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Time of Savagery: Churchill's Speech, Diary of Anne Frank and History of Shmuel and Bruno

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A chilling Breeze passes through Great Britain as Winston Churchill was about to give the most crucial speech of all time. The speech that Sprouts into the death of over 9 million innocent people. The Holocaust was a time of savagery where many everyone who didn’t agree with Hitler died. The reason this Story needs to be told is so that nothing like this ever happens again. This true story of events starts off in Great Britain with the man who jumped Started the war between the allies and the Nazis, Winston Churchill. 

Churchill’s speech changed absolutely everything. The non-fiction speech was written and spoken by Winston Churchill “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat”Is about how Churchill was put into office in the immediate fashion and didn’t have any time to stall. He has to get his country and check, and Ready for War. Churchill got a group of people together and started to create his Masterpiece of a speech. He knew it has to be good or else no one would want to go into war. His speech was amazing and has everyone motivated For war and Winston promised they would achieve victory. 

As Germany was invading Europe, Winston Churchill has to deliver a speech that would motivate Britain to want to fight this war. Winston was just elected prime minister and needed to make an amazing speech. Winston Churchill was just elected prime minister and needed to make an amazing speech In one day. During a meeting What’s government officials Winston Churchill Express that he has nothing to offer except, “Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat.” (Churchill 6) Churchill knew his speech is needed to impact the people or there would be serious consequences. Churchill promised the public that they would win at all cost. He stated, “victory at all costs.” (Churchill 6) This shows that Winston believed in his country and knew they would win. Winston opened everyone’s eyes to the topic that they were going to war. Winston gave the most monumental speech that ended up inspiring everyone.

During the most crucial moment in history, Winston was elected Prime Minister and only has one day to get his country into check. Churchill has one day to get his speech done and declare war. This speech was depending on Britain’s life or death. Churchill’s speech states, “It was necessary that this should be done in one single day.” (Churchill 5) Winston has absolutely no time to stall. When Winston was elected he has to go right into creating his speech due to an “extreme urgency.” (Churchill 5) Winston Churchill is an amazing leader who can recognize the urgency of a situation and rises to the occasion with an amazing speech.

It was the year 1943 and World War II was in full swing due to Churchill’s speech. A young girl, only 13 years old, by the name of Anne Frank was forced to go into hiding. After Hitler reports that Jews has to report to concentration camps and be killed. In the book written by Anne Frank, “The Diary of a Young Girl,” Anne is a normal 13-year-old girl until her sister Margot was reported to go to a concentration camp. Anne, the always cheerful girl that comes from a wealthy family, is forced to go into hiding in the secret annex. Anne hated the annex because it was small and has absolutely no personal space. Since it was so small, conflicts started to arise between her own family and the other family staying with them, the Van Daans.

Anne and her family have to deal with these harsh conditions but eventually learned to live with each other. Anne would spend night after night in her perfect little life until her sister got a life-threatening letter, which sent Ann’s family into hiding. They have to move quickly into hiding. Anne’s life was turned upside down when her mother said they needed to leave extremely soon. “Wearing two vests, multiple pairs of socks, a dress…and many more!!!” The Franks have to go and it has to be quick, hence they have on so many layers of clothes. Showing that they have to leave now and have no time to go back. Anne writes about how it was such a fast switch and didn’t have any time to think but always looked on the bright side of things. “They decided that we are going into hiding and they decided quickly.” Anne and her family have to leave their home quickly with no time to think about what was going on.

When living in a confined space with other people for several years, one could imagine the stress that could arise. Anne and the Van Dans were constantly fighting. Whether it was about what Anne did or what she was about to do. There was never a peaceful moment, especially during this time period. Mrs. Van Daan and Anne were always at war. Mrs. Van Daan would call her names and Anne began to believe her hurtful comments. “Am I really so bad-mannered, conceited, headstrong, pushy, stupid, lazy, etc….of course not.” (Frank 35) Anne began to second guess herself. Mrs. Van Dann’s words did begin to get to her and she used to write daily in her diary to cope with her emotions. As Anne’s only escape, she writes “I can shake off everything; if I write my sorrows disappear.” Sorrows – as in the sorrows Mrs. Van Dann has caused her by always the one being blamed, the one to put down. Mrs. Van Daan and Anne were always at odds, but Anne has a way to throw these sorrows away. her writing was her escape and happy place.

