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Discussion on The Possibility of Time Travel

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Time travel is the act of traveling to either the future or past. It is the action of moving from different points in time, although time travel is something considered science fiction there are many aspects in science that prove it possible.

To understand time travel you would first have to understand time. Time to some physicists in seem to be the fourth dimension of reality. Time cannot move backwards according to the workings of thermodynamics. Thermodynamics second law states that since the world is a closed system the constancy of time remains the same or increases. Time also varies depending on your speed in space according to Albert Einstein. Einstein’s theory of relativity states that “time slows down or speeds up depending on how fast you move relative to something else.”. An example of this would be how when astronauts go into space they age slower than all the people on earth because in space time is different. This theory is called Time Dilation and is considered a form of time travel for astronauts.

One way to officially time travel would to be go quicker than the speed of light in a vacuum. But this is proven to be quite impossible mathematically but some scientists have enlarged Einstein’s equation and have stated that it might be possible with small particles. Another possibility would be to create a wormhole to travel. Wormholes are y holes that you travel in to get to a different part of the universe. With Einstein’s equations it proves that there could possibly be wormholes that travel in time but no scientist have ever observed any of these yet.

Sir Isaac Newton thought that time was all the same, an example would be that one second on Earth would be the same as one second on Mars. He believed that all the clocks in the world were ticking at the same speed. But, Einstein didn’t follow this rule he saw time as river, but instead of the river flowing through different parts of rocks he explained how time traveled around the galaxies differently. Every part of a river has a different speed, and he saw time as the same thing. In different parts of the galaxy time would be going at a different rate than other places

Kurt Godel found a solution to one of Einstein’s equations that allowed time travel. A “river of time” mixed with whirlpools could allow time to wrap itself and create a time machine. Anyone strolling along the direction of the time rotation would be able to travel back to the starting point which is backwards in time. Einstein did not like that fact that his equations would allow for time travel. In the end Godel’s solution was throughout because the universe does not rotate but in fact it expands.

Them in 1963 another mathematician found a solution to Einstein’s equations also his name was Roy Kerr, for this time it was a rotating black hole rather than a rotating whirlpool. The black hole would evolve into a spinning circle. That ring circulation would become so rapid that the force would keep it from falling to gravity. These apparent “black holes” can be used as time machines as well as can be used to travel to into different parts of the universe. Many other solutions have been found to use wormholes/black holes to travel to different times in the universe but none of them have been scientifically been proven.

Recently, they tried to feature the scientific theory of gravity have giving the United States of America some insight into a problem. Within the scientific theory, we will have multiple states of any object. For instance, an electron will exist at the same time in several orbits. Similarly, Schrodinger’s famous cat will exist at the same time in 2 potential states: dead and alive, so by going back in time and fixing the past, we tend to just produce a parallel universe. We are ever-changing somebody else’s past by saving, say, Abraham Lincoln from being dead at the Ford Theater, however Lincoln remains dead. In this approach, the stream of time splits into 2 separate time zones.

First, one drawback we have is one amongst energy. Within the same means that an automobile wants gas, a machine has to have a great amount of energy. One either must get the power of a star, or to search out one thing known as “exotic” matter or notice a supply of negative energy. All of these are very difficult to get in massive quantities so this may not be possible.

In conclusion time travel does not seem impossible, with new things being discovered and new things happening in the physics we use today we may or may not be able to see our future grandchildren in the future while still not even having kids yet! Some advances in many quantum theories could also help us crack some of the paradoxes associated with time travel. One major possibility of actually creating a time machine is solving how to get certain particles to travel faster than the speed of light. But other than that we would have to live our time travel lives through what we see on television or what we read in fiction books.

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