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The Role of Covenant in Jewish Religion

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In biblical history, covenant is one of the most important contract or agreement made between God and his chosen people. They live according to the agreement without losing their faith and hope. They are committed to abide the commandments which was given through Moses at Mt. Sinai. So, how the Jews’ traditional covenants were made, Gods’ contract with his significant people (Moses, Abraham, Noah), importance of covenant and finally handed up fulfilment in life.


The covenant means coming together as one to have promise between two people or parties to carry their obligations and commitment. There are two types of covenants where they used to bind their promises. Those are known as Conditional and Unconditional Covenant. The conditional covenant is also said to be bilateral covenant which the agreements were made for both parties to live according to what they have agreed about. Whereas an unconditional covenant is also said to be unilateral covenant is a promised or agreement made between two people but only one of the two parties will do something to meet the requirement while the other party is not required to do anything.

Traditional Covenant

The traditional covenant for the Jews is a way of making lifelong agreement between two people (man with man) by setting conditions and regulations to meet. The covenant was purposely made to fulfil a successful life story. For instance, the story of Jacob and Laban in (Genesis 29: 15-28) explains that there has been a traditional covenant between Jacob and Laban to get Laban’s daughters, Leah and Racal. In order for Jacob to marry them, he has to work for 14 years to marry both of them has his wife.

Three (3) promises for Abrahamic Covenants

God promised to give the land to Abraham when he was at Ur. Then instructed him to left that land and go to his new land (Genesis 13:14-8) God said to Abraham, “look around every corners of this land, I will still give you the land which I have shown you.” I’ m letting you know the actual thing will happen during your journey is, majority of your people will enjoy living on this land. The people learn to count the dust particles, they could the people so God knows the future and ordered him to move. It was the land between Egypt River and Euphrates River. That land was previously own by Kenites, Hittites, and Perizzites (Genesis 15: 18-21). When God spoke to Abraham, he accepted the agreement and remove the tent went near to Hebron City. Lord said, “promised will happened both blessing and curse.” God will be there with them and they will follow with all their hearts (Deuteronomy 30: 1-10). Even they live far away from their land but God will bring them back to their original land where their descendants have been living in the past. When enemy come to attack them, God will destroy them according to what he has promised. And He will bless his people Abundantly, when they commit to follow every command God has instructed them to follow.

Bless descendants

When Abraham was 72 years old without having any children, God promised to bless him with a child and through him, he will make a great nation. In (Genesis 12:2) explained that Lord guaranteed Abraham that He will built a great nation through him and bless his name famous so that other people will continue to use his name to bless others. He will give Abraham with many descendants and also a new king of the nation. “I will promise again suggest the unconditional aspects of covenants and later confirmed to Jacob” (Genesis 18: 14-15).

Gods New Covenant with Abraham (Blessing as well as redemption)

There was no misleading agreement for the first promised and there will be no mistake for the new promise (Jeremiah 31:31-34). This is much better for the old ones because promise will be made in the hearts and the minds of the people. Before, the agreement was made to lead the people of Egypt but today promise will be last longer for the future. The law will be put it in their hearts and it will recall from the mind. He turned to be their God and they shall be their son and draughts. God will forgive their sins and they shall remember Him alone. That was a spiritual blessing for Abraham to have eternity.

Covenant made with Noah

Noah had built an alter to praise God while he got clean animals and burnt right in front of the alter and gave gift or offer to God. God accepted his sacrifices and mercy on them by saying, never course again to destroy all living things on earth (Genesis 8:20-9). There are two seasons like time to plant as well as harvest., day and night so He kept all things. Before God ordered im to eat only green plants but later allow them to have both plants and animals as food because He released authority on Noah’s hand. One thing God said no to them was, do not eat the animals have blood. The promised God made to Noah was that his people will live after him. God promised to take animals with him on the boat and destroy all lives on earth using flood. God said, “there will be a cloud covering the earth while rainbow will also shine which reflects that it is the covenant made between Noah and God.” After that, there will be no flood again. Later actual promised was fulfill and Noah confirmed it (Genesis 9: 17).

Covenant at Mt. Sinai

Lord instructed Moses to come up to the mountain, it was covered wwith thick clouds demonstrates that Gods glory came down and stayed at Mount Sinai. The clouds there for almost six days and seven-nights, Lord spoke directly to Moses in the form of cloud of thunder (Exodus 24:12). The Israelites saw the sign of the Lord which was exactly like a burning fire at night and day became cloud. Moses went to the mountain and stayed for 40 days and 40 nights. The great Lord blessed him with 10 commandments written on the stone that was their guideline which helped Moses to led the people. Those covenants were made with God and Moses to bring the people of Israelites to the promise land.

Importance of the covenants, relationship with God and his chosen people (Israel)

The importance is that; covenant gave a strange to Israelites (or appointed ones) to think back their agreement and follow even problems disturbed their journey. Through their patience to meet God’s promise, blessings and redemption were given to them. The promise of God made Israel confident to come out from slave and had their original land. Their relationship with God was so strong because they remember the covenant which led them to live in the promise land (Jeramiah 31:32).


In the beginning, the Word was there and it was with God. He knows both past and present, and created man to rule and have dominion over everything on Earth. God is a God of order who can make the promises into reality. What He had been made promises to his chosen ones had not been forgotten, it’s a must that He stand upon his words to fulfill even as many years pass by. God truth with his people of Israel was so great, they admire a lot and trust his commandments. Therefore, I surely agreed that God is a spirit who knows everything and do promises. Gods promised to give his begotten Son Jesus to save those lost in spiritual destination and every one of us free to glorify the God three in one through worship and freely have eternity for the second coming.

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