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The Need for Stricter Laws for Human Sex Trafficking in Us

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Human trafficking is illegally forcing someone to be transported for labor or sexual exploitation. Almost 5 million of the people being trafficked are sexually exploited. Every day, more and more people are being abducted and trafficked. There are about 600,000 to 800,000 a year. Most of the victims affected are 59% women, 14% men, 17% girls, and 10% boys. Putting a stop to human trafficking and making better laws for it should be one of the main concerns for lawmakers right now.

In order to get laws changed awareness must first be brought to how many people are truly in the trafficking system. 25 million people are enslaved worldwide, and there are 79,000 youth victims in Texas at any given time. Traffickers lure someone into being their victim in so many ways. There are times girls have been lured by their boyfriend, their friend, through drug incidents, and so much more. Sex trafficking is the most modern form of slavery we have today, and it keeps going up. Human trafficking, and selling sex slaves is the fastest growing organized crime business in the world.

A number of girls living on the street become prostitutes and then some get engaged in trafficking. If the laws change to lower the prostitution rates, then that will be a start in figuring out how to end human trafficking. The epidemic has become so much more involved and so much more violent recently than it has been. Less and less girls make it out alive, and the risk of girls getting involved is increasing. The people who control the girls drug them, and torture them repeatedly to the point where they’re too scared to speak out against those hurting them. They control the girls to get what they want, and in some cases the girls develop Stockholm Syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is when the victims are abused over a long period of time, and they begin to feel an attachment to whoever hurt them. They believe they cannot live without the perpetrator, which makes it incredibly difficult for officers of law enforcement and other people to break the bond. Other girls are brought into trafficking by drug abuse. If someone wants control of a victim who is addicted to drugs, they just have to offer the victim more drugs in exchange for what they want. Traffickers also use emotional tactics, financial methods, and force to get what they want. It becomes easy for them to establish string binds with young girls when they offer something they might want or need. To these young girls, everything seems like it will be better, until it is way too late for her to realize what happened.

During the year 2000, Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act which gave people insight into how bad the problem was getting and it was the first comprehensive, federal law against human trafficking. This eventually led to setting up a department based solely on human trafficking and finding perpetrators. The FBI and the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement are actively enforcing the Trafficking Victims Protection Act, and create advocacy groups for those who are victims. Overall all the laws the jail sentencing is about 10 years when we should double it to twenty years. The question is will it stop the trafficker from committing a crime? Traffickers will either continue when they are released or they may pay someone to do their dirty work while being locked up. With the new law people will feel a bit more security.

They should pass a state law in Texas where the minimum time should be 20 years.

25 million people are enslaved worldwide. 234,000 are victims of labor trafficking in Texas any given time. 79,000 are victims of youth and minor sex trafficking in Texas at any given time. In my opinion 20 years doesn’t compare for the number of victims. One person will be paying the price for many if those it is affecting. Also keeping a person locked up for two decades will eventually get the person to talk and start saying some information or names. The reason to it when a person is locked up they feel alone and hopeless, without any mind of when their time will be up. So soon they will realize it on their own that the only way out for their freedom is to start speaking. After the law passes and we have multiple criminals locked up. Soon their businesses will feel threatened or scared, because they themselves know there is only one easy way out. Yes there is many laws, numbers, websites, etc. that support us. In my case we should be looking at numbers the same way they look at their many victims.

Providing guaranteed length prison term for violence career criminals, would increase public safety and improve our citizens confidence in criminal justice. Those who qualify for 3 strikes treatment are self-selected. Three strikes identify that after your second felony your time sentence would increase. Though keeping a criminal locked up for a long time is costly. But if you think about it to roam free it is double the expense of being in jail. Three strikes would not stop people acting impulsively. It would lead to significant increase in the nations already swollen prison population. The punishment must fit the crime.

Due to all my examples and information on human trafficking, the sentencing should be a minimum of twenty years. The U.S government should create this law. It’s making a difference in countries all over the world,” agrees Rep. Christopher H. Smith, R-N.J., one of the law’s authors. He will be saying that same phrase after this law. I also assure you the community would feel safer. As of now if it is two or more offense’s if found out then the cases will be taken to court. As of now the laws used to combat human traffickers are not enough which is why the changing of these laws as a whole is a better alternative. If new laws are made to fully crack down on these offenders then unspeakable crimes such as these can be avoided or at least punished accordingly.


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