions can have thoughts of self-harm does it mean are immediately suicidal.

Writing suicide notes can be written to anyone for friends, families, or any other loved ones. These nodes will tell us why they didn’t and who made them do it. There are tons of other things that can change body figure and health. Disconnect eating habits and sleep. They will have a lost and interest in the activities they like or love doing. Withdrawals from my friends or family members, or even loved ones could have an impact on mental health. Having acting out behaviors and running away from home or other places could lead to neglecting parents or personal appearance. Personal appearance would be people making fun of their clothes how overweight they are and what sexuality they like or want to be.

Having the obsession with dying especially saying multiple sentences like saying I want to kill myself or I wanted to die can be another way for a person calling out. Feeling bored or lacking motivation we’re having problems focusing in school can affect the way of life in the future. This can have a toll and physical complaints about that can have a huge nexus to emotional distress. Emotional distress can make problems by having stomach pains, having bad headaches, vomiting while they just ate food, not feeling hungry, excessive crying, feeling that everything is going to go wrong with life. Sometimes these verbal hands like it won’t be a problem much longer can mean a lot of things with a person. Other things like giving away items are one way to have problems. Another one would be silent cheerful at the point of depression the person is in. a person expressing words and thoughts can be one too.

If there are people who can’t get the help they need they can call the National Suicide Hotline members so they can be saved and still be alive. Give me the 9th council member can be changing for some people with suicidal thoughts and behaviors. They can try to talk to them but it will take some time to trust them and some ways that can trust them as a person.

The rates of teen suicide have increased over the years. Males are considered to commit suicide than women do. Women are more concerned to commit self-harm than men. The rate and it very on men and women wanting to commit suicide.

Shows like 13 Reasons Why have increased suicide rates by 30% and show and the show Euphoria have increased rates by 10%. That is a 40% increase in the past two years of being suicidal. The reason why people have to commit suicide way more over the years is because the people who watch the show thought that the main character Hannah Baker was going through a bad time in her life oh, and people were going through the same thing as she did and thought that they could not get out of it. the reason why 13 Reasons Why increase the suicide rate is that the storyline was a girl who made and left 13 tabs on why she chose to end her life. It made others feel that they had the same or at least relevant to her life and thought that whatever Hannah went through it would be the same and nothing would have changed a bit for them. The suicide number was 145 days between April 1st, 2017 to December 31st, 2017. It is a huge percentage rate of 30% in a matter of eight months. Mostly the female rate increases the lot after the show has been released. Suicide is the third leading cause of death in the world. And 1999 through 2018 suicide when of 33%. Females were the highest increase in suicide. It was a 9% through 10% increase in females. males work too much of an increase of 8%, but the most reason the suicide rate one up was cut of the show 13 Reasons Why. The fugs are trying to control the situation because of these studies and they are trying their hardest to keep people that are having rough times getting the help that they need. After the second season of 13 reasons why the suicide rate has decreased and suicides and self-harming. The studies have shown that people did not watch the end of the show because they were worried about their future in the end. Netflix has now put the cast of 13 Reasons Why at the beginning of the show to say if they need help talk to someone and call the National Suicide Hotline if having major problems. This obviously is a big critical coffee for Netflix to talk about and deal with for their company. 

Suicide awareness is iffy in the world of suicide. These awarenesses can help people overcome their fear of making suicide rates and go up. Council members know what they are doing and can help to feel happy and stress-free. Council members can be changing for some people with suicidal thoughts and behaviors. The rates of teen suicide have increased over the years. The rate and it very on men and women wanting to commit suicide. 

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