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The Period of Determination Method and The Mesoamericans and North Americans Lives Prior and Following Sedentary Lifestyle

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The ancient times in the American history dates back to Before Present (BP), which means before 1950. Also, Before Christ (BC) dating method was used as well. The dating technique used to cover the then history is with the use of radiocarbon dating. The period determination method had been used to determine the origin of civilization process in Mesoamericans and North Americans. Around 2000BC, the North Americans, and the Mesoamericans practiced hunting and gathering before settling. These inhabitants settled on the nomadic type of life, which entails moving from one area to another (Coe 56). The Pleistocene era and archaic period were dominated with constant migration from one place to another while engaging in the hunting and gathering missions. How really did the Mesoamericans and North American people live before and after sedentary lifestyle? The question tries to unveil improvement in the structure of life among the ancient people. Beginning of the farming system among the indigenous prompted the need to balance between hunting and gathering and live more sedentary lifestyles.


Mesoamerica is a geographical location used to describe regions stretching from north of Panama, up to central Mexico, the desert region. The historic coverage covers more split indigenous inhabitants in the region with less unification. Olmecs are examples of inhabitants in the region. Inhabitants noticed the urge to settle down and live a more sedentary life instead of hunting and gathering one. Between 1200 BC and 400 BC, Olmecs began to engage in art work and agricultural activities (Pringle 98). However, it did not mean a full abandonment of hunting and gathering. It was a blend of the economic activities. Especially, when there were no signs of rainfall, people could engage in hunting so as to feed themselves. Land clearing and cultivation occurred at the onset of rain so that people could produce crops for farming. Common crops included maize, beans, squash, and tomatoes. Olmecs participated in trade activities across North America, and this led to the rise of the elite class in the region.

Around 500 CE, Maya emerged as one of the inhabitants of the Mesoamerica. They abandoned nomadic lifestyle and lived a more sedentary life. The social structure emerged as manifested in the way they organized their living. Historically, these groups are believed to have migrated from parts of Asia around 15, 000 years ago. The existence of a land bridge between Asia and North America is the main reason explaining the existence of migration of people in search of food from parts of Asia to North American regions. Around 2000 BC, they improved things that Olmecs had begun working on such as the mathematical system of recording crop yields from the farm. Trade was also part of the economic activity practiced by Olmecs. However, Mayas declined around 900 BC due to continuous poor and unconducive climate unfavorable for agricultural activities (Pringle 46). The history was the discovered late around the 1520s when Spanish began streaming in the region and noticed indigenous writings from the Mayas and some of the sculptures that were left behind.

Maya and Aztec together influenced the civilization in the Mesoamerica. Aztecs are believed to be Mexica people who originated to inhabit the region. Being latest people in the region, more signs of civilization occurred that led to the more organized social structure defined by the need to be economic unity. They even formed local leaders.

Some of the dominant crops practiced by these indigenous people included corn and squash, especially around the New Mexico regions. Also, the farming of beans occurred in the region. These food crops were used together in the archaic culture system. After harvesting had occurred, people burned grass and seeds could be broadcast over the burned area. The rest of harvests were used as food. The more organized social structure characterized by selection of the leaders and organized farming orchestrated emergence of sedentary lifestyle among indigenous. However, it did not mark the abandoning of the hunting and gathering activities. It still existed. It is only that inhabitants became aware of more settled life, which fostered social cohesion among people and a more organized lifestyle.

North Americans

North America is one of the ancient American civilization in history. The original people in this region are believed to have originated from Southeast Asia and Pacific area. He migration route was believed to be the land bridge that existed between Alaska and Siberia around 12000 years ago. Some group migrated to the south while others remained in the north. Also the fact that these people resemble the Mongolia Asia, it is an indication that these people moved from one area in search of food. The hunting was believed to be dominant on the east side due to the presence of woodlands. Elks and dear were dominant in those regions. West side had horses, camels, and mammoths. The inhabitants hunted to the extinction of certain animals in these regions. On the north side, hunting dominated more than gathering. Fish were in plenty as well as seals. Therefore, they had a variety of food in the region.

Signs of a more settled life existed in the southwest around 2000 BC. There were signs of the village set up in the region manifested with a more organized social structure. Sedentary life was more robust, especially when people began settling in a village like a lifestyle and practice subsistence farming. Some of the crops included corns and squash. Around 1000 BC Adena culture had a more robust social structure. An advanced agricultural society began to exist in the region. Farming spread across the east coast as people adopted village like life style.

A small game hunting supplemented subsistence farming. Inhabitants realized that it would be meaningless to keep migrating due to increasing population. Therefore, they resorted to a more sedentary life. Agricultural production was meant to provide food to ever increasing the population. It could only be possible through settled life rather than nomadic lifestyle. Social satisfaction substantially thrived as people could settle in villages. It marked realization that should stick together and live a more organized life.


Conclusively, ancient times marked the beginning of a more settled lifestyle. Mesoamericans had a more settled life associated with a more organized social structure like lifestyle. However, hunting did not halt. Common crops during the civilization period involved corns, squash, beans, and potatoes. The Asian migrants were believed to be first migrants of the North America in earliest times. These people were believed to have migrated from Asia following the land that connected North America and Asia before the two plates drifted apart. Notably, these people were initially hunters and gatherers. They lived on fish and seal as well as killing animals for food. However, with the increasing population, the sense to settle and devise a more organized social structure came into play so as to properly feed people. Villages were then established with an aim of organized social life.

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