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Utilization of Resources and the Degree of Utilization

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  • Published: 12 March 2019
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Article One

State of World Article

The article is concentrated on describing the difficult situations posed by consumption, proceeding to find out ways that the utilization of resources can advance prospects for the well-being of humanity and their sustainability. With the major theme revolving around consumption, the article includes how life on earth can be improved by proper use of energy, food, and water. In the move to create a happy lifestyle and decrease the pressures of the world’s usual ecological units, the State of the World article revolves around a variety of day to day products that are clearly known for their significance in the ecosystem, with the authors using examples that allow readers to see goods that they are familiar with in a new light (Assadourian et al., 2004).

The article concentrates on addressing the most significant issues of the modern world that creates awareness and motivates the readers. The goal of the article is also clearly noted to as working with partners across the globe for the benefit of the natural ecosystem. It is noted that the consumption cost is currently growing as fast as the rate of consumption itself. A lot of resources are now put in place to sustain the rate of consumption, but it has proved to be unsustainable (Assadourian et al., 2004).

Renewable resources are said to be under threat as other resources are being depleted in an attempt to maintain the sustainability of the existing useful resources. Another issue of major concern alongside the degradation of natural resources is the environmental pollution, which has continued to worsen over time. Research done to find out the level of pollution illustrates that the contamination has damaged ecosystems and greatly contributed to human disease and misery, more so the less fortunate in the society. The less fortunate in the society are mostly affected because they lack sufficient funds to treat the diseases that come with pollution (Assadourian et al., 2004).

The rapidly growing consumption rate has been noted as a challenge that could soon pick momentum. The hastily rising wants in the society that we live and the natural globe in many years to come could cause trouble to the natural ecosystem. An example of China is mentioned as in the case of private cars that have been noted to be multiplying at a faster rate. In the 20th Century, it is illustrated that there were very few private cars while by 2005, the country has acquired up to 24 million cars. Additionally, the article mentions that there is a decline in fertility rates, a factor that has led to the world population leveling off, but consumption levels continue to be on the rise. It is indeed true that consumption levels increase with declining population due to the innovation of gadgets that continue to exploit the available resources (Assadourian et al., 2004).

Article Two

Transition to a Sustainable Lifestyle with the Earth Charter

Scholars are noted to be asserting that we need the earth more than it needs us, but the assertion seems not to be true. There is a mutual co-existence between human beings and the ecosystem; hence, as man rules the earth, there is the need to take care of it as well. Taking care of the environment includes watching the kind of lifestyle that we lead, since it is the lifestyles we lead that contribute to factors such as global warming. For instance, the glaciers at Himalaya Mountains is caused by global warming, a factor that can be controlled through the action of human beings. Action means looking into the lifestyles that people lead so as to bring a balance in ecosystems (Transition to a Sustainable Lifestyle with the Earth Charter, 2016).

The lifestyles that people lead should be all about satisfying the basic needs but not having more that would lead to the degradation of the environment. With the improved educations systems globally, human beings are well equipped with the required knowledge to reduce negative impacts on the environment.

Being happy revolves around the quality of life that we decide to have, and not on the quantity of satisfaction that we derive from natural resources. Making the best out of the little resources available is key to quality lifestyles. Lately, the media has instilled in the public that more possessions make one happier, a factor that has immensely contributed to completion for the resources that are becoming scarce.

Ecological footprint assesses the amount of burden put on earth in terms of pollution and consumption. The theme is a comparison of the human demand with the Earth’s ecological capacity to regenerate. The assessment may be critical in assessing how much planets Earths would be required to support humanity to their desired lifestyles. The assessment is stated to be about the continued reliance of humanity on nature and what ought to be done to secure the Earth’s capacity to support the existence of human beings. The sustainable culture across the globe is divided into classes where there is the class that is associated with over-consumption, a poor class, and the class that balances the ecosystem (Transition to a Sustainable Lifestyle with the Earth Charter, 2016).

Explanation of the Situation of the World, Considering that the Articles were Written 10 Years Ago

Were it that the articles were written ten years ago, I could be indeed true that the world has moved in the direction that is noted in the articles. For instance, environmental pollution has led to the depletion of the ozone layer; hence, the direct radiation from the sun has been hitting the Earth and its occupants. Currently, cancer is noted to be among the common killer diseases, and it is mostly caused by pollution due to increased consumption. Again, it is poor people who are mostly affected since they cannot afford the treatment that is required for the deadly disease. The State of the World article illustrated how poor people would be affected if no action is taken against the rapid environmental degradation (Carnevale, 1991).

The government of the United States recently initiated a program to involve the whole world in curbing the menace of global warming, an indication that the government has noted the dangers that may come with the continued depletion of resources in an attempt to sustain the consumption levels of human beings. The rapidly growing technology has exposed humanity to gadgets that must be controlled if there is the need to control consumption (Carnevale, 1991).

The current generation is in a state where everybody wants to be in possession of different big property to be considered rich. The second article outlined what people perceive to be quality lifestyle as having big cars and houses among other things. What people perceive to be the quality of lifestyles in the modern world makes it worthwhile proving that the articles were written ten years ago. The expensive gadgets that people own have led to an increase in competition for the limited resources across the globe. Given that the world is now connected, people tend to be carrying out the same practices; thus, such machines are also common in the developing world where the poor suffer most.

General Observations Concerning the Philosophies Articulated in the Pieces and what it implies for Sustainability

Consumption is defined as the utilization of resources that are available, for the survival of mankind and pleasure. It is observable that people no longer strive to satisfy their basic needs. Consumption in the modern world has been perceived to be the satisfaction of pleasures that come with leading expensive lifestyles (Assadourian et al., 2004). Such habits have made the world a difficult place to exist with little or no ability to afford such expensive class. It is observable that the world cannot balance the ecosystem with the level of consumption because of the lifestyles that we lead. Sustainability has since been rendered impossible due to the stiff competition for the resources.

It can be noted in the modern world that people strive to fit in the class of the over-consuming because of the notion that it is the best lifestyle. The over-consuming class makes it hard for other people to be sustained since they exceed the amount of resources they ought to be using. Such people also increase the rate of pollution to the environment (Assadourian et al., 2004).

The poor people have now lost their dignity in the society because of the hardships in their lives. Responsible use of resources has led to some people making it to the sustainable class. It should take both the efforts of the over-consuming class and the sustainable class to ensure that the struggling class is not made to face more challenges in their lives because they cannot compete for the limited resources.

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