The most unusual friendship appears when one Jewish boy and one German boy see eye to eye. Shmuel and Bruno are two little boys on opposite sides of the fence. Shmuel is a Jewish boy in striped pajamas who is living at the Auschwitz concentration camp. Bruno is the son of a highly respected German lieutenant. Despite their differences, Bruno and Shmuel are great friends. In the fable, “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas,” by Jhon Boyne. Bruno’s biggest mishap was that he wants to be Shmules’ friend and doesn’t understand why he is unable to. Shmuel is always being tormented by Lieutenant Kotler for being a Jew. Bruno and Shmuel are little boys that just don’t understand the hatred between the Germans and the Jews.

Bruno’s life takes a sudden shift when he finds out that he isn’t supposed to be around his buddy Shmuel. Bruno was forced to move one day and didn’t know for what reason. The reason was so that Bruno’s father, the highly respected lieutenant, could be closer to Auschwitz; Bruno was led to believe that it was a farm they were moving into. Auschwitz is where Shmuel was taken, prisoner. Bruno and Schmuel have many similarities but are made to feel that they are different. Both boys see the good in people and that’s what makes them friends. Bruno and Schmuel are different because of their race, but they don’t see or understand it. Bruno doesn’t understand why he can’t be friends with Schmuel and eventually get in trouble by Lieutenant Kotler. “He’s my friend.” The lieutenant is extremely confused about how these two boys could be friends. Bruno is confused about why they can’t be friends. “What do you mean he’s your friend?” The lieutenant is perplexed as to how this German boy and a Jewish boy could possibly be friends. Bruno hasn’t been tarnished at his young age and only sees the good in Schmuel. He has no idea about the whole feud between these different types of people.

The young Jewish boy, Shmuel, takes multiple accounts of abuse each day. Shmuel is ordered to go to Bruno’s house and clean sixty-four small glasses. Bruno notices his friend Shmuel in his home as asks, “What on earth are you doing?” The boys are happy to see each other and begin to talk. Bruno was feeling hungry and cut some chicken slices for himself. He realized that Shmuel must also be hungry so he offered him some slices. Shmuel was frightened to take the food because he knew he would get into serious trouble if Lieutenant Kolter caught him. Kolter came into the kitchen and noticed that Shmuel and Bruno were talking and Kotler shouted at Shmuel, “What are you doing? Didn’t I tell you to polish these glasses?” Poor Shmuel was treated less than human and was fearful of getting into trouble. The lieutenant also noticed that Shmuel has eaten something and accused him of stealing the food. “You have been eating,”…” Did you steal something from that fridge?” Shmuel, of course, didn’t steal it, but of course, was getting blamed for it because he was the enemy – the Jew. Bruno was as terrified as Shmuel when Kotler confronted them both. This was the first time Bruno began to see the differences between him and his friend.

Winston Churchill, Anne Frank, Bruno, and Shmuel all have one essential element in common; they all tried to make a difference in someone’s life during times of need. Winston Churchill made a difference by delivering an amazing speech that motivated Great Britain to support the war. Anne Frank indirectly made a substantial difference by allowing people to never forget the Holocaust from her impactful diary entries. Bruno made an enormous impact on Shmuel’s life by just being there for him as a friend when he has no one else to turn to.

Winston Churchill has to prepare a convincing speech to be delivered to Great Britain in only one day. He overcame this conflict by being persistent and not giving up. Anne Frank was always the scapegoat and was constantly being teased by Mrs. Van Daan. She overcame her troubles by writing her sorrows away in her diary. Shmuel dealt with his fear of Lieutenant Kotler by remaining quiet and doing as he was told.

World War II was a horrific period in history that affected millions of people’s lives. These stories give us insight into some of the lives that were shattered and we should never forget these brave people.

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