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The Way Gender Identity Defines Our Place in The Society

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We have to think of factors that define gender identity and we have to have an understanding of the physical characteristics that define the difference between the male and female. I feel like gender and identification is more deeper than what it really is, so that is why I chose to write the essay on gender identity. Gender and identification begins to develop in the beginning stages of development, I think between six and twelve weeks that is when the fetus takes on the role of male or female. Hormones are produced in both the nervous system, also in the endocrine system. They are transported through the bloodstream and specifically, hormones are chemicals that combine, also respond to certain cell receptors. Hormones like testosterone, androgen are mainly found in the male gender while estrogen is mainly found in the female gender.

We have to consider the psychological factors that play a part in who we best identify with, whether it be male, female, or even both. The standard model has been criticized for saying that humans are sexually dimorphic, that means each and every human being is either male or female. The standard model explains that gender is categorized into two separate, opposing sides, being either masculine or feminine, completely excluding those who are transgender, and so on. An example is one’s judgment of this is based on the classic understanding and characteristics that have been repeatedly taught to them throughout the years. A person’s sex determined by their biology, it does not always correspond with their gender. I feel gender and identity is a person’s sense of self as a member of a particular gender. Another example is that gender identity and development is something that has been both misunderstood and misconstrued by people for quite some time. Parents teach sex-appropriate behaviour to their children from an early age, and this behaviour is reinforced as the child grows older and enters a wider social world. Lastly, there are a lot of descrimination against people on the principles their view on the matter is right. There are times where gender discrimination tends to happen in the workplace refers to the unfavorable treatment of workers based on their gender or they do not conform to traditional roles of femininity or masculinity. It can occur in all stages of employment from job descriptions to dismissal.

Every child is born a certain sex, they have their gender and their gender identity. I think a person starts taking on their gender role from the time they are born. Our gender roles are the dividing factor between men and women in the past and today. I read a segment on the book called “Gender Outlaw: On Men, Women, and the Rest of Us” it was written by Bornstein, Kate. This book had provided really great points and details about gender and sexuality. There were also great moments of power that was mentioned, which the book referred that power is stripped away from gender once it was given a name. I felt the book had provided really great arguments about how being male and female is be able to break the gender stereotypes for people gender or people who transitioned, they see gender not as binary with men or women, but as a spectrum that ranges from masculinity to femininity. Most of the people identify somewhere between or outside of conventional masculinity or femininity. The male or female character is created by a set of actions a person does to create the effect they present to the world. There has been major problems where the people who are straight, they get bothered when a gay or lesbian or transgender person uses the bathroom of the oposite sex. A lot of people wish there were salutions but they were never resolved because they have rights. Lastly, women’s liberation and a vocal shout for women’s equality, patterns are beginning to change giving a new definition to gender roles. A lot of women get discriminated by their gender, people think they can’t do certain things or meet certain criteria. They get judged and they never get the position they wanted or get to do certain activities they want, there are times where a girl wants to play football but can never “measure up” to meet the mens standards or when a women wants to get promoted for a “tough” job or assignment and never gets promated because they are the opposite sex.

There are times where people hide their identity from families due to cultural differences. Families tend to have religious beliefs and tend to stick to them, if someone in their family breaks their rules or go against their beliefs, they either banish them from their family, beat them till they’ve learned their lesson or they don’t talk to them at all. The people who transition or like the opposite sex tend to be afraid to communicate with their family or friends. Gender norms say that women should be polite and lead many women to suppress their feelings in their relationships. I think people expect opposite genders to be more like normal people, but they don’t understand that everyone is different. The people aren’t alike, they have different standards and different views in their life. We should be critical of the way we are taught to expect men and women to behave based on their gender. We live in a more judgmental time, unlike compared to the past when it came to some issues regarding genderism. There are times where people see transgender or gay or lesbian people, and they look at them with hate and judgment. I was taught to love people for who they are, but I personally don’t agree with their decision because they are changing who they are or how God originally made them, but I don’t judge them because it’s not my life.

In conclusion, every person is treated differently due to their gender roles or how they represent themselves. People will always have their opinion or judge how they act, there is always going to be hate on other people, but there will always be love. In the end, we all live our own lives and we will make our own choices and mistakes. 

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