The Relationship Between Snowball and Napoleon in "Animal Farm"

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Published: Jun 14, 2024

Words: 703|Pages: 2|4 min read

Published: Jun 14, 2024

Table of contents

  1. Conflicting Ideologies
  2. Tactics and Manipulation
  3. Implications and Impact on the Animals
  4. Conclusion

The relationship between Snowball and Napoleon in George Orwell's novel "Animal Farm" is a complex one, characterized by rivalry, power struggles, and manipulation. These two characters, who represent Leon Trotsky and Joseph Stalin respectively, play a crucial role in the development of the farm and its ultimate downfall. This essay will explore the dynamics of their relationship, focusing on their conflicting ideologies, tactics, and their impact on the other animals. By examining their interactions, we can gain a deeper understanding of the corrupting influence of power and the dangers of totalitarianism.

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Conflicting Ideologies

At the heart of Snowball and Napoleon's relationship lies their differing ideologies. Snowball, an idealistic and visionary pig, represents Trotsky's belief in spreading the revolution to other countries and empowering the working class. On the other hand, Napoleon, a cunning and power-hungry boar, embodies Stalin's authoritarianism and desire for absolute control. These conflicting ideologies serve as the foundation for their rivalry, as each character seeks to establish their own version of the revolution on Animal Farm.

One key example of this conflict is the debate over the construction of the windmill. Snowball argues that the windmill will improve the lives of the animals and bring them closer to achieving their revolutionary ideals. He presents detailed plans and engages the animals in discussions, using logic and persuasion to win them over. In contrast, Napoleon opposes the windmill, dismissing it as a waste of time and resources. He relies on fear tactics, such as his vicious dogs, to intimidate and silence Snowball. This clash of ideologies ultimately leads to Snowball's expulsion from the farm, as Napoleon's manipulation and propaganda convince the animals that Snowball is a traitor.

Tactics and Manipulation

The relationship between Snowball and Napoleon is also characterized by their use of tactics and manipulation to gain power and control. Snowball, as a skilled speaker and intellectual, relies on persuasion and the power of words to win over the other animals. He is known for his eloquence and ability to articulate his ideas, making him a formidable opponent to Napoleon. However, Napoleon, recognizing his own limitations in this regard, resorts to manipulation and fear tactics to maintain his authority.

An example of this is Napoleon's use of Squealer, a persuasive and manipulative pig, as his mouthpiece. Squealer is tasked with spreading propaganda and distorting the truth to justify Napoleon's actions. He convinces the animals that Snowball is a traitor and a threat to the farm, effectively erasing any positive memories they may have had of Snowball's leadership. Through this manipulation, Napoleon consolidates his power and ensures the animals' loyalty, even in the face of deteriorating conditions on the farm.

Implications and Impact on the Animals

The relationship between Snowball and Napoleon has significant implications for the other animals on the farm. Initially, Snowball's leadership brings about positive changes, such as the establishment of the Seven Commandments and the planning of the windmill. Under his guidance, the animals have a sense of hope and empowerment, believing that they can create a better future for themselves.

However, with Snowball's expulsion, the farm takes a dark turn. Napoleon, now unchallenged, gradually transforms Animal Farm into a totalitarian state. The Seven Commandments are altered to suit his desires, and the animals are subjected to harsher conditions and stricter rules. Through fear and manipulation, Napoleon establishes himself as an unquestionable leader, exploiting the animals' trust and loyalty for his own gain.

This relationship also highlights the vulnerability of the working class to manipulation and the corruption of power. Snowball and Napoleon's struggle for control serves as a cautionary tale, reminding us of the dangers of unchecked authority and the importance of remaining vigilant in the face of oppression.


The relationship between Snowball and Napoleon in "Animal Farm" is a complex one, defined by conflicting ideologies, manipulation, and the corrupting influence of power. Snowball's idealism and vision clash with Napoleon's hunger for control, ultimately leading to Snowball's expulsion and the gradual descent of the farm into totalitarianism. Through their interactions, Orwell highlights the dangers of totalitarianism and the vulnerability of the working class to manipulation. The relationship between Snowball and Napoleon serves as a stark reminder of the importance of questioning authority and remaining vigilant in the face of oppression.

